Top 5 reasons why SIP is the latest trend of Mutual Fund


What is SIP?

Systematic investment plan aka SIP is the word of the hour and there are few methods which outweighs its return fetching capability coupled with its risk management. India being a developing country is a very conservative side when it comes to investment in mutual fund. However with the electronic media flourishing in the country, the traditional investment of gold, property or fixed deposits are slowly diminishing. Direct investment in stock market requires immense knowledge and time to watch out for profitable opportunities. However, that is not the case with SIP, as a fixed amount of investment at regular intervals let you work and sleep stress free. Is it why SIP is the latest trend in the market, let us check out few other important reasons for it.If you are still wondering what is SIP and how it can help you? Click here to read more.

  1. Demonetization. Like SIP, demonetization is also a word in everyone’s mouth. In order to curb the black money, the government took necessary steps to curb cash transactions and made banking a mandate. This initiative broke the backbone of liquidity and thereby had a major impact on real estate industry. As a result the conservative crowd came forward to explore the investment avenues, paving way for SIP to takeover in the minds of investors. This was because higher returns along with tailor-made investment options (lump sum, daily, monthly etc.), tax benefits and tax-free returns made SIP a very attractive option.
  1. Lack of credible options. Traditional investment options such as gold, property or Fds, took a hit at different point of time in every year. Tier 2 cities favorite investment option gold, took a hit with the government regulations stating limits on maximum gold holdings. Fixed deposit, another fan favorite lost its glaze with repeated downfall of repo rates making them below par in terms of return compared to inflation. Demonetization coupled with higher interest rate and heavy down payment made real estate very unattractive option. Due to all these investors were left searching for better, secure and profitable investment avenues. With SIP investors not only got the benefit of secured returns, it also gave investor the option to indirectly invest in gold or real estate with real estate or commodity mutual funds.
  1. Timing free investment. Take any investments, each of them needs certain study, and planning in order to time the investment. Investors await for recessionary trend in order in to invest in real estate or commodity market. Inversely some investors invest for exercising tax saving options and buying such instruments at March ending when the whole market is inflated. In SIP, the right time to invest is today. One of the most important feature of SIP is the rupee cost averaging which helps in buying more MF units when the NAV is low and vice versa. This results into averaging the purchase cost and substantially reduce the average per unit cost. No timing or awaiting or last minute rush to save tax, just a simple and much more effective way to earn profits and build wealth.
  1. Diversification. The benefits of many into one, is the main feature of SIP. Different instruments have their own plus and minuses therefore scattering the investment in order to safeguard the portfolio. SIP gives investors option of diversification right from the first instance. Mutual fund pools together funds of all investor and invest in different sectors of the economy. In this case if any one sector fails to deliver other one covers its loss and provide with principle protection. In other investment options, due to higher cost of investment, investors are left with little to explore any other avenues. SIPs give diversification with as little as Rs. 100 investment which helps you create a better portfolio and wealth.
  1. Tax benefit with power of compounding. This is very important factor why SIP has been the most preferred destination of investors. Government encourages investment in SIPs by providing double benefit. Firstly by way allowable deduction while calculating income tax payable and secondly giving complete tax reliefs on dividend and principle repayment. Tax benefit is the most essential ingredient when it comes to investment and add to that the power of compounding, you get unbeatable combination. Power of compounding is seen when the investment remains invested for a longer period which eventually creates wealth. As a result of this investment of an amount as little as Rs. 100 every month creates huge corpus. Not many investment opportunities give you options like this, which makes SIP an ideal investment option.

SIP makes an all-round investment option for investors which even the government promotes. India being on the course to become an economic powerhouse, there will be no stopping the SIP juggernaut. The above factors for choosing SIP will keep on rising and make other avenues futile to achieve. The shift to SIP has not been a sudden phenomenon, but a gradual rise, which was result of sustainable growth of mutual fund irrespective of ups and downs of Indian market. The returns in SIP may not be guaranteed, but it is a more sensible option to achieve any financial objective.

