What Advices To Get From Best Books To Learn Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a new business module, which is gaining popularity more these days, because of the lockdown scenario. As people are stuck in their homes, they are looking for ways to earn passive income. Well, the dropshipping business will help them get some money with little investment. But, if you are a novice in this field, then the best books to learn dropshipping might help you learn more about the business well. There are so many books available, but only the best ones are to be watched out for. You now get the opportunity to learn to dropship with ease as most of these books are written by experienced businessmen.

Learn about the items to sell now:

These books are not just going to talk about the ways you can set up your dropshipping business, but will also provide a section on what to sell online. Depending on the current situation, the item preference is subject to change. For example, in this pandemic situation, it is better to sell some preventive items that the customers are looking for. Try selling face mask, liquid soaps and antiseptic items, which are selling like hotcakes these days. So, the selection of item clearly depends on the present market scenario. You will get to learn about that and how to research your items from the selected books.

Get sales with this business:

There are some books, which are talking about 40+ ways to get sales with dropshipping. Then you have another book, which is talking about the steps to start your very first e-commerce business. You can ask some of the experienced and best dropshipping suppliers for some advice on the best books to read. As they are into this business for a long time, they know the right ones to work out on. So, get those books right away!

This is a powerful social media site that has around 1.56 billion users across the globe. If you want to boost the reach of your business and target more customers, then you should consider using the power of Facebook. Once the site is ready in the next stage of the process, you have to focus on its optimization. If you manage to optimize your website properly, its search engine ranking will improve automatically, which will result in rapid business growth.


8 Actions To Help Find the Right Career

The job industry is considering various new career fields approaching day-by-day. But the primary consideration is that the accessibility of several career choices nowadays also leads to plenty of confusion; therefore we should take a few basic steps to plan careers successfully and opt for the right career.

Step 1: Discussion on career choice

According to Indiashoppers, all parents need to make sure that they talk about the goals of their children with them. Concern should be used such that the parents do not compel careers of their choice on the children or compel their career e.g. doctor, lawyer, and many more. Keep in mind that careers in arts and commerce also have become likewise worthwhile these days than ever before and parents should not force children to inevitably do science stream only.

Step 2: Visit a career counsellor

It is likely that in every family there will be several opinions on the career path that the child should adopt. This often results in points of views being compelled on the child and therefore lots of doubt and perplexity. It is here that a career test or a career choice experiment might be of perfect use to decide the future. The benefit here is that the analyst can provide a calm opinion based on the truth of the case and the most favourable choice.

Step 3: Develop communication skills

One of the most significant skills youngsters must build-up is the ability of expression. Every so often, most students know different things but fall short unhappily because they are not capable to put across their opinion with transparency. Students must be boosted to build up oral communication skills. Hard work in the above course will also make the students open and enhance self-confidence.

Step 4: Build up the overall personality

In today’s competitive world, the individual who does well is the one who has numerous skills under his line. Area of expertise is vital but one should not be an over-expert. It is helpful to encourage inter-personal skills, collaboration skills to all children. These go an extensive way in encouraging their confidence and also expand better impersonation on one and all around them. The parents must give confidence the child to vigorously take part in an extra-curricular and co-curricular performance at the school and college level. It is here that they study important lessons of competitiveness and sportsmanship.

Step 5: Augment computer literacy

Today’s world is greatly computer ambitious and this skill will be a remarkable value addition to kids. It is highly recommended that children should be depicted as much computer skills and know-how. If they are keenly interested, computer software is a tremendous sector to be in; besides the value addition so obtained as well, that might develop the student to a huge amount. Personal computers also have become very reasonable and can offer an infinite world of learning to students through CDs, DVD, etc. The Internet (World Wide Web – www) also is an endless world of learning opportunity.

Step 6- Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Create a list of your top strengths and weaknesses. What kinds of companies would be paying attention to your strengths? If you are a right public speaker, for instance, discover what sorts of careers call for that skill.

Your weaknesses can also inform you of many things about where you can find the right option. You can either guide away from careers that need skills you’re not sure about or work to perk up flaws that may keep you from your objectives.

Step 7 – Make Your Career Choice

Finally, after doing all through research, you are most likely prepared to make your choice. Select the job that you consider will get you the most pleasure based on all the information you have collected. Yes, you need to make the right career choice easily where you can find the better way to achieve goals and objectives.

Step 8-Discover Your Goals

Once you decide, recognize your long- and quick-fix goals. This assists to plan a track toward ultimately landing work in your selected area of interest. Long-term goals usually take about three to five years to attain, at the same time as you can typically meet a short-term goal in six months to three years. Get regular updates for Freejobalert to just by subscribing us.

These essential steps will assist any student to choose the right career that they are ardent about and also own the skills for.


Finding That Dream Job Just Got a Little Easier

The hardest thing about working just may be finding the best job in the first place, which can be a huge challenge for many people. There is no need to worry, though, because there are now agencies that specialise in finding people the job of their dreams and most of these companies charge the job seeker absolutely nothing for their services. If you’ve been looking for a job but have been unsuccessful at it, it might be a good idea to give one of these agencies a try.

Versatile Agencies That Produce Results

Many recruitment companies specialise in certain types of jobs so whether you’re looking for medical, legal, or aerospace jobs in Glasgow, you can easily find a recruitment agency to help. These agencies offer many advantages including:

  • Assistance with your resume or CV
  • Tips to pull off the perfect interview
  • Websites that go into detail on what they can do for you
  • A list of jobs that always stays current
  • Helpful information for all job seekers

These agencies’ comprehensive services are true miracles whether you’re just out of university or you’ve been working for years because they make getting your next job a piece of cake.

When You Expect the Very Best

Considering that the average person spends more time at work than at home, you deserve to find a great job that you enjoy going to each day. Utilising the services of a recruitment agency means that you have professionals on your side who are there to make the task a whole lot easier, enabling you to find a great job before you know it.


Why a career path needs a human resource professional

The need for a career path is one area where there is an unequivocal agreement between an employer and an employee. It is but natural that employees look for growth in the job, be it in terms of salaries, roles or skills. Equally, an employer also would like to bring on board someone who will build a long-term association and stay with the company for an extended period of time.

What is a career path?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a career path is “the way that you progress in your work, either in one job or in a series of jobs.” Simply put, it refers to a group of jobs that use similar skills, but differ in aspects such as responsibilities handled. Companies also talk of dual career paths, in the sense of focusing on the technical and the managerial aspects of the job.

Why is a career path needed?

As explained, a career path is a defined route to progress. Human resource professionals can use career paths to achieve the following goals:

  • Promoting more talent from within the organization
  • Creating and implementing suitable succession plans
  • Improving engagement and retention of employees

Recruitment is a key stage in discussing career paths

Discussing career path at the first stage of the employment process i.e. recruitment is a great place to start. A candidate who starts work as an analyst will want to know when he or she could become a senior analyst, a manager, a director, and possibly more. This is as important as knowing the roles and responsibilities that come with the position currently under discussion. Careful consideration must be given to the questions to be asked and matters to be discussed during the interview, as well as when to talk about career paths.

Onboarding is a time to share more details

At the onboarding stage, many human resource professionals have a detailed plan in place, which they share with the new hires. This plan illustrates the learnings that shall be shared over time. Along with this, new hires will spend time with their reporting managers to understand job expectations, goals to be achieved, and the inner workings of the performance management process. A more specific discussion on career paths is suitable here, to motivate and encourage eager employees.

Career paths can be incorporated into training and development

From compliance with rules and policies to specific technical and soft skills, learning and training is required by every employee. These are essential to not just the current role but also future roles that the employee could take up. It is essential to explain how the learning will affect and add to the on-the-job performance, and a career path discussion fits in well here. Human resource professionals can incorporate this into how they describe training programs and what the employees are expected to learn therein.

Offboarding is also a good time to talk about a career path

The idea is not as absurd as it seems, given that employees often return to work for past employers. Exits happen for multiple reasons, and an employee could well pick up additional skills in the interim, or take on more senior roles, and return to the previous employer at a position with more responsibilities.

Getting an HR certification is a great way for professionals to boost their HR careers. Aside from improving their own career paths, this helps them to better appreciate the needs of employees they deal with in the course of their work as HR professionals. A certification is an excellent choice to learn new skills and take on new roles and responsibilities, helping in career progress.


Want to get an HR job? Here’s how you can do it.

Human resources offers an ideal long-term and promising career. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in human resources is estimated to grow at 5% between 2018 and 2028.
Further, BLS estimates the average salary of a human resources professional is $60,880 annually.
Businesses are increasingly focusing on employee engagement and retention, where human resources professionals play a vital role. Unlike yesteryear, the role of human resources professionals now is more appreciated and visibly impactful to the bottom-line of a business. As businesses are realizing HR as a strategic department in their growth, it is boosting opportunities for those who are looking to start an HR career.
Getting into HR
For most entry-level roles in HR, bachelor’s degree is enough. However, as HR is increasingly becoming diversified employers are seeking specialists in various functions of HR. While many small and medium businesses do not keep a degree as mandatory qualifying criteria.

Start-ups seek fresh graduates as long as they have skills to perform optimally. So long as you have a college degree, you are qualified to work in HR.
Previous experience in operations or related roles also helps in moving into an HR role. If you have experience working in any role which is closely related to HR like payroll and attendance, office administration, etc. you will be eligible for most HR roles.

Additionally, taking HR certifications also lets you get your foot in the door. Several certification bodies offer entry-level certifications which establish credibility for required skills and pave way for a promising career in HR.
Roles in human resources
Human resources is a diverse business function with various roles including benefits and compensation manager, talent acquisition professional, etc. All roles are equally promising and have similar entry-level barriers. You can opt for any role.

  1. Talent acquisition specialist This role requires good communication and interpersonal skills. Seeking out desired talent, screening candidates, and scheduling interviews are major tasks for a talent acquisition specialist. They also assist CHROs in succession planning. This is one of the most sought after areas among HR professionals.
  2. Compensation & Benefits Manager Compensation and benefits manager require extensive knowledge of compensation and labor laws. Knowledge pertaining to 401K program, health insurance, and other employer sponsored benefits program is vital to do well in this role. Additionally, ability to counsel is critical to this role as employees reach out C&B managers for understanding various compensation and benefits policies.
  3. Learning & development manager Learning & development is a major function across business. It is crucial for employee engagement and retention. Facilitating learning delivery is a major task for learning and development managers. This requires them to understand an employee’s individual learning needs, their KPIs and business constraints and craft learning models as per need. As organizations are realizing increasing importance of learning and development in employee retention, it presents an opportunity for a promising career in HR.
  4. Labor law compliance manager It is extremely important for a business to abide by employment and labor laws. HR staffs ensure that their organization stays complaint to all mandatory labor and employment laws. Failing to abide to laws leads to employee complaints, resulting in dip in productivity and ultimately profitability. Given you have knowledge of various labor laws; you can strive to break into this role.

Importance of Career Development & Training in organizations

Career development plays a vital role in the enhancement of employee’s skills and ensuring that employee’s aspirations take the shape of reality. Irrespective of the experience that a person possesses, he/she will still have aspirations to reach certain heights in the career. These can also be termed as personal career objectives. Career development and training emphasize on polishing employee’s skills so that can the employee can meet personal career objectives.

Career development and training not only helps in employee’s realizing their career objectives but also help in retaining the employees. However, there can be a big difference between a company’s objectives and what employee’s aspire from the organization. There is a possibility that an employee who is working in the technical team has an interest in marketing. The employee might be performing exceptionally well in the organization but the employee needs to voice out his/her career interests.

Career development provides that platform to the employees of the organization as they get an opportunity to work on something that aligns with their career goals. Coming up with effective career development training is beyond the scope of the HR team as it requires close coordination between HR, managers, and employees in the organization. Career management consultancy firm like ManpowerGroup has a number of years in human resources consulting and such firms can help organizations to come up with effective career development training programs that will bring more value for all the stakeholders within the organization.

Many organizations also look for outside recruits when they have to fill key leadership and management positions. With the data available from the career development programs, organizations can instead look inwards when they have to recruit talent for such positions. There is a possibility that an experienced manager with exceptional leadership traits can fill up that position. ManpowerGroup is a human resource company that can help organizations come up with tailor-made programs that bring organizational effectiveness and aids in leadership development within the organization.

Organizations are now becoming increasingly selective in recruiting freshmen as they expect freshmen to contribute to the goodwill of the organization within the first 90 days of joining the organization. ManpowerGroup can support organizations in training fresh recruits in areas of self-management, leadership, communication skills, and other important skills that are important for their career growth.

Career development training is important as it ensures that old employees do not become complacent with their jobs else they would take their jobs & positions for granted. It is instrumental in promoting an environment of competition and cooperation as employees strive to perform better within the organization and their careers. Such programs also help in fixing the skill gap issues in an industry that is transforming at a rapid pace. Hence coming up with an ideal career development plan is a key to the company’s and employee’s growth.

Prospective people would also be willing to join such organizations where there is a relentless focus on people. Companies like ManpowerGroup can act as a catalyst in the development of Career development and training programs that drive long-term value for the organization and its employees.


Top 5 Tips for Scoring Good Marks in CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Paper

Accountancy is one of the highest-scoring subjects in Commerce. Quite surprisingly, students often find it difficult to score marks in this paper.

The key to achieving a good number in the accountancy paper lies in the strategy adopted by the student during the preparation for exams. Here are the top 5 tips that will help the students clear the exam with flying colours.

Practice from NCERT book

It is a good practice to stick to the syllabus as prescribed by NCERT. For this, you can practice questions from NCERT Class XII Accountancy book and get the detailed answers from NCERT Solutions Class 12 Accountancy. Reference books can also help you practice much better. But, following the exam syllabus will be more than sufficient for the test preparation.

Check exam pattern and distribution of marks

A well-planned preparation is half the battle won. Which means students should be carefully observing the exam pattern and get a clear understanding of the units, weight assigned to each unit and the types of questions that are being asked in the exams held previously.

Revise the syllabus with a focus on important units

It is always a good idea to cover the whole syllabus before the exams as it helps in boosting the confidence of students. The preparation should focus more on critical and high scoring units. Numericals are always high scoring, so focus on chapters that contain numerical questions.

Take mock tests and practice solving previous year papers

“Practice makes a man perfect” this quote holds very true in exam preparation. To check how well equipped the students are for the paper, solving the previous year papers is essential. It gives an idea about the type of questions asked and also assesses the level of test preparation a student has. Mock tests also help a lot, as it makes students solve a question on time.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Students will be able to determine their strengths and weaknesses once they complete the syllabus. Once that is done, the course of action should be to focus on weaker areas and solve more questions from those areas, while also making time for practising the strong points.

These tips will help students ace the exam. For getting started with Accountancy preparation, check out NCERT Accountancy Solutions Class 12 Part 1 Chapter 1. Stay tuned to BYJU’S for more updates.


Need a Job in the Gas and Oil Field? Check Out Off-shore Positions in Thailand

You can find a lot of jobs in Thailand that require expertise in engineering, maintenance, and construction. These jobs are designed for applicants in the gas and oil sector. For instance, many jobs fall under the category of commissioning in Thailand.

One of the Most Popular Engineering Jobs in Thailand

One of the most popular of offshore jobs in Thailand is that of commissioning engineer. A commissioning engineer ensures that all items on a construction project are correctly tested, maintained, and completed. A commissioning engineer performs troubleshooting while tracking the progress of employees. He or she also performs audits, writes reports, and assists clients.

Working as a Commissioning Engineer in Thailand

If you work as a commissioning engineer in Thailand, you can work in a number of offshore industries. Besides the gas and oil industries, engineers of this caliber also cover work in the mechanical engineering fields, civil engineering, and electrical and power industries.

An Office Job with Some Travel

Engineers who take on these assignments typically work in an office but may travel to sites to address issues whenever there is a need. They may also work overtime to ensure that a project deadline is met or completed as requested.

Do You Have the Necessary Qualifications?

If you wish to apply for this type of offshore job in Thailand, you should have advanced college education in engineering. Most engineering programs at the university level require students to take coursework in science and math as well an engineering.

Reviewing the Needed Skills

For instance, a mechanical engineer may have completed a university program where he or she took courses such as machine design, applied thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and manufacturing processes. On the other hand, an electrical engineer may have knowledge in electronics, applied electromagnetics, or electronic systems and signals.

Finding the Ideal Assignment in the Oil and Gas Industry

These kinds of skills can help you find an ideal assignment in the oil and gas field, power field, or similar offshore occupation. You just need to find a platform that highlights these types of jobs and skills in Thailand. Once you do, you will find that a world of opportunity opens up to you. Take time today to see if you qualify for this type of work.

Make Your Dream Job Come True – Review Your Qualifications Today

If you have always dreamed of working overseas, now is the time to find out how you can apply your current and future skills to further work. Review the salary and benefits and see if the job will meet your criteria in terms of lifestyle and salary.

What Are Your Offshore Employment Goals?

To increase your chances of obtaining a job, you might think of working as an intern while you are a student or when you first graduate. That way, you can obtain the needed work experience, which is always good when you want to highlight your education and show that you also have hands-on experience from certain assignments. Whatever you do to find your dream job, make sure you work with a hiring company that can help you present yourself in the best possible way.


5 Frequently Asked Questions About Job Hunting

Job hunting can be the most tiring and exhausting tasks of all. You will not be sure about what you want and how you will get it. It is a state of utter confusion and resentment. Since job hunting is such an onus task, there are a few questions, which seem to come in the minds of every individual.

These questions may seem like no big deal to you right now, but when you are actually hunting for a job for a job vacancy in London, UK or any other place, these are the questions that cloud your mind all the time. In order to relieve you of that stress, these are some of the questions that are most frequently asked.

The top 5 questions that are frequently asked have been answered by the experts. Let us have a look.

After you quit a company, in order to get a job, a person looks for a job that is 2 to 3 positions below the previous one. In such cases, how should the person try to make the recruiter believe that he is going to be happy working at a lower position?

London based PA recruitment company – CandCsearch told us that In such cases, the person should tell the recruiter that the primary factors on the basis of which he weighs out his job is not the salary package or the title of the job. You should emphasize on the aspect that you will prove to be a valuable asset for the company if you work for that particular job position and should also make the recruiter feel that you are really passionate about the company.

When the interviewer asks for a particular requirement for the job, should the person lie or admit that he does not know?

Lying may cost you your credibility if you get caught. So, you should give an example to the interviewer telling him about the time you had learnt something very quickly despite not knowing it.

The person does not have a degree, but has experience. Will the interviewer select him?

The work experience of a person is given more importance than the degree. The more you work; the more value is lost by your degree. So, not having a degree will not be a hurdle if you have a good working experience.

Is it ok to make someone else prepare your resume?

It is totally ok to make someone else prepare your resume, but make sure that all the information is valid and nothing is false. You should also ensure that you can thoroughly explain any part of the resume if there’s any question shot by the interviewer.

Is English required for an interview?

Though speaking English is not necessary, it is recommended that you work on it. However, you can conduct your interview in any other language also, but make sure to be confident.


Indonesian Insights – Why Coworking In Indonesia Is Growing In Popularity

In the modern business landscape, entrepreneurs and small businesses are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve their business. Whether it’s implementing new technologies, utilising cloud computing solutions or taking advantage of more flexible office solutions, new innovations are giving business owners more options than ever before.

In Jakarta, more than 50,000 square meters of office space has been created in the city since 2014. Despite the addition of so much space becoming available, office space has remained expensive in the Indonesian capital. As a result, business owners have opted for more flexible office solutions to operate their businesses out of. With more companies opting to use a coworking space over a traditional office setup, the Indonesian business community is quickly realising the benefits that coworking can provide.

Let’s take a closer look at just a few reasons that coworking is growing in popularity in Indonesia.

Opportunity To Network

One of the major benefits of operating from a coworking space is the opportunity to network with other professionals. Coworking by its very nature allows people from different professional backgrounds and industries to work alongside each other. Reaching out to others in the space can lead to new business opportunities and relationships developing over time. With more Indonesian professionals realising the networking possibilities these spaces can provide, it is expected that coworking spaces will continue to become even more popular over time.

No Long-term Commitments

A traditional long-term office lease is notoriously difficult to get out of and can be a huge burden for a new business to bear. Instead of having the commitment of an expensive long-term lease to deal with, many business owners are now opting to utilise coworking spaces due to the flexibility they provide. Premium providers charge one flat monthly fee, which offers members access to all of the facilities you could need to run your business. What’s more, there is no long-term contract as payments or on a month-by-month basis.

Possibilities For Growth

Coworking spaces offer businesses to expand and grow their business operations with ease. As your company grows, you can simply utilise more space for your team within the facility. On the other hand, with a traditional office space, you are bound by the physical constraints of the space, which can hinder your company’s growth. If your business needs more privacy, premium providers also have serviced office facilities that you can move to, giving you even more options to expand your operations and put your best foot forward.

Source Of Creativity

Another reason why coworking is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia is that they can be a great source of inspiration. If your business is becoming stagnant and you are coming up short with ways to be innovative, surrounding yourself with a group of motivated professionals with different backgrounds can help to inspire new ideas. Seeing how other people conduct their business can help you to find new ways to streamline your business processes and improve how your company operates. Creativity and innovation are critical in business and placing yourself in an environment that fosters creativity will help your business to move forward in a positive way.

Coworking Will Continue To Thrive

The Indonesian business landscape is changing quickly and coworking will continue to be a part of that evolution. With the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals, the opportunities that coworking can provide are endless. Avoid being locked into a traditional long-term lease and instead enjoy the freedom and flexibility that coworking spaces provide. Being in the right coworking space, your business can grow into a serious entity as you seek inspiration from those around you. Coworking in Indonesia is poised to continue to grow in popularity as more businesses realise the benefits of these spaces and see the possibilities for growth, creativity and innovation for their companies going forward.