How To Get Best Insurance Premium For TVS Bikes

Best Insurance Premium For TVS Bikes

When it comes to bikes in India, TVS is surely one of the most popular names in the market. The bikes from TVS are known for their power, style, and innovation. So, if you have decided to buy a new bike, a TVS bike should serve you right. With the bike, you must also purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy, as it is mandatory as the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Riding a bike without insurance is illegal in India.

However, you cannot just buy any insurance policy for your bike. You need the cover that is perfect for your requirements. You can choose between third-party and comprehensive plans from a reliable insurer.

Among all the important aspects of an insurance policy for a two-wheeler, the premium is one of the most critical aspects. Understandably, you do not want to pay a price that is too much for the benefits you will receive. You must find out the ideal premium payable to avoid overpaying for your two-wheeler insurance. Explained ahead are a few ways to do that.

Using the two-wheeler insurance calculator

The TVS insurance cover that you are offered from an insurance company depends on the premium you pay. To know the premium of different policies, you can use an online premium calculator. It requires you to enter some basic information regarding your bike and requirements. Once you do so, the calculator presents you with the premium values of different insurance companies. You can then compare these values to know which insurer is offering the most competitive numbers.

Apart from the premium, the calculator also shows you information about different policies and their benefits.

The benefits of a two-wheeler insurance calculator

Bike insurance calculators have different features that help you find premium and other information regarding different two-wheeler policies. Listed below are some of its benefits:

  • A two-wheeler insurance calculator saves a lot of time by automating all the mathematical calculations
  • The calculator does not favor any insurer; hence, you find the most authentic data
  • The tool is available for free
  • The calculator uses all the available information given by you to provide data about all the best insurance companies so that an accurate choice can be made
  • The tool helps you to determine the specific aspects of an insurance plan, which are responsible for the cost of premium

Decide on your two-wheeler insurance add-on covers

To get the best insurance premium for your TVS bike, you need to decide which add-on cover you need. The add-on covers offer you extra protection; however, they increase the premium. Some of the add-on covers that should be considered are zero depreciation cover, personal accident covers for co-passenger, and roadside assistance.

When comparing the premiums, be careful about comparing the cost with the benefits of a policy to determine which insurance plan will serve you the best.



Top Nine Business Ideas to Start with $100 or Less

Starting business within $100, or in other words, restricted capital might seem impossible, but right planning has helped many individuals in the past to accomplish this particular endeavor. The first step is to find a low-cost way of making a sale, and the second one parlaying profits continuously.

Top-notch organizations that operated with very little money initially are PluralSight, MailChimp, AdaFruit Industries, Shopify, Skyscanner, ShutterShock, Grammarly, etc. Few surefire ways you can try include:

  1. Tutor

Many students of school and college ask for assistance in different subjects. If you possess skills, open your tutoring service. It does not need much resource because students would already have their learning materials.

  1. Freelancer

Whether you are a content writer, search engine optimizer, or website developer, freelancing stands to be an exceptional business idea, which only requires a computer, internet connection, and requisite skills in the concerned niche. Plenty of platforms upload freelance gigs, so, pretty much that anybody can give this a shot.

  1. YouTube Vlogger

In recent times, every other person is a YouTube vlogger, and this is an immensely exciting profession. Create videos, edit, and post them on YouTube. After getting a subscriber base of 10K, you would usually earn profits.

  1. Auto Repair

If you have your own garage, tools, and expertise, start an automobile repair shop. People who fail to afford their own space can make this business mobile. Repairing damaged parts, and washing and polishing vehicles are necessary chores.

  1. Pet Sitter

Being a pet sitter calls for no preliminary investment. Now isn’t that great? You can start asking family members, relatives, friends, and colleagues if they want somebody to watch their pet while they are vacationing.

  1. Menu Planner

Arranging an entire event is quite challenging, but what if you just need to take care of one aspect? Many people hesitate when selecting food items for birthday, anniversary, baby shower, etc., and a menu planner helps them. They carefully pick out meals, which everybody would love.

  1. Gourmet Food

Most modern-day individuals love homemade gourmet food items like soups, chocolates, jellies, jams, etc. If you have a knack for cooking, simply collect essential supplies, fundamental marketing materials, and packaging.

