Why Your Startup Needs A Full Service Digital Marketing Services Company In Your Corner

Having a startup in any industry today requires you to have a digital presence. However, if you want your digital outlet to have some traction amongst the many competitors online, you need to have a full-service digital marketing company backing your efforts. If you feel this might be an additional expense which you cannot justify, think again! Not only would this make sense in the long run, but having a digital marketing company handling your SEO and website ranking from the very beginning can actually save you money in the long run and help you create a strong foundation to establish your brand. Here is a look at how all of this can be made possible with the wide range of services provided by your digital marketing company.

Social media foundation

While many companies feel very inaccurately that a social media image is not going to matter for their startup, the opposite is actually true. Social media platforms might become your biggest lead generators if handled correctly. Further, the foundation of your relevant social media platforms, with the correct style of content and correct image planning should be handled parallel to your website launch, so that once your website starts gaining strength your audiences can also find a parallel presence on social media platforms to get more information regarding your startup and its development.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is safer and gets actual leads that can be converted to real paying clients. However, organic SEO also takes more time and patience. If you do not know the rules or the way to plan out an organic strategy you can fail at getting the optimum results right off the bat. Your digital marketing company will also have a full team that will be handling the continuous posting and SEO integration at the frequency that guarantees optimum results within a short framework of time.

Copywriting for different platforms

A compelling written copy is your safest bet to lure in actual readers who would later be converted to clients on your platform. However, the copy you need to write for your website is vastly different from the shopify e-commerce development blurbs on your shop, social media posts on your various social media accounts or even for posts on your blog. If you do not want to drain all of your time and energy composing content while also handling a budding business, it makes sense to hire a professional that will provide obligation free quote for your website content development and post the content at a regular frequency to keep boosting your ranks on search engine results pages.

Apart from this, your digital marketing company will also have a better idea regarding technical SEO aspects that need to be integrated within your website such as canonical tags, error pages, alt tags for images required during the posting of the images as well as SEO integration with regards to meta descriptions during posting of web page content and blog posts. All of this requires that your digital marketing professional is part of your digital game plan right from the onset so you can have a website ready to churn out reliable leads within the shortest possible timeline.


What Is Cost per View (CPV) in YouTube Advertising?

2 billion people are active on YouTube every month. That massive swath of consumers has made it so just about every platform on earth has started to get active on the platform.

Among the many modes of engagement YouTube offers, posting videos to share with audiences is by far the most popular. However, given the amount of videos that get uploaded on YouTube, it’s difficult to garner consistent viewership.

Enter cost per view advertising (CPV).

Cost per view is a metric that many marketers are looking to buy against in order to gain the traction they’re looking for without breaking the bank. If you’re not sure what this metric is and if you should be busying against it, keep reading to learn more!

What Is Cost Per View?

To frame our cost per view discussion, let’s first talk about the definition of the metric. Much like its title suggests, cost per view means the amount of money you’ll pay per view you get on a video.

In practice, if you ran your video as an advertisement on YouTube, once a viewer engaged with your content or watched it for a period of time, your CPV rate would be deducted from your overall marketing budget.

How Much Does a View Cost?

Now that you know what cost per view is, the next thing to be curious about is how much views costs. On YouTube that number will vary.

If you were trying to attract viewers in a non-competitive niche, running your ad might cost you a few cents. Alternatively, if you were trying to advertise a particular kind of candy in the weeks leading up to Halloween, your cost per view would be much higher.

Ad costs are all based on supply, demand, and keyword competitiveness. The better you can understand those factors, the better you’ll be able to scale your ad campaigns across YouTube in a financially responsible manner.

Scaling ads successfully on YouTube is a whole topic in itself, as you can see here.

What Constitutes a View?

In order to be charged for a view on YouTube, your advertised video will either need to be watched for 30 seconds or engaged with. If your video is shorter than 30 seconds, viewers must watch the whole video.

This CPV threshold is different from classic impressions/CPMs (cost per million) metrics which only require a viewer to watch for 1 or 2 seconds.

In general, advertisers find CPV to be a fair way to ensure that their message connects with an audience prior to be charged.

