5 Tips to Balance Parenthood and a Small Business

Every parent knows that raising a child is a full time commitment. Now combine that difficult job with the pressure of trying to run a small business. Many single income households often deal with situations like this one every day. They expertly navigate the complexity of the business world and parenthood.

Many single mothers and fathers embrace these types of challenges. They find it easy to balance working on their business and their children. These super moms and dads raise well-behaved future leaders of tomorrow,  and they watch their small business’s revenue just grow and grow. By now, you may be wondering: how do these parents manage their business and family so effortlessly?

The answer is that it depends on the parent. Some are just naturally great at being a parent and business owner. So we cannot give you the magic solution, but we can offer some suggestions on how to balance owning a small business while being a full-time single parent.

Make Financial Cutbacks

Eliminate some of your daily luxuries. Stop drinking that double shot of espresso on your way to work, and stop buying new pairs of shoes on a whim. Cutting professional and personal expenses should be your top priority during the early stages of your business’s development.

Be Wise when Picking Family Treats

Being strict about your spending is crucial for the financial success of your business, but indulging once in awhile is also important. Boost your mood and refocus your goals by giving yourself permission to spend on fun activities or items for you and your family. Don’t spend more than 5 to 10 percent of your monthly budget on any treat to your family. Plan small ways to show your loved ones some appreciation.  Here are a few inexpensive ways to reward your family:

  • Take your small child to Babies-R-US and let him select a toy or two. Save by using Babies-R-Us coupons.
  • Buy a few premium desserts at a grocery store.
  • Rent your children’s favorite movies and have a movie night
  • Hire a babysitter and take an evening off
  • Purchase some board games for a family game night.


Tell your family your exact business plans. If you have older children, let them know about your business plans, and ask them for help around the house. Additionally, call up family members who might be able to help with babysitting and other family-related needs.

Opening the proper window of communication allows you to balance work and raising children with a little more finesse, because you are not doing it all on your own anymore.

Stay Organized

Develop a rigorous system to organize personal matters and professional ones.The more developed your system, the easier it will be to juggle projects. The system you use for organizing should match your needs and include family projects as well. Create both a digital and hand-written schedule. Keep the hand-written one stapled to the back of your bedroom door, so you can start your day by reviewing it.

The digital one is good for checking your schedule while on the go.

Pick a No Work Time

Most likely, your business will be a home based one, which often means you’re constantly tempted to work. Remote workers and entrepreneurs often have to work longer and harder than their 9 to 5 counterparts. If you don’t designate time to actually stop working, you may spend all your time working instead of enjoying time with your family.

Set a time every day to either stop working completely, or take a break to play with your children, eat dinner with them, and catch up on their day.

A Checklist for Hosting an Outdoor Event

Organising any event is a complex logistical task, and if the event is to be held outdoors, this adds considerably to the essential services you will need. You might be planning to host your own wedding reception in the garden, or have hired part of a meadow for a surprise summer party, but whatever the occasion, there is much to arrange. If you have been burdened with that task of planning an outdoor event, here is a checklist to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  • Essential Facilities – Large numbers of people require adequate toilet facilities, and with companies that hire out a range of temporary accommodation that includes portable toilets, you will need to do a little online searching. You might be interested in sourcing portable shower hire in Yorkshire, or perhaps you need toilets in Leeds, but wherever your location and whatever your needs, an online search will put you in contact with the right company. There would be a range of VIP solutions, which will help you to project the right image, and with affordable rates, it won’t eat away your budget.
  • Relevant Permissions – If the event is to be held in the UK, you will undoubtedly need permission from the relevant local authority. The best solution would be to make contact via their website, and ask them what you would require in the way of permits or licences. If you plan on serving alcohol, you might require a permit, and there would also be noise pollution to consider. This doesn’t mean you can’t host outdoor events, but you do need to make enquiries about the laws regarding this, and it should be done well in advance.
  • The Weather – If you are in the British Isles, you will certainly have to make arrangements to cover the possibility of heavy rain on the big day. Even if it didn’t rain, you do need a covered area for shading, and if space allows, hiring a marquee is the perfect solution. This gives you the best of both worlds, and if the heavens do decide to open, it won’t be the end of the world, or your event. Wind can also be an issue, so consider placing some strong canvas windbreaks in the right places if you think the wind could be a factor.
  • Catering – There will be, at the very least, refreshments, and the best solution to the catering is to outsource it. There are online caterers who will offer you a range of menu packages, which would include a few buffet menus, plus the traditional sit-down selections, and while you are talking to a catering firm, you might want them to quote for the bar also.

Your guest will be arriving of course, which means you will need ample parking space, and with good signage to direct people from the main road, there should be no confusion. If you consider all of the above points, there is no reason why the event won’t be a hit, and providing you have prepared for every eventuality, you can expect to achieve your goals.


Cost-Effective Blackening Solutions Deliver the Results You Need

In many commercial and industrial settings, there are places where required tolerances won’t allow traditional plating or painting. If this is true for you, you should consider metal blackening for both appearance and performance. This process is ideal for machine parts with tight tolerances because it absorbs wax, oil, and rust-preventing sealants and delivers outstanding protection against corrosion.

Your objective is to give the metal surface a strong barrier to help it deal with moisture issues and corrosion. But, in addition to helping you maintain necessary tolerances, you benefit because the process is cost-efficient when compared to plating and painting. In fact, this safe, easy-to-use method provides excellent results at a very competitive price.


Clients find Blackfast metal blackening solutions especially useful because the process is completed at room temperature. It’s ideal for companies in machinery manufacturing and tooling because this blackening method doesn’t alter the component’s dimension. You benefit from an easy, safe chemical immersion technique that delivers a decorative finish without changing tolerances.

After the component or part is degreased, it’s immersed in a surface conditioner. This prepares it for the blacking solution. But, there’s one more step to help deliver the results that you need. The component is immersed once more in a dewatering oil. When the multi-step process is complete, you have outstanding corrosion resistance on a metal part that is durable and ready to withstand a difficult environment.

The room temperature method described has a goal similar to the traditional “blueing” of metal, a technique widely used in the firearms industry. By way of comparison, some service providers have used the hot oxide process, also called black oxidising. Now you can have these same benefits with the metal blackening expertise of an industry leader bringing years of experience to the task of treating metal surfaces to prepare them for use in demanding conditions.

No-Obligation Quote

If this method sounds as though it will give you the results you need (and it will), you can get started by visiting the website to learn more about this cost-efficient process. It’s the wise choice for protecting components in factory settings, for example, because it delivers a uniform colouring on threads, blind holes, and all machined surfaces.

Be sure to take some time to read the fascinating history of the blacking process and get the details of how this room-temperature process helps avoid such issues as hydrogen embrittlement. You’ll also discover that the solutions used are as safe as any in the industry. After you’ve devoted some time to browsing the site, be sure to call and talk to a member of the staff about your specific metal-coating requirements.

When you discuss the details with a representative, be sure to ask about a free no-obligation quote. It’s a great way to put several decades of experience to work for you and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the work always comes with a money-back guarantee, no questions asked. You are invited to learn more about this method by arranging a visit to the company’s sample processing facility and demonstration room.

Why Are Gaskets Crucial In The Production Of Pharmaceuticals

When pharmaceutical drugs are being produced, this needs to be done in the correct environment. Everything must be tightly controlled to make sure that the drug being produced will be safe in the testing phase and then safe for the general public to consume.

Every single pharmaceutical drug on the shelves has gone through the same rigorous process.

The lab equipment in the production laboratories needs to be of the highest calibre possible. One of the most crucial aspects of the whole aspects is the gaskets which are going to be used. What are gaskets and what are the capabilities that they absolutely need to have in order guarantee success in the production phase?

What Are Gaskets?

Gaskets are used to attach different pieces of laboratory equipment together. They have a variety of different purposes with the ultimate aim of preserving the sterile environment that the production process requires.

Preventing Sediments From Contaminating The Process – the gaskets are designed to stop the production being compromised by sediment. The sediment will be trapped by smart gaskets so that it cannot compromise any of the liquids, solids or powders that are being used in the drug production process.

Allowing Gasses And Liquids To Pass Through The Equipment – the gaskets also act as filters. These filters allow gasses and liquids to pass through the equipment so that the drugs can be constructed properly. Check the filtration capabilities of the gaskets that you would like to purchase.

Keeping The Process Sterile – the area outside of the equipment may not be completely sterile, which can affect the drug making process. The gaskets ensure that the equipment remains air-tight so that the process is not compromised at all.

Ensuring That Accurate Readings Can Be Taken – Accurate readings need to be taken at every stage of the drug production process. This is only going to be possible when the equipment is protected completely from contamination.

Once the gaskets have been installed, accurate readings can be taken at every stage of the process to ensure accuracy and safety. Without accurate readings, the pharmaceutical drugs cannot be produced properly.