  1. Personal Concierge

Concierges are incredibly on demand at present. They take care of everything like picking up a client from the airport, managing schedules, doing his or her personal chores, etc. It is similar to becoming somebody’s assistant.

  1. Interior Designer

Homeowners and entrepreneurs are searching professionals who can decorate their residential or commercial properties in a seamless manner. Well, if you have aesthetic preparation, along with knowledge of utilizing space, please open your interior designing firm right away.

If you are planning to start any business specified above, make sure to look out for a perfect location immediately. Rather than renting something expensive, choosing a self-storage facility seems much viable. Affordable, spacious, accessible, hygienic, climate-control nature, etc. are few distinct beneficial features. Now from among diverse options available, storage units in St. Charles have acquired maximum recognition. Their owners impressed a wider base of clientele until now.


Indonesian Insights – Why Coworking In Indonesia Is Growing In Popularity

In the modern business landscape, entrepreneurs and small businesses are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve their business. Whether it’s implementing new technologies, utilising cloud computing solutions or taking advantage of more flexible office solutions, new innovations are giving business owners more options than ever before.

In Jakarta, more than 50,000 square meters of office space has been created in the city since 2014. Despite the addition of so much space becoming available, office space has remained expensive in the Indonesian capital. As a result, business owners have opted for more flexible office solutions to operate their businesses out of. With more companies opting to use a coworking space over a traditional office setup, the Indonesian business community is quickly realising the benefits that coworking can provide.

Let’s take a closer look at just a few reasons that coworking is growing in popularity in Indonesia.

Opportunity To Network

One of the major benefits of operating from a coworking space is the opportunity to network with other professionals. Coworking by its very nature allows people from different professional backgrounds and industries to work alongside each other. Reaching out to others in the space can lead to new business opportunities and relationships developing over time. With more Indonesian professionals realising the networking possibilities these spaces can provide, it is expected that coworking spaces will continue to become even more popular over time.

No Long-term Commitments

A traditional long-term office lease is notoriously difficult to get out of and can be a huge burden for a new business to bear. Instead of having the commitment of an expensive long-term lease to deal with, many business owners are now opting to utilise coworking spaces due to the flexibility they provide. Premium providers charge one flat monthly fee, which offers members access to all of the facilities you could need to run your business. What’s more, there is no long-term contract as payments or on a month-by-month basis.

Possibilities For Growth

Coworking spaces offer businesses to expand and grow their business operations with ease. As your company grows, you can simply utilise more space for your team within the facility. On the other hand, with a traditional office space, you are bound by the physical constraints of the space, which can hinder your company’s growth. If your business needs more privacy, premium providers also have serviced office facilities that you can move to, giving you even more options to expand your operations and put your best foot forward.

Source Of Creativity

Another reason why coworking is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia is that they can be a great source of inspiration. If your business is becoming stagnant and you are coming up short with ways to be innovative, surrounding yourself with a group of motivated professionals with different backgrounds can help to inspire new ideas. Seeing how other people conduct their business can help you to find new ways to streamline your business processes and improve how your company operates. Creativity and innovation are critical in business and placing yourself in an environment that fosters creativity will help your business to move forward in a positive way.

Coworking Will Continue To Thrive

The Indonesian business landscape is changing quickly and coworking will continue to be a part of that evolution. With the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals, the opportunities that coworking can provide are endless. Avoid being locked into a traditional long-term lease and instead enjoy the freedom and flexibility that coworking spaces provide. Being in the right coworking space, your business can grow into a serious entity as you seek inspiration from those around you. Coworking in Indonesia is poised to continue to grow in popularity as more businesses realise the benefits of these spaces and see the possibilities for growth, creativity and innovation for their companies going forward.

Quick Guide to Maximising Office Renovation on a Budget

As your business expands, change is inevitable. This change includes renovating office space. You can always put off renovation but you have listen to your employees. If they say they need more room in order to be more efficient, a renovation is in order.

Your goal here is to create a conducive environment but on a budget. To help you get started, here’s a quick guide to maximising office renovation on a budget:

Choose the right roof

If your facility needs a new roof, the standard roof is asphalt but you have to do your research. You must know that a metal roof can last for up to seventy years – in the right conditions. While this might be more expensive, it is important to remember that it can benefit your office long-term.