A Good Look at How Line Marking Services Benefit Factories and Storage Facilities

Are you looking to employ a line marking expert but not entirely sure if they are well worth the cost? What are the merits of line marking in the first place if you own a factory or run a storage facility? These are good questions, especially when the benefits of line marking are not readily apparent for most businesses.

The fact is that many factories, storage facilities, and parking areas in Australia still suffer from pricey maintenance issues. A sizeable part of it has to do with the use of regular paint and epoxy line markings. These old-school line marking elements are inadequate as they do not adhere to the flooring surface area as effectively as modern line marking systems.

Simply put, it is essential that line markings last a long time when used in a business setting as they help maintain security and order in and around work areas.

Why should storage facilities be line-marked appropriately?

If you run and manage any business, then you probably know all too well that safety needs to be at the top of your priority list. Making sure the general security and security of your labour force can be accomplished with the aid of a reputable line marking companies. Purchasing new and better line marking services for storage facilities likewise ensures that there’ll be no interruptions at work. This, in turn, helps boost productivity, which would help grow your business and attain higher levels of success.

How should line markings be installed inside a business and commercial establishments?

Line markings are specifically essential in unsafe spaces such as high-risk workspace. It is necessary to utilise line markings and signs in numerous colours to highlight areas where workers need to approach with greater caution. Doing so will help minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace, which can result in severe injuries and even death. For this reason, line markings are an essential investment that many businesses cannot afford to overlook.

Other advantages of line marking services for business and commercial establishments

Line markings help keep everything organised

If you are running a facility that keeps items such as food products, health supplements, cosmetics and other commercial products, then you will need to implement measures to ensure that they are appropriately handled. One thing that you can to accomplish the latter is to set up line markings for locations with various hygiene levels. Doing so will help with quality assurance checks and ensure that all business operations go on smoothly.

Helps increase business performance

By plainly determining areas within the storage facility with line markings, the workflow becomes faster and much easier for workers to carry out. Understanding where to opt for specific job-related activities increases productivity inside an organised facility.

So there you have it — an overview on the benefits of proper line marking for warehouses, factories and other commercial establishments. As you may have already realised, such services are essential although its merits are not readily evident to business owners.

Points consider before buying Gemstone

Gemstone is the rare stone or crystal found on the earth surface that holds religious and astrological beliefs. Gemstones include extremely rare and beautiful stones used as jewelry. There are lots of expensive stone to cheaper ones. The stone should be worn in accordance to the birth month, zodiac sign and the position of stars. The stone, if worn properly affects the astrology of the wearer and brings the luck, fortune, and opportunities. The wearer would start earning more, benefit his/her health.

 In nutshell gemstones have the immense positive energy to transfer to the wearer. These gemstones can be bought online as well as visiting the nearest dealers. Nowadays, online purchase has been handier and trendier. similarly, the risk is also more, so you must be extremely cautious about the purchase of gemstones online. Consider the following points while buying the stone online:

  1. Color of the Gemstone: color is the most important and first decisions you have to make before buy Gemstone Online. Before choosing your favorite color, choose the one that fits your astrology. Consult to a professional astrologer to decide what color gemstone has the greatest impact on you. Then, you surf the online site about the color. Make sure that the site you are using has the large number of pictures along with the good quality resolution.
  2.  Compare the sites; comparison is the best way to get the good deals. So, always compare the online sites before making any purchase. The best way to compare the site is to read the reviews and comments. Make sure you make an order from the site that is trusted by a large number of people and has the appreciation from the buyers. Check for the customers’ satisfaction in all the websites. 
  3. Versatile payment options; seek for the site that offers with the large number of payment options. It makes you easy transaction of your purchase. For the websites that only accept the PayPal then the transaction would be difficult but if they have the service of PayPal, MasterCard, Ime then the transaction would be very easy. 
  4. Return policy; it’s is the most important point you need to have a good study on.  Always read about the return policies of the online sites and choose the one with the easiest return policy because if you are delivered the different material gemstone that you saw the pictures, you immediately wants to return it. So, better know about the policy earlier.
  5. GIA certificate: Before buying, the stone, make sure you are provided with the gemstone certificate by the seller. Ask for the GIA certificate before making any purchase. Most of the trusted websites put the photo of the GIA certificate alongside the gemstone. GIA is a certification process of the gemstone. It is to verify that the description of the stone listed is true. 