The Qualities Of Gaskets

  • The gaskets need to be easy to attach to different types of equipment.
  • The gaskets need to be porous enough to allow gasses and liquids to pass through.
  • The gaskets need to be able to block sediment effectively.
  • The gaskets need to be easy to clean.
  • The gaskets need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • The gaskets must be resistant to corrosion.
  • The gaskets must be able to last for an extremely long time without showing any signs of damage or corrosion at all.

Article Round-Up

You should look at several different types of the gasket in order to find one which is going to work for your production process. The gaskets are going to be crucial for the success of the drug production process, so this is not something that you can afford to take lightly.

Making Sure That You Get the Message

When selecting the perfect business answering service it will depend upon a number of various factors. While some larger companies might base such choices on the number of calls, this is normally not an issue for smaller businesses.

Particular answering services commonly provide a particular function at a range of prices, so, smaller companies should ask themselves certain questions, like whether a live person can answer phone calls, or an automated voice message system can sufficiently carry out the job.

Size Matters

  • A number of smaller organisations sell goods and services, which require the utilisation of a quality system for taking and filling clients’ orders. After their specific requirements have been resolved, a small business owner can then choose the most advantageous, cost-effective solution.

Matters of Complexity

  • One aspect for choosing the best small business answering service is the intricacy of customers’ questions, or why they are calling. A few inquiries can be undertaken through an automated or voice-activated phone menu, even though this is often seen by some as an impersonal and slightly unprofessional service.
  • On the other hand, a live answering service is often preferred for handling calls, especially, complicated ones. In any case, it would certainly help out to have a 24-hour answering service available for dealing with immediate and urgent questions. Birchills VOIP phone systems are renowned for their professional service and reliability.

Always on Point

  • Another important thing is if it is possible for a business owner to retrieve any messages at all times of the day. Some clients will certainly not be impressed with a service whose staff are not available to answer any type of inquiries during normal business working hours.
  • Then it makes perfect sense that nearly all companies would benefit from any message taking service that provides after-hours professional phone assistance, and which can manage taking calls at night and on weekends.

Making Choices

  • One very important concern when thinking of a business answering service is whether you require order-processing capabilities.
  • Companies that sell products or services and take clients’ information will also have to establish if they are in need of sales staff too.
  • Another question is whether a customer’s privacy is important, and how to maintain their information not only confidential, but private.


  • For a lot of smaller company owners, both revenue and reputation are equally of importance. A professional message taking service will certainly help a business to expand their earning potential, and at the very same time, determine that a customer’s inquiry will be correctly addressed.
  • Making the right choice of exactly which business answering service is the best one for you, is of the essence and will affect your future business prospects.

A number of services offer unlimited calls, free hardware and none of those unnecessary long contracts, all of which are in the very best interests of both parties, so why not do your company a favour and check them out?





These are just some of the regular placements for an employment agency, but there are also ones when expanding businesses are in urgent need of contract workers. The Construction Industry comes to mind immediately. Many projects were shelved during the recession. As the property market has improved, several have come back on stream. In such a situation, agencies that have tradesmen and labourers on their books have become very busy.

While these workers remain on the agency’s books, they will all be part of a payroll that the agency needs to process. You may think that given the money is starting to come in you have no worries and can do the job yourself. You should ask yourself one important question however. Are you in the position to expand? If the answer is ‘yes’ then the next question is whether your time is better spent focussing on expansion or on administrative processing. There is surely only one sensible answer to this.


An outsourced payroll service can give you that extra time to grow your business. All of your workers will expect to be paid on time and correctly. A service that will process payroll will also handle not only queries on the pay but also any questions coming from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs that expects an accurate return and remittance. Ultimately, it is the agency that is responsible for that return which makes it even more sensible to get the help of a quality service with a good reputation.


There are regular employment legislation changes and at every Budget announcement by the Government something relating to income tax and National Insurance changes. Giving the job to someone who deals with payroll tasks every working day is an excellent way to ensure that things are done properly.

There are many types of businesses that have seen the benefit of using third parties as a cost effective and efficient way to run their business. It is certainly something that is worth investigation, especially in a company where the absolute priority is to take advantage of the improving economic climate. It is perhaps time for every business, employment agency or not, to look into this a little further.

Some small businesses are operated with just a small team of office workers yet have a huge payroll to organise. This is the world of the employment agency where companies who need staff for varying lengths of time go for help. There is any number of scenarios. Some retail stores need temporary sales staff, particularly around Christmas for the pre Christmas business and the discount sales that follow on immediately. Other companies need help to cover the summer holiday period when one or more of a small workforce will be sunning themselves somewhere but certainly not in the office. There are also personnel requirements for maternity leave.