Proceed With Cost Per View Advertising Confidently

As a marketer or producer, understanding cost per view advertising allows you to confidently put money behind your content to drive viewership. With the right kind of content, that investment could mean serious returns.

Expanding on the idea of the “right kind of content”, before you start spending a ton on marketing, refine what you’re creating, take time to understand your audience better, and ensure that people are likely to enjoy what you craft if watched.

For more on advertising, check out additional content on our blog.

Business Marketing

What McDonald’s Golden Arches Tell Us About Branding?

Having a perfect logo design can set your branding on the right path to success. But there are certain aspects that make your ordinary custom logo design approach an ideal one for your business.

A great logo design connects with your customers on various levels!

And McDonald’s golden arches has proven it with versatile features that this simple yet effective design contains. We’ve chosen McDonald’s golden arches to study and extract the top branding lessons for crafting the best custom logo design for any business. And we’re sure you’ll find the lessons, mentioned-below, useful when investing in a custom logo design for your new business, too.

Golden Arches – A Quick Overview

First, let us take you back where the legendary golden arches idea was perceived for this fast-food giant several decades ago.

It was the early 50s when one of the McDonald’s brothers approached artist Stanley Meston to give their newly revamped logo a new face, a new custom logo design. Meston thought about their business, their work model and came up with the Golden Arches idea that was striking, appealing and can be spotted during the daylight.

Later, when Ray Kroc took over the franchise after the million-dollar deal with McDonald’s brothers (watch The Founder for a detailed story), the golden arches sustained their importance in the franchise.

Key Branding Lessons

The point is that why McDonald’s didn’t drop the idea of using golden arches after 5 decades of being in the business? Here are your answers that will surely increase your knowledge about branding and how to utilize your professional logo design to its maximum potential.

Lesson # 1

McDonald’s was in fast-food business and takes full advantage of the color yellow to instill the hunger in passersby. Color selection in a custom logo design holds a special place that McDonald’s has shown with its golden arches that have the color yellow in it. You, too, need to consider different colors to better relate them with your products, USPs or even your business mission in order to maximize the impact of your business face, your logo design.

Lesson # 2

One of the golden rules to design a great logo is to keep it simple!

Despite all speculations about McDonald’s golden arches, it’s an M that represents the company but adds fascination to it in a beautiful way. This is another wise rule, that you must keep in mind, when discussing about your custom logo design with your logo design company. Because our mind is trained to remember simple things more easily than an artistic one that confuses a human brain to make a connection with it.

Lesson # 3

After color selection, the fonts play a vital role in making your logo a success. McDonald’s uses McLawsuit font in its golden arches that’s simple yet attractive and strangely soothing to our eyes (especially when feeling hungry). The font played its part to add elegance into the golden arches and McDonald’s marketing team very strategically associated with hunger, taste, and a relaxed place to eat via their marketing messages.

Lesson # 4

One of the qualities that all famous logo designs share is being timeless. McDonald’s golden arches are being used for more than 5 decades which makes it a timeless yet relevant custom logo design. Founders were replaced, menu was changed, marketing objectives were changed but what remained the same is the golden arches that are attached to company’s roots so strongly that you instantly remind their great burger and fries upon seeing the arches. That’s the kind of professional logo design your company needs (regardless of your business industry).

Comment below and let us know what did you observed in McDonald’s golden arches as a case study for logo design.


3 Important Digital Marketing Roles in a Dedicated Marketing Team

Are you considering your options for your career?

Maybe you’ve just graduated college or you’re looking for a career change. Either way, there can be no better time than to get a job in digital marketing roles as the world moves into the digital arena because of the coronavirus crisis.

The world has never needed people with digital marketing skills more than they do today. So what kind of jobs can you expect to be doing if you decide digital marketing is for you?

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. SEO Writer

You might not think that a writer specializing in search engine optimization is a job involving marketing. In fact, they can be an instrumental part of any marketing team. An SEO copywriter is versed in marketing and writing.

They will understand SEO algorithms and how to interpret analytics to understand what keywords and topics will make your copy fly to the top of Google’s rankings. But at the same time, they will know what makes good writing.