In Indian mythology, the gemstone is purchased for the sole purpose of benefiting the owner. People do not buy for the fashion but they are more concerned about the astrological benefits. For this, you must be aware to buy the product that is natural and original. The fake and synthetic ones do not benefit the owner in any ways. Be Always cautious about the following questions:

Check whether the stone is synthetic and heat treated.

  1. Is the stone involved in any radiation process?
  2. The weight of the stone.
  3. The natural sparkle, transparency and color combination.
  4. Is the stone clear and inclusion free?
  5. Study thoroughly about the cuts and physical appearance of the stone.

So, the purchase of the stone nowadays has been easy and a bit risky too. Be cautious about the above-mentioned things and you will never be frauded with the fake stones. According to the customers review there are many websites that sell the trusted original gemstones like amazon. 

Nowadays, the reselling of the gemstone is also possible. You can sell the old used stone and get the money that is worth for the stone. You can simply put the photo and description about the stone in the respective websites. People will approach you in the listed contact. You can simply negotiate and sell the stone.  

2019 Ford Figo facelift – what to expect?

Ford Motor Company has been in the Indian subcontinent for more than two decades. And now, the Indian wing of the company, Ford India Private Limited, established on March 15, 2019 as the new launch date of the Ford Figo Facelift 2019 in India. In fact, the renewed model of Ford has already begun to reach the exhibition halls.

Competition: Interestingly, it remains to be seen how well Figo’s new model will perform in competition with the best-selling four-wheel vehicles in India, such as the Hyundai Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki Swift, and also without the possible rivalry of big hatchbacks such as Hyundai. Elite i20 and Maruti Suzuki Baleno.

Exterior: The model designed for India is almost similar to the new Ka +, which is the name of the Ford hatchback in Europe that apparently was unveiled in 2018. The exterior of the new Ford Figo will have a more premium appeal the honeycomb front grille features a chromed metal finish, redesigned front and rear bumpers, redesigned and redesigned headlights. In addition, another welcome addition to the Ford Figo 2019 India model will be the new set of 15-inch larger alloy wheels. The Ford Figo 2019 will sport a renewed facade similar to the Ford Aspire 2019 sedan. For example, a new radiator grille called “3D cellular grille” seen in the sedan variant.

Engine: The 2019 Figo’s key upgrade will be on the powerplant, which will happen to be Ford’s latest engine, the 1.2-litre petrol motor that will churn out 96 hp at 6,500 rpm and 120 Nm of peak torque at 4,250 rpm, and will be paired to a five-speed manual transmission. The top-end Figo petrol-automatic variant will now get Ford’s new 1.5-litre motor that will churn out 123 hp at 6,500 rpm and 150 Nm of max torque at 4,500 rpm and will be mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox, replacing the dual-clutch gearbox.

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Interior improvements: The interior of the Ford Figo 2019 will also be impressive. The features of the 2019 Ford Figo Facelift will include automatic headlights, keyless entry, start button, touch-screen infotainment system and windshield wipers with rain detection technology. But the new Figo 2019 model will come without Ford’s Sync3 smart system, which has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The new Ford hatchback will comply with safety regulations, respecting the new standards and safety regulations that will be effective as of April 2019; therefore, the new Figo will have ABS, rear parking system with sensors, safety belt warning system and a speed alert system as standard. The high-end Figo variant will also include 6 first-class airbags and adjustable headrests at the rear.

Expected price: As the Figo reserves are taken, it leftovers to be seen whether the Ford Figo Facelift price of the Ford Figo 2019 in India will be spirited sufficient to compete with Hyundai Grand i10, Maruti Swift and VW Polo. It is predictable that the new Ford Figo facial renewal model in 2019 will be between Rs. 5-8 lakh.