Pick the right flooring

Just like the roof, you have to use durable flooring that can last for many years. The good news is that there are many flooring options that you can consider. The key here is to pick floors that look great and durable. You can, for instance, consider bamboo floors. It is also wise to pick composite materials with “life proof”.

Think about office fit-out

Fit-out refers to creating an office space suitable for efficiency and productivity. Think of it as a customised interior space where things are developed according to the needs of your employees.

If you ask office fit out companies Melbourne, there are many types of fit-outs – it can be shell and core (this means work involving the mainframe of the building), Category A (this means work involving tenant’s own space which includes all processes from electrical to mechanical installations) and Category B (this means work involving internal space like common rooms, kitchen/pantry, reception area, conference and many more).

Apply paint

If you are not yet ready for office fit out companies Melbourne, you can always choose to apply paint to cabinets and walls instead of replacing. Painting cabinets and walls are the easiest and the cheapest renovation tasks. In fact, you can paint things on your own or ask employees to do it.

Purchase appliances wisely

It is important that you purchase energy-efficient appliances from the HVAC to printers, monitors and other things. By choosing appliances wisely, you will reduce your energy bills plus you are helping the environment.

Plan the operations

When the renovation is there, it is critical not to totally halt the operations because it will cost you money. It is better to plan the operations at the onset to ensure that there are minimum disruptions and slowdowns in business. If you can plan renovations, at least choose slack business days or holidays so you minimise profit loss.

Bottom Line

Any office renovation is a major undertaking but you have to remember that this will yield satisfaction in the long run not only for the employees but also for the customers and other partners. Renovations are exciting and with proper planning and prioritising, you can possibly add savings on your books.

Can One Sell A Home With A Reverse Mortgage?

Home With A Reverse Mortgage

There are different mortgage options available if you wish to acquire a house. By choosing the right home loan, you can finally make your dream home purchase a reality. But what if you already have a house you acquired through a reverse mortgage houston tx? Can you sell your home or not?

A Reverse Mortgage is called like so since this is a type of home loan wherein the lender pays the homeowner. With a reverse mortgage houston tx, people in their retirement years can borrow money against their property’s value. It won’t require prepayment until the homeowner passed away or when the house is sold. The best thing about this mortgage type is that you get to stay in your house as long as you maintain your home and pays your property taxes and insurance.

But how can you sell your house with a reverse mortgage houston tx? Here’s how.

Know How Much You Owe

The first thing on your list is to check what you owe. When it comes to a Reverse Mortgage, the amount you owe is the amount you received to-date. It’s best to reach out to your mortgage lender and ask them your balanced owed.

Compare The Value Of The House With Your Debt

This is how you can check if you can sell your house with a reverse mortgage or not. Check how much you and the value of your home. If what you owe and your home’s value is almost the same, then selling might not be the best idea. Otherwise, it can make sense of selling your house.

Check Your Mortgage Documents

Knowing if you need to tender any early payoff fees and how much interest rate your lender is charging you is essential as it can help you plan your home sale better.

Ask Your Lender For A Payoff Statement

You will need to check how much the payoff fees you need to settle, so you close your mortgage. Contact your lender they should be able to email you a payoff statement.

Decide Whether Or Not To Hire A Real Estate Agent

Hiring a real estate agent can help you sell your home faster and at a better price. However, many sellers choose to skip the hiring a real estate agent to save money by listing your home yourself.

List Your Home For Sale

Listing your home also requires advertisement and handling all inquiries of potential homebuyers. If you don’t have the time or wants as little interaction with homebuyers as possible, then you’re better of hiring a real estate agent.

Hire A Lawyer

Not all states require you to have a lawyer present during the home purchase transaction. However, having a lawyer is the best way to ensure the transaction goes smoothly and that all parties understand the clauses of the sale.

Good Read: Should I Hire a Lawyer to Help Sell My Home?

Sell Your House

After successfully selling your home, you receive all remaining funds after your lender receives their payment.

More homes with a reverse mortgage are getting sold these days. Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to sell your house the right way. 

A definitive guide on how lenders calculate your interest on personal loans

Personal loans are one of the most popular loans thanks to its easy availability.The quick processing of a personal loan is also why many people find it simpler. A personal loan is an unsecured loan where you don’t need any collateral or security against the loan. However, the lender has to deal with an increased risk factor because of that. Therefore, they use the online personal loan calculator to calculate your interest on personal loans. To know more about the personal loan calculator, click here.

How Does a Personal Loan Calculator Work?

Easy Monthly Installment or EMI needs to be paid by you whenever you take a personal loan. Lenders use the personal loan calculator to calculate the EMI and interest rate you need to pay. In order to do that, they provide these three details on the personal loan calculator – Principal Loan Amount, which is the amount of borrowed money, Loan Tenure, which is the time period for which the loan is sanctioned, and Interest Rate, which is the rate of interest levied on the principal loan amount.

Once lenders put these three parameters on the personal loan calculator, it shows the EMI amount that needs to be paid each month by you. Here is the formula through which lenders calculate the EMI:

Personal Loan EMI = [P* R* (1+R)^N]/ [(1+R)^N-1]


P = Principal Loan amount

R = Monthly interest rate charged on the principal

N = Number of instalments to be paid each month

EMI is inversely proportional to the loan tenure. Therefore, the EMI will decrease when you pay the loan amount over a longer period of time, even though the interest amount will increase for the same.

Advantages of using a Personal Loan Calculator:

There are three main advantages of using a personal loan calculator. They are as follows:

Less Time-consuming: The personal loan calculator can calculate the EMIs you need to pay in almost no time. All you need to is enter the details and the personal loan calculator will do the rest. In addition to that, you can do several calculations in a matter of minutes with the help of the personal loan calculator.

Accurate Calculations: Calculating EMIs can be a daunting task if you do it manually. A mistake will lead to incorrect information. This, in turn, can lead to various financial troubles. On the other hand, if you use a personal loan calculator, it will not only save your time but also help you stay on track with your loan repayment by giving you an accurate EMI amount.

Budget Planner: If you want to take a personal loan, planning your budget is one of the key factors. It will make sure your monthly expenses are well-maintained. The personal loan calculator will help you with that. You can check the details regarding your loans instantaneously. This, in turn, will help you plan your budget in a more organized way.

5 top performing reliance mutual funds to invest in 2019

What is Reliance Mutual Fund

Incorporated in 1995, Reliance Mutual Fund is among the fastest growing mutual funds in India. The mutual fund is present in more than 160 cities in the country. It deals mainly in 5 main fund classes – Debt Funds, Equity Funds, Gold Funds, Liquid Funds, and Retirement Funds. There are over 200 schemes available under Reliance mutual fund. In addition to that, investors can choose from more than 800 scheme options.

Reliance Mutual Fund offers products that are innovative meeting the need of the investors. It is one of the most reputed mutual funds in the country, Reliance Mutual Fund is founded as a trust.

About Reliance Mutual Funds

Reliance Mutual Fund (RMF) is one of the top mutual funds in India. It is a part of the Reliance Anil DhirubhaiAmbani (ADA) group. The mutual fund has been founded under the Indian Trust Act, 1882. Reliance Capital Limited or RCL was the Sponsor of the mutual fund, whereas its trustee was Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Limited or RCTC.

Ways of Investing in Mutual Funds

When investing in mutual funds, you should keep some aspects in mind. These are as follows:

Investment Tenure: You should give a considerable amount of thought on your investment tenure. If you want to achieve your financial goal within a span of 5 years, go for debt mutual funds. On the other hand, choose equity or hybrid schemes if you want to invest for five years or more.

Always make sure to check the amount of time you want to invest your money for before choosing a debt mutual fund scheme. In addition to that, check for how long you can invest even when you are choosing equity mutual fund schemes.

Risk Factor: Not every mutual fund has the same risk factor associated with it – be it equity, debt, or hybrid mutual fund. Credit risk schemes have a higher risk factor, whereas liquid mutual funds and overnight funds have the lowest risk factor among all the debt mutual funds. Similar to that, a small cap scheme has a higher risk factor compared to a multi-cap or large cap scheme.