The two work in tandem since, without sparkling copy, your material cannot hope to get to the top of Google’s rankings.

Some agencies hire SEO writers but also companies that employ SEO writers directly. On top of this, there is a multitude of companies that hire freelance writers.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are another useful job like a copywriter that is instrumental for a business’s success. Without a series of sparkling online graphics to grip the audience, there can be no path for a product to succeed. They will report directly to an executive or a manager.

It’s starting not just with a great product but also a great product that you can sell. There are many great graphic design roles within a company: from traditional and digital publishers who are going to need book covers to banners that appear on different websites.

Even banks, one of the most conservative institutions, need user experience designers to help them to reinvent their products and services for the modern age.

3. UX Designer

A UX Designer specializes in user design and the users’ journey; how they navigate the site from when they first click on the page to when they leave.

They don’t just think about whether something looks good, they also consider if the user is getting the most value of it and whether their journey around the website is most likely to help them answer their questions and ultimately make a purchase.

As a UX designer, you will learn so many digital marketing facts that influence how you design websites and graphics.

There Are So Many Great Digital Marketing Roles Out There

The COVID crisis has offered a unique opportunity for writers and marketers to get the jobs that they want as more and businesses go online and change their output.

You can become an SEO writer or a UX designer, helping to create and craft great user journeys for consumers.

The great thing about all these jobs is that they are flexible. There are lots of people who can carve out roles for themselves as freelancers or employees of a corporation who work remotely.

If you are interested in learning more about digital marketing roles, be sure to check out the rest of our site.


The Common Types of Digital Marketing: A Basic Guide

It’s unlikely that when Facebook was founded in 2004 in Cambridge, anyone knew how huge it would become. Now Facebook is one of the most important social media networks on the planet and makes a huge impact on a company’s digital marketing.

Today, many forms of traditional marketing are still effective. However, you need a strong marketing mix that includes digital marketing outreach.

What are the types of digital marketing? How can you create an effective online presence? Let’s take a look.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No one can answer the question, “What is digital marketing?” without mentioning SEO. Search engine optimization is the process of setting up your website and building your company’s online reputation so that you rank well in search results, primarily on Google.

When you work with SEO, you focus on specific keywords and create highly relevant content that will appeal to your audience. You also work on winning inbound links, building a strong set of online reviews, and more.

SEO is a long-term strategy, so it’s helpful to combine it with different types of digital marketing. It’s also very challenging and detailed, so you might choose to work with a digital agency for help.

Social Media

As we mentioned, Facebook and social media are a significant part of digital marketing. Around 70% of Americans are active on social media, and it’s a great place to get your marketing messages seen.

Social media is an engagement-based form of communication, rather than a broadcast platform where you interrupt people with your message. You’ll do far better if you focus on identifying and engaging your target audience with questions, quizzes, and conversation.

Don’t forget to include calls-to-action (CTAs), though. Likes and comments don’t mean much if they don’t lead to sales!

Email Marketing

When talking about digital marketing, you can’t overlook email outreach. It’s true that the email inbox has gotten cluttered, but of the digital marketing types, this is the only one that connects one-on-one.

The key to successful email marketing is to segment your audience and deliver highly relevant, timely, and personalized messages. Like social media, you need to engage as much as sell — maybe more!

When your emails are fun, informative, and interactive, your audience will look forward to hearing from you.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a bit newer than the previous strategies, but it’s equally important. Millions of Americans have cell phones, and they check their messages more often than email.

Text messaging is one way to reach people on their phones. Like other types of digital marketing, make sure you get an opt-in and send relevant useful messages. Otherwise, you’ll simply get blocked!

You can also use an app to reach mobile device users. Your app can use push notifications to alert users of coupons, specials, and other information. Allowing customers to order or buy from you directly through the app can increase usage as well.

Don’t overlook mobile digital marketing!

Get Started With These Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t the wave of the future; it’s happening right now. When you take advantage of these types of digital marketing, you’ll be well-positioned to succeed in today’s market.

If you’re interested in learning more about business and marketing, check out more of our blog today!


5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Businesses

Marketing is an activity that is vital for the success of every business. Marketing helps you find customers and informs people of your services. Without marketing, your business might fail.

Of all the marketing methods available, one of the best options is email marketing. Email marketing provides a way to generate leads for your company in a cost-effective manner.

In fact, here are five benefits of email marketing that you might be interested in knowing.

1. It Provides a Way to Inform People

A lot of businesses wonder, “what is email marketing?” Email marketing is a marketing strategy that many businesses use to find customers, and it involves advertising by sending mass emails.

One benefit of using this strategy is that it provides a way to inform people about your company and its products and services. Informing people about these things helps you attract customers.

When people begin learning about your services and products, they might realize that they need them. They might see the benefits they offer, and they might decide to learn more.

2. It Targets the Right People

The second benefit of email marketing is the control you have over who you target. You can use various strategies to find people to place on your email list. With the right strategies, you will target the right people with your emails.

Targeting the right audience is a top goal of email marketing. When you send emails to the right people, you will see results.

3. It Helps You Build Your Brand

Another benefit of email marketing is it helps you build your brand. People tend to purchase goods and services from trusted, reputable companies. If no one knows your brand, you might have trouble closing sales.

Email marketing provides a way to build your brand. As you send emails to your target audience, they might become familiar with your company. Building your brand leads to closed deals.

4. It Creates Leads

Using email marketing also helps you generate leads. Without leads, your business cannot grow and expand. Leads help you find customers who need your company’s products.

If you want to learn more about lead generation, start researching it. You’ll find that generating leads will help you increase your sales and customer database.

5. It Costs Very Little

Email marketing for businesses is also beneficial because it is cost-effective. It costs nothing to send emails. You might have some costs generating the leads or creating useful emails, but you won’t pay to send them.

Finding the most cost-effective marketing methods is a crucial element of every business. Discovering the best ways to generate leads that create sales is also a vital element for a successful business.

Learn About the Other Benefits of Email Marketing

Knowing these five benefits of email marketing can help you see what your company should use it. You can research this subject to learn about more benefits, too.

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Find the Best Service of Scrapping a Car Now

Many people today have their own car. In fact, almost every family has their kind of vehicle. They have different reasons why most families nowadays have their own car. But one of the top reasons is, of course, the mode of transportation. As we know, we have a school or work that we need to go to every day. For an easier means of transportation, families are having their own car to avoid the hassle of getting into public transportation. They see that having a private car is more convenient and hassle-free. But of course, a car is a thing that costs a high amount of value. You will need money before you can buy it. Aside from it, you will need to maintain the good condition of your vehicle too. In this way, you are ensuring the safety of your family. But all kinds of vehicles have their due date too. It means that they also have a life span, like humans.

For those who have their own kind of vehicle, aside from knowing how to maintain the good condition of our vehicle, you should also know when it is the right time to turn it into scrap. For most people nowadays, they are afraid to do it and do not want to repurchase a new one. They have various reasons, and one of these is the sentimental value of it already in their lives. But we have to accept the reality that it has a lifespan that we need to understand. If we are already experiencing continuous problems with our vehicle, maybe it is already time for you to call an expert on dealing with it already. If your car is already getting into the cycle of repair and fix again, you should think twice and make a decision already. But please consult with people who are experts in providing scrap car recycling service. In this way, they will know what to do in your car and give the right cost of it.

If you are not familiar with this action in treating your old or damaged car, you can always seek help from the best and experts only. In this way, you will receive the right treatment too. It does not mean that your car is already for scrap; you will not receive anything already. Through finding and choosing the right partner in scrapping a car, it is sure that you will get your deserved treatment, most especially to your own precious car. So, do not hesitate to connect on the net now, and search for the best service of scrapping a car online. Surely, you will find the best one who is providing the best scrapping service. Once you have found it, you can already request for an instant quote for you to be informed already.


Importance of a Digital Marketing Strategy

As we enter into the new year it is time for businesses to address how they are performing and what they need to do better or different in the coming months to take things to the next level. At the heart of any great business is a great marketing strategy and digital marