Making Sure That You Get the Message


VOIP phone systems

When selecting the perfect business answering service it will depend upon a number of various factors. While some larger companies might base such choices on the number of calls, this is normally not an issue for smaller businesses.

Particular answering services commonly provide a particular function at a range of prices, so, smaller companies should ask themselves certain questions, like whether a live person can answer phone calls, or an automated voice message system can sufficiently carry out the job.

Size Matters

  • A number of smaller organisations sell goods and services, which require the utilisation of a quality system for taking and filling clients’ orders. After their specific requirements have been resolved, a small business owner can then choose the most advantageous, cost-effective solution.

Matters of Complexity

  • One aspect for choosing the best small business answering service is the intricacy of customers’ questions, or why they are calling. A few inquiries can be undertaken through an automated or voice-activated phone menu, even though this is often seen by some as an impersonal and slightly unprofessional service.
  • On the other hand, a live answering service is often preferred for handling calls, especially, complicated ones. In any case, it would certainly help out to have a 24-hour answering service available for dealing with immediate and urgent questions. Birchills VOIP phone systems are renowned for their professional service and reliability.

Always on Point

  • Another important thing is if it is possible for a business owner to retrieve any messages at all times of the day. Some clients will certainly not be impressed with a service whose staff are not available to answer any type of inquiries during normal business working hours.
  • Then it makes perfect sense that nearly all companies would benefit from any message taking service that provides after-hours professional phone assistance, and which can manage taking calls at night and on weekends.

Making Choices

  • One very important concern when thinking of a business answering service is whether you require order-processing capabilities.
  • Companies that sell products or services and take clients’ information will also have to establish if they are in need of sales staff too.
  • Another question is whether a customer’s privacy is important, and how to maintain their information not only confidential, but private.


  • For a lot of smaller company owners, both revenue and reputation are equally of importance. A professional message taking service will certainly help a business to expand their earning potential, and at the very same time, determine that a customer’s inquiry will be correctly addressed.
  • Making the right choice of exactly which business answering service is the best one for you, is of the essence and will affect your future business prospects.

A number of services offer unlimited calls, free hardware and none of those unnecessary long contracts, all of which are in the very best interests of both parties, so why not do your company a favour and check them out?