Estimation of Rachel Maddow Worth

Rachel Maddow was conceived on April 1, 1973, in Castro Valley, California. She was otherwise called MSNBC News moderator in her syndicated program, The Rachel Maddow Show. The incredible achievement of Maddow originates from its capacity to fragment things for clients and its character that can be shown on the screen – which is progressively hard to discover in a universe of data 24/24.

What amount is Rachel Maddow worth?

Rachel Maddow is worth $ 20 million. The majority of this originates from Rachel Maddow’s show, yet some originate from her acting ventures. She showed up in Ugly Betty, The Ides of March, 30 Rock, House of Cards and others.

What is Rachel Maddow’s savings?

Rachel Maddow gets $ 7 million per year to have her syndicated program. This huge sum is because of its developing ubiquity and commitment to the press – as proved by the honors it has prevailed upon the years.

Early years and training

Rachel Maddow grew up with moderate guardians. It is critical to take note of this on the grounds that Maddow is transparently gay and hitched to his significant other Susan Mykola. Since the beginning, Maddow has bolstered the LGBTQ + network by upholding for research and comprehension.

Subsequent to moving on from Stanford University with a degree in Public Policy in 1994, Maddow moved to San Francisco. Here, she safeguarded the AIDS research gathering, ACT UP. Her work with this affiliation helped her get an allow from Rhodes, making Maddow the main transparently gay individual to win the honor.

Maddow connected his grant to instruction at Oxford University. She at that point got a doctorate in political theory.

Where did Maddow begin in the press?

Maddow started his vocation in radio news-casting. In 1999, when Rachel Maddow was 26 years of age, she took part in a challenge sorted out by WRNX. The challenge plans to help select another host for their television shows. Maddow won and was procured to have the morning appear. Maddow stayed at WRNX for quite a long while until 2004, when she explored different avenues regarding the recently made Liberal radio test, Air America. She co-sorted out the show until it was dropped in 2005.

The Rachel Maddow Show has won numerous Emmy Awards

Rachel Maddow Show has been named for a few Emmy Awards, three of which have been won. The primary win came in 2011, when ‘Great Morning, Central Asia, Landlocked’ won the ‘Brilliant Living Interview’ grant.

In 2017, Maddow won two honors. The ‘American catastrophe: the stone emergency’s gotten the Emmy grant for discourse and examination of features, while the eye to eye with Kelly one Conway won the best live meeting.

Maddow dismembered with long and complex areas

The objective of most news telecasters is to gap long or complex reports into little snippets of data that the open can ingest in a base measure of time. Notwithstanding, Rachel Maddow has built up herself a specialty by strolling the other way. During her network show, she displayed a slide where she takes stories and exceeds expectations in the better subtleties with the goal that the group of spectators can comprehend them splendidly. The normal length is 27 minutes, a flat outage in the realm of TV.

The craziest part is that Maddow has gotten appraisals and a higher number of watchers since the first experience with this slide, which many accept won’t work. It has demonstrated to be an aptitude and adequately associated with people, in general, to comprehend what it discloses as well as to be increasingly nostalgic.

Aluminium Wall Battens

For those looking to improve the security and versatility of their current shop fittings, the easyfit aluminium wall batten may be what you are missing. While some shops may already know of the design and structural benefits of a wall batten, many do not and, instead, rely on less integral support. Or they remain unaware that the wall batten is not only a great resource for securely mounting items but also to affix a variety of shelving, offering interchangeability for displays when required. If you are not already using the aluminium fitting, then here are some ways in which they may be useful.


The wall batten’s robust design is one of its main benefits, often adopted for supporting heavy and bulky items. However, they are beginning to appear in industrial and personal spaces that potential requires organised displays with immediate access. Spaces, such as a garage, that may seek to make use of tools being wall-mounted will benefit greatly from aluminium wall battens being used to store items such as drills and jigsaws upon a vertical surface, requiring minimal effort to dismount them.