Benefits of Reliance Mutual Fund

Here are some of the benefits of Reliance Mutual Fund:

  • Benefits of wide selection, offered by the RMF
  • The Reliance fund house has the experience of 20 years in mutual funds.
  • The distribution network of RMF is huge and spans more than 160 cities in the country.
  • The customer service of RMF is one of the best in the mutual fund industry.
  • Reliance Mutual Funds are considered the pioneers in the mutual fund industry

List of top five Reliance Mutual Fund

Five popular reliance mutual fund One year return Three-year return Five-year return 10-year return
Reliance annual interval series 0.64 7.47 7.89  
Reliance annual Interval Series 6.64 7.47 7.89 7.97
 Reliance Arbitrage Fund 6.24 6.26 7.38  
Reliance Banking and PSU Debt Fund 4.93 7.52    
Reliance Banking Fund 8.64 13.67 17.09 16.64

5 easy ways to pay less to your credit card company

Spending money carelessly can be never a good idea. When it comes to credit cards, the misuse of these can often land you in a debt trap. Therefore, you always need to be concerned about spending your money carefully. After all, if you get into the debt trap, it would become difficult for you to get out of it. Plus, it will waste all your money and energy at the same time. And you will also have to pay the interest rates in the 36-48 percent range on the credit card’s outstanding balance (right after the rolling over has taken place). Therefore, you can refer to the five easy ways of paying less to your credit card company. In this particular article, you will become aware of  the five ways of paying less to the credit card company. To know more, keep reading on.

Paying the Outstanding Amount of the Credit Card

It becomes mandatory to pay 5 percent of the credit card’s outstanding amount on credit card issued by the issuer. The balance can get rolled over to the upcoming month. This is something that you must avoid doing, for this can also lead you to land up in a debt trap. What you can do is, try making the full credit card payment online right on due dates so that the interest cost becomes nil.

Proceed with Balance Transfer

In case you are hard-pressed for the funds, you might be unable to pay the bill amount. Nonetheless, revolving the credit to the upcoming month incurs a huge interest charge of 3 – 4 percent every month. What you can do is, go for the balance transfer. This is possible only when you hold more than one credit card. The card can limit up to the amount that has been available as BT. Nevertheless, it can also get blocked once the facility has been used. If you are using the facility, you should be familiar with the fact that you can transfer the amount to another card at a reduced interest rate.

Depositing Withdrawals Back to Earliest

In case you need to withdraw some cash from ATMs with the best use of your credit card, you have to make sure to deposit back the cash as early as possible. These withdrawals don’t come with the interest-free period. What you can do is, put back the amount. This will help you avoid paying a higher rate of your interest.

Converting to EMI

There could be some high purchases on the credit card. In case you are paying it off entirely, make sure you do that through the EMIs. This will allow you to pay a lower interest rate than the actual amount you were supposed to pay. Upon the conversion, your interest might be about 14 to 24 percent lower. What you can do, remember that there are two types of EMI conversion facilities. The first one happens to be the merchant EMIs which the merchant offers you. On the contrary, the second one is that the card issuer might offer you the EMI option on the certain high ticket purchases. You should be familiar with the fact that the reward points won’t accrue on the EMI payments. You might also keep an eye on the processed charge that is involved.

The new purchases should come sans interest-free period

If you’re proceeding with the rolling over of the outstanding balance to next billing cycle, then you should know that it won’t incur the monthly interest at 3 to 4 percent rate. And if you keep rolling over the new purchases, then the interest potion might balloon. What you can do is, avoid making the fresh purchase unless the outstanding amount gets cleared.

This brings the closure of the guide narrating about the five easy ways of paying less to the credit card company.

Are You a Start-up That Needs a Mentor?

You have a great opportunity to be a success if you are a start-up business today in Bangkok. You only need to know who to go to help you succeed. You can access programs online that will help you digitally get the assistance needed to realize a profit in a short amount of time.

Stay Competitive as a Start-up

In fact, start-ups in Bangkok today can stay competitive with super-sized companies. That is why you need to take advantage of today’s advanced digital technologies. One of the ways that you can do this is by finding out more about a startup incubator in Bangkok.

What Is an Incubator?