Entrepreneur’s may think there is no other way to get funding for new business ventures than to damage their own credit score with lot of new lines of credit and debt. This does not need to be the case. Entrepreneurs can start their new businesses and improve their credit at the same time. Here are some ways that entrepreneurs can improve their credit scores.


A credit report from CreditSesame.com is essential for any entrepreneur who wants to start improving credit scores. Without a credit report, entrepreneurs will have no idea where to start to improve their credit. A credit report will tell entrepreneurs what they need to do to improve their credit scores and keep them high in the future.


Few people realize this, but there is a place on a credit report for people to leave comments about their report. Entrepreneurs can use this area to justify or dispute any delinquencies in an effort to improve their credit score. This may not always be effective, but entrepreneurs can have some issues reversed through this process.


Most entrepreneurs will need to start their businesses using their own credit, because of course, their new business will not have any credit to use yet. Entrepreneurs can fix this by beginning to build credit for the business and take on less themselves. Having separate lines of credit will be beneficial to both the entrepreneur and their business.


Entrepreneurs who are excited to move on to the next business venture may forget or neglect paying off old debts from previous businesses. This can harm their credit scores and prevent them from getting new lines of credit. Entrepreneurs should focus on paying off all old debts before they can begin to move on to new lines of credit for their new business.


Balances on lines of credit for entrepreneurs might be high in the beginning of a new business. However, high balances can hurt an entrepreneur’s credit scores. Entrepreneurs should try to instead keep low balances to maintain their credit score and improve their business’s financial standing. This can be done by focusing on internal business credit and creative ways of paying off debts for business equipment and supplies.

Entrepreneurs often have to try out a couple ideas before they find that business that really sticks. This is a common practice for many entrepreneurs and it can be very effective for creating a successful business. However, there are of course always down sides to starting a number of different businesses. One of those downsides is the fact that the entrepreneur’s credit score is sure to take a hit from starting and stopping a number of different business ventures. This can not only hurt the entrepreneur’s chances of starting a new business, but it can also hurt the entrepreneur’s personal financial standing.




If you are running a small business, you know very well that you need to have cash available for whatever you need – whether it’s for daily expenses, as payment for suppliers, or even to buy additional stock or equipment to help your business expand. But in most cases, small business owners only have the cash they need for basic necessities and supplies – and even then, there may be times that you may be wondering where you will get your next influx of cash.

This is where a business loan becomes a necessity. If you would like to increase the capital you have for your business, taking out a business loan is one of your best options.


We already know the benefits of applying for a loan for your business: the additional cash can help you buy more inventory or equipment, pursue a more aggressive marketing strategy, or even open another branch. With a business loan, you do not need to dip into your existing savings. And there is even more good news: the current economic climate has actually made it easier for small businesses to apply for loans, as interest rates are lower now than they were a few years ago.

But before you begin applying for a loan, there are some important factors you need to consider. Knowing these can help you secure the right type of loan for your enterprise as well as ensure that you are not putting your business at risk.


First of all, you need to know what exactly it is that you want for your business, and what your business actually needs. If you know exactly what you require, this makes it easier for you to choose the right lender. Nowadays, there are lending institutions aside from banks that are more than willing to provide you with the funds you need without you having to go through a lengthy and rigorous credit-checking process. You have more options than ever, but if you decide to apply for a loan from a bank, be aware that this could take a good length of time and may not be the most feasible solution for a start-up enterprise, as banks tend to approve loans for companies which have a longer credit history or are more established in their niche. 


Before you even submit your application for a loan, whether it’s to a bank or an alternative lender, it is important for you to thoroughly understand the terms of the loan. Carefully go through the terms and conditions of securing the loan and check if there are issues with early repayment. Some banks and lenders penalise early repayment, so you need to find this out. The good news is that there are some alternative lending firms, such as www.ashleyfinance.co.uk, which do not have any penalties for early repayment, so you also need to know where to look. 


It is a given that you read through any and all documents or agreements given to you before you sign, especially when it comes to acquiring a business loan. But if there is anything that you do not understand with the terms of the loan, you need to ask the lender to explain these terms until you understand them fully. Carefully go through such details as the deadlines of payments, the calculation of interest, penalties for missing a payment, and even the type of customer support you can receive.




The significance of Small Business Phone System for business growth cannot be ignored. For effective business growth, efficient and effective business communication is very important. But before talking about it, it is important to know what the meaning of Business phone System.