Shop displays

When shopping for secure mounts, often you will find options that have safe but cumbersome methods of affixing the items in place, such as a rudimentary locking system. When trying to mount a large, valuable item, such as a frame or mirror, your preference is likely to be for ease. The Easyfit wall batten remains popular because of its simplicity to use. Items can be simply placed flush against the mount, with their corresponding batten, then simply dropped into place. Or, for more cautious and accurate positioning, the batten is designed to allow its partnered mount to be slid into place from the side. Furthermore, these can be easily and quickly swapped for other items or shelves. Meaning that adjustments can be made intuitively and with little training or risk of an issue arising.


Environments looking for security in their fittings but unable to compromise on the aesthetics of a display, the wall batten is perfect. The two affixed battens, upon the surface and the object, when connected, will extrude less than 10mm from the wall. Whether you are displaying an item or various shelves and slatwall panels, the batten is the fitting that will offer the most stability while imposing the least upon your store’s space. This is especially useful for stores with specific designs, such as rustic, since it allows for the continued use of wooden store fittings but with the reliability of strong mounted concealed behind.

Statement Pieces

For those looking to mount very large objects to a vertical surface that require support across a wider area, wall battens are essential. They can be measured and attached at key points to aid the safe display of items. This is often seen in art galleries or showrooms, which look for confidence and security in the bold position of a valuable, statement piece. In the case of such specific usage, it is recommended that you speak to your supplier or ask for an experts opinion. Reputable vendors will be forthcoming with necessary information, advice, and quotations to help you and ensure your display is totally safe.

Should Small Business Owners Invest in SEO?

One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is determining how best to utilize their limited resources, care and time must be taken when making big decisions. In terms of marketing, we are in a pivotal time for many companies. The advancement in technology has lead to many traditional marketing mediums such as TV, radio and print losing their reach with other options such as digital marketing taking their place. Digital marketing, unlike its predecessors, has a lot fewer barriers in terms of usage by companies. Small companies can begin to challenge bigger companies for a share of the customers wallet through the use of a number of digital marketing strategies. However, this is no guarantee it is important that companies have a keen understanding of these strategies so that they can be utilised effectively.

Some of these strategies include social media marketing, email marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Out of these three SEO should be a primary marketing choice no matter what industry or size of the company. But for small business, it is recommended that they focus more of their efforts on Local SEO to get the most value and best results.

What is SEO?

When you think about the fact there-there are more than one billion websites online and more than ten times that amount of web pages, you can appreciate that organizing these pages and bringing the most relevant ones to someone searching for a specific topic is a daunting job. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have developed algorithms and other tools to do this job. When someone searches for a topic or phrase on the internet, it is done through a search engine, and the specific words in the search bar form the basis for retrieving relevant web pages.

The order of the web pages presented is determined by the search engine. Because those searching tend to look at the first three pages of a web search, companies are eager to have their pages appear high on a web search.

SEO is a technique that utilizes tools and strategies to assist a company in having their web pages appear high on an internet search. Appearing high on a search can create lots of traffic to a company’s website that can often translate into sales and greater recognition for that company.

To gain the greatest benefit from SEO a company must understand keywords and how to consistently create high quality content that both engages and motivates those visiting engage with that website more.

Local SEO

For small businesses, their focus should be on Local SEO. Local SEO prioritizes location in a search. Someone searching for a particular service will typically be looking for that service in their location so a search engine will bring up local businesses first. Companies that understand how to use Local SEO will utilize strategies and tools to help their local business be one of the first on a search.

Local SEO can send more motivated customers to a business and make the business look more successful to those searching. It can also help a company to gain an edge on the local competition.

Local SEO is more complicated and fast moving then typical SEO and this means that it is more important for a small business to engage a skilled and reputable digital marketing firm to help them create effective SEO strategy. When done correctly, Local SEO can greatly increase the amount of customers to a small business and improve their bottom line.  

Here’s what you should know About MG Hector India

MG Hector is going to be the best-manufactured car to be present in India. Today there are varieties of car manufacturers that are present in India and they all have tough competition in between them. It is obvious that everyone wants their manufactured car to be the on the top list and would be the first choice of many people. MG Hector India will give a tough competition to its rivals manufacturers and cars of different segments. Let’s know in brief about the astonishing and amazing MG Hector.

Features of MG Hector

MG Hector is an amazing car and equipped with the feature such as tablet-like infotainment system with the internet connectivity, door lock and unlock, with iSmart AC control (i.e. mobile application based control) and the panoramic sunroof. It will also be equipped with the 7-inch color display with the semi-digital cluster of the instrument. This car will initially provide the seating facility to 5 people at a time but the 7-seater version of MG Hector can also, later on, go on sale in India.

Engine of MG Hector

The manufacturer of the MG Hector has been confirmed that this car will come powered with the 2.0-litre diesel engine. This engine in this car will be similar to the Fiat-sourced engine of the rivals of this car such as Tata Harrier and Jeep Compass. When it comes to Jeep Compass, the engine equipped produces a power of 173 PS and the torque of the maximum reaches to 350 Nm. There will also be another engine option and that would be 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine that can also get the mild hybrid system of 48 Volts. Whereas the engine option of 2.0-litre diesel is mated with the 6-speed manual transmission of the gearbox. The 1.5-liter petrol turbocharged engine is expected to be mated with the 6-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

MG Hector Launch Date

The manufacturer of this car has confirmed and the MG Hector Launch date according to them is somewhere in June 2019. This car will be on sale from the month of June 2019 and a person can book this car after May 15, 2019, at the nearby showroom by nominal prices.

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Buy MG Hector for Your Use

The estimated MG Hector Price provided by the sources is to be somewhere in between 15 to 20 lakhs for ex-showroom. A person should know that the price of the car can vary depending upon the various factors.

UAE to Become Leading Destination for Blockchain Businesses

UAE is the next blockchain sovereign. Gregory S. Matthew, a blockchain expert, and a tech professional researcher predicted that the United Arab Emirates is not just a superpower in the overall economy, but, is leading in the blockchain and the crypto spheres.

What strikes your mind when you think of UAE? Unique culture, gigantic shopping complex, beautiful skylines, and exquisite hotels are likely the kind of imagination we have in mind. And no doubt, you’re right about it.

Looking down through the 1770s up till the 1930s, it was the pearl industry that constitutes the source of income in the Trucial States, which makes the United Arab Emirates glimmer. As the years went by UAE became the third richest country in the world after Luxembourg. The bulk of riches they were making was from the production of goods and services such as petroleum, aluminum, cement, and petrochemicals. The riches have widespread at large transforming the economy from a run of the mill (Arab world economy) to the richness of wealth and business. But times have changed, now businesses have moved to an entirely different phase of development. And indeed, blockchain is one among them.

How do I know the country is changing gears towards blockchain development?

A report by InWara estimated that UAE will have blockchain crypto companies to raise over $200 in their funds.

Why run into a blockchain empire now?

As much as we’d like to know, the applications of blockchain technology prove to increase the efficiency, provide transparency in industries such as the finance and the healthcare, sectors we often find is plagued with bureaucratic traditions.

Furthermore, the UAE is expected to embrace the fourth industrial revolution technologies including the blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence. The PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) predicts that AI is estimated to add up more than 11% or $320 billion to the middle east’s GDP by 2030. Besides this, the middle east achieves up to 34% annual growth with its applications from AI in accordance with others who believe that UAE is also going to become the next AI hub.

Leveraging its vast oil reserve, the country was uncalled to undergo through a bad phase as the prices for the global crude oil increased.

Above this, there is a pressing concern that there might be a detrimental effect the fossil fuels will have on climate change. Although, other countries prompted to substitute with other cleaner sources of energy like solar or wind, has failed to escalate results, thus, impacting the economy in UAE.

Now the country is mending ways by reducing the dependency on fossils fuels, empowering it by making use of free trade. Enhancing business opportunities in other technology-related fields will bring in great impact.

