Cost-Effective Blackening Solutions Deliver the Results You Need


In many commercial and industrial settings, there are places where required tolerances won’t allow traditional plating or painting. If this is true for you, you should consider metal blackening for both appearance and performance. This process is ideal for machine parts with tight tolerances because it absorbs wax, oil, and rust-preventing sealants and delivers outstanding protection against corrosion.

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Your objective is to give the metal surface a strong barrier to help it deal with moisture issues and corrosion. But, in addition to helping you maintain necessary tolerances, you benefit because the process is cost-efficient when compared to plating and painting. In fact, this safe, easy-to-use method provides excellent results at a very competitive price.


Clients find Blackfast metal blackening solutions especially useful because the process is completed at room temperature. It’s ideal for companies in machinery manufacturing and tooling because this blackening method doesn’t alter the component’s dimension. You benefit from an easy, safe chemical immersion technique that delivers a decorative finish without changing tolerances.

After the component or part is degreased, it’s immersed in a surface conditioner. This prepares it for the blacking solution. But, there’s one more step to help deliver the results that you need. The component is immersed once more in a dewatering oil. When the multi-step process is complete, you have outstanding corrosion resistance on a metal part that is durable and ready to withstand a difficult environment.

The room temperature method described has a goal similar to the traditional “blueing” of metal, a technique widely used in the firearms industry. By way of comparison, some service providers have used the hot oxide process, also called black oxidising. Now you can have these same benefits with the metal blackening expertise of an industry leader bringing years of experience to the task of treating metal surfaces to prepare them for use in demanding conditions.

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If this method sounds as though it will give you the results you need (and it will), you can get started by visiting the website to learn more about this cost-efficient process. It’s the wise choice for protecting components in factory settings, for example, because it delivers a uniform colouring on threads, blind holes, and all machined surfaces.

Be sure to take some time to read the fascinating history of the blacking process and get the details of how this room-temperature process helps avoid such issues as hydrogen embrittlement. You’ll also discover that the solutions used are as safe as any in the industry. After you’ve devoted some time to browsing the site, be sure to call and talk to a member of the staff about your specific metal-coating requirements.

When you discuss the details with a representative, be sure to ask about a free no-obligation quote. It’s a great way to put several decades of experience to work for you and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the work always comes with a money-back guarantee, no questions asked. You are invited to learn more about this method by arranging a visit to the company’s sample processing facility and demonstration room.