  • A system which connects multiple telephones which are used by businesses in interconnected way allowing it for transferring calls, call metering, conference calling, voice messages ( private or shared) etc. These systems can be used for small, medium or large businesses.
  • It can range from small key telephone system to large scale private exchange branches.
  • It can be easily installed and speedy in use.
  • It provides unified communication in a company or any business unit.
  • By using it, single bill is generated as there is unified communication; therefore no individual bills are generated for team members.
  • It is a multi-service provider.

Today the concept of business phone system has gained importance to large extent as now there is lots of competition and to sustain in competition and to grow as a market leader, it becomes very important that there must be effective communication and for it best Phone Number and VoIP Phone Service is required for effective and efficient communication for speedy business growth.

The business phone systems are designed in a well- organized way as per need and requirement of business. Thus as per need of business, these business phone systems are designed and effective communication tools are used. The different types of business phone systems designed as per need and requirement of business are as follows:

  • Business Phone System for Call Centers
  • Business Phone System for Small Offices
  • Business Phone System for Small Businesses
  • Business Phone System for Virtual System
  • Business Phone System for Mobile Workforces

It has flexibility and as per need and demand of customers, it can be modified or changed. According to need additional features can be easily installed and these phone systems are easy to use and are highly reliable available at low cost. It can be easily set-up within 20 minutes. The online management of communication can be easily done. The role of business phone systems is very essential for speedy business growth. Communication is the best means to unite large number of customers together. There are well-experienced talented experts who design these phone systems with excellent unique features.

The top quality internet protocol system is used which is totally safe and secure and provides best communication at high speed and customers are highly satisfied and delighted by its use.The best business phone system has following qualities:

  • High definition calling.
  • Unified Communication Capabilities.
  • It is flexible and scalable.
  • Increases productivity by effective business communication.
  • Saves money.
  • Has lots of flexibility.
  • Highest quality voice communication.
  • Has advanced innovative and latest features.
  • It provides one solution for multiple locations.
  • It provides multiple services.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cost effective.
  • Centralized management system for multi- location businesses.


Legal Strategies For Uncertain Times

Legal Strategies

Legal Strategies

In times of economic uncertainty, businesses can face a number of different legal challenges. Examples would include distressed debt, regulatory compliance, and restructuring and insolvency.

Distressed Debt

Looked at from a legal perspective, distressed debt is an area in which multiple aspects of the law overlap, from bankruptcy law and private equity to securities law and litigation and mergers and acquisitions. As such, distressed debt is a highly complex legal area, and those choosing to invest in the distressed debt market require legal assistance that recognizes this. These legal experts should understand all relevant areas of the legal system and how they overlap, often in ways that conflict with each other. 

Regulatory Compliance

The carrying out of business transactions is subject to regulatory compliance, and complex transactions equate to potentially complex compliance issues. Typical compliance issues that a business will face include issues relating to corporate structures; regulatory capital requirements; antitrust and competition laws, including international laws; and consumer issues. It is critical that businesses comply with the regulations. Otherwise, they can face severe financial costs down the road. At times of uncertainty, business leaders can feel their attention being pulled in all sorts of directions, so it is important to have professional and effective legal advice in place to ensure that their organizations are fully compliant. 

Restructuring and Insolvency

When it comes to restructuring a business, executives face challenges in dealing with the demand of shareholders and other vested interests. Operational costs have to be examined and new organizational systems often have to be put in place. In addition, disposals or acquisitions might arise as the business is refocused to take account of the new realities. As if all of this were not enough, there are considerable legal issues associated with the restructuring or insolvency of businesses. Legal strategies are also required when it comes to dealing with issues of refinancing as well as compliance with capital and liquidity requirements.

Bob Bratt’s profile emphasizes the type of experience that organizations can benefit from in developing successful legal responses to difficult periods in the business lifecycle. As CEO of DLA Piper, Bob Bratt brings considerable experience in both public and private sectors to the table, having started his career in the Department of Justice. He is also a former managing partner for information technology company Unisys, covering the Greater Washington Metropolitan Area. DLA Piper and Bob Bratt can advise businesses facing an uncertain future on how best to resolve the issues they face, whether they are regulatory or enforcement challenges.

In uncertain economic times, businesses need all the assistance they can get, so having effective legal advice in place is critical in successfully navigating what can be choppy waters.

In uncertain economic times, businesses face the kind of challenges they might previously have not thought possible, and a lack of understanding as to what to do next can lead many organizations down the wrong path. This is where a business needs appropriate legal strategies in place to help them overcome the confusion and anxiety that comes in times of uncertainty.