Officially, UAE entered the blockchain-crypto market in April 2018 in accordance with the government to launch the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021. Prediction states that by 2021, 50% of all transactions will be possible via the blockchain network – this step itself will save a cost of $2.97 billion. The EBS (Emirates Blockchain Strategy) 2021 aims at strategizing blockchain technology to transform half of the government transactions into blockchain platform.

According to Toufi Saliba, CEO of San Francisco-based Toda Network says that the attributes that will eventually promote of blockchain will be the interoperability, efficiency, security, implementation, confidentiality, and scalability. Industries should focus on promoting these attributes, thus, increasing blockchain adoption in the years to come.

As for the demand, professionals should ponder of getting certified as candidates are short in supply. But the demand will not be applied just for developers, but developers with business blockchain professional certification will be among the in-demand professionals. Having a credible certification can boost your pay. With a country that is said to be the blockchain hub will for sure be in a hunt for professionals skilled in blockchain. But with the shortage of skilled candidates, it is going to be difficult. Taking up certification programs such as BBP certification and certified blockchain professional certifications are a great way to pave your career towards a blockchain career.

Since 2018, UAE has been struggling to become the leading hub for blockchain related businesses. No doubt, it is now perfectly placed to be one of the global leaders in the initial coin offerings (ICO). All in all, Dubai, the populous city in UAE now projects to be the world’s first government that is powered by blockchain.

4 ways to invest smartly on a small budget

The thought of investing may seem daunting if you’re in the early stages of your career or if you don’t find yourself with much left over at the end of each month. You’ve probably heard time and again that it is important to invest your money and let it grow, but the question is, where to begin? You’d be surprised to learn that there are a variety of options available to you, no matter your budget or experience.

Read on to find ways in which you can make Smart Investments on a shoe-string budget.  

Mutual Funds

Playing the market is a game of experience, and for the first-time investor, can be a challenge. Mutual funds are a great way to make the most of the market, even if you don’t have the know-how of a stock expert. Through the Systematic Investment Plan or SIP, you can invest as little as Rs.500 per month to enjoy generous returns. Moreover, investments up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs in Equity Linked Savings Schemes, or equity mutual funds, are tax deductible as per Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

Public Provident Fund

PPFs are among the most popular investments in the country, especially for salaried individuals. The PPF works a little like a piggy bank, when you put in up to Rs.1.5 lakh in a financial year, into your PPF account. You can choose to do this in instalments, and this financial discipline can serve you big returns in the long run. Currently, the interest rate if 8% and this is reset every quarter. PPF has a minimum tenor of 15 years, which works to your advantage since it forces you to invest for the long term. What’s more, all returns are tax exempt, and the investment can be claimed for deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act too.

Post Office Recurring Deposit

PO RDs are a reliable medium-term investment, offering relatively high interest rates and compounded returns on maturity. As of now the interest is around 7%. The minimum tenor is 5 years, which makes them perfect as a fund for smaller foreseeable expenses such as a new car or a home renovation. What’s more, the minimum investment is a mere Rs.10, which makes it accessible to all.

Fixed Deposits

Among the most popular investment instruments is the fixed deposit. FDs are offered by all major banks and financial institutions, and are among the most flexible and accessible investment accounts available. Fixed deposit tenors can last anywhere between a few months to 10 years, and you can choose to receive the interest gains at periodic intervals or at maturity. What’s more, the interest rate is fixed for the duration of your tenor, which means your money is immune to fluctuations in the market.

If you’re looking to invest in FDs, consider the Bajaj Finance FD, which offers an interest rate as high as 8.75% and 9.10% for seniors on a 36-month FD that pays out on maturity and then an additional 0.25% on reinvestment. Start by using an Fixed Deposit Calculator to find out how your money can grow, based on your investment amount, desired tenor, and interest rate.

Irrespective of your budget, your income, or your imminent expenses, steady and smart investments are a must. Not only do they cushion your future finances and keep you safe in the event of an emergency, but they are also a way to ensure you’re making the most of an evolving market. Find the right investment option for you, and start investing today!