An incubator is a company that helps start-ups develop by offering services such as office space or training to fledgling companies. Therefore, you can get the business assistance at a very early stage to grow and continue growing. The incubator makes money when it takes an equity interest in the start-up’s success.

What Is an Accelerator Program?

You can also obtain success by using an accelerator. Therefore, you can choose from accelerators and incubators to help you expand. While an accelerator and incubator are often thought to represent the same idea, there are noted distinctions.

The Key Differences

One of the key differences between an accelerator and incubator is how the programs are structured. An accelerator begins with an application process and the program can be extremely selective. Early-stage companies are usually given a small seed investment and access to mentor. This is done in exchange for equity.

An Earlier Form of a Business Setup

On the other hand, start-up incubator programs begin with companies or entrepreneurs that may be involved early in the business process. Therefore, the company may have not established a set schedule. Therefore, an incubator matches quality start-ups with the best businesses for growth. While you can find independent incubators, they can also be sponsored or operated by angel investors or major companies, among others.

A Specialized Incubator Program

Depending on the sponsoring party, the incubator may be concentrated on a specific vertical or market. For instance, an incubator that is sponsored by a medical center may only be seeking health tech start-ups. In most instances, start-ups that are accepted into incubator programs relocate to a specific area to work with other firms in the incubator. Within the incubator, a business can hone its idea and work out its business plan. It can check intellectual property issues and network as well.

Getting Started in Bangkok, Thailand

Because of advances in digital technologies, the advent of the incubator program has made strides in places such as Bangkok. You too can benefit from this type of program. Find out more about this opportunity online.

Co-Working and Communicating Within the Incubator

Co-working plays a large role in incubator programs. Both incubators and accelerators offer great opportunity to young, fledgling companies to proceed online and in brick-and-mortar locations. If you are a start-up, you need to get headed in the right direction. By joining an incubator or accelerator program, you can do just that.

Essential factors for financial planning, home loans and investments services

Create and achieve non-public finances before creating and executing a substantial financial agreement in support of your life — inconsistency with the goal of the prosperity of a group of people who need a business strategy. As a result, you must control a non-public economic planner who can eliminate the burden of the period required to create and implement your commercial agreement daily.

So, what did you say? Find out what you expect with a financial planner?

The moment you hire multinational financial planning from an economic planner, they want to guess the responsibility of supporting the management and organization of your commercial relationships. They balance their reserves, organize withdrawals, transfer taxes, develop their property, participate in hand luggage, pay their insurance and, most importantly, protect their assets. They want to take control of their current assets and collect almost all forms of paper currency so you can think about the process.

Financial planning services

Financial planning providers can offer a wide range of business advisory and implementation services related to a non-public, family element before problems arise. They allow you to reconcile the modified profitable objectives and help you achieve your goals through the precise management of your finances, since the fundamental monetary purpose and determination are necessary, above all, to achieve excellent material well-being. We offer to save money to support the education of your children before selling them at home.

Financial planning, whether for an individual or a company, is not only intended to achieve short and long-term goals but also provides insurance against the unknown, the invisible. For example, Allan, who ran a small ice cream parlour near Bondi Beach, had protection against theft, so he thought he was safe. But during the recent abnormal weather, his output was hit by lightning, which roasted all this freezing equipment. This not only required expensive repairs, but it also lost all of its ice cream supply that day and had to abandon sales in the next two days.

Financial losses usually happen unexpectedly: there is no business card, and even if you receive a preliminary warning, it is often too late to take any action. When a disaster occurs, the only thing that can bring peace of mind is if there is any financial planning, for example, money reserved to cover unforeseen events. Keep in mind that the loss is still there, but at least you can get up because you have the wealth to keep it. For this reason, financial planning services are not necessary for a positive financial future.

Financial planners

To become a financial planner, you must first know what you said. His choral profile is. Financial planners help you determine cash income to meet your operational program. They also help predict how these food desires will be satisfied with the internal generation of funds, and what did you say? The sphere in which you want to be alive is found in external sources. The task of cash planners is to develop an unbeatable strategy to achieve the necessary external financing. Besides, they help create and be inflexible concerning a financial control system to support the distribution and use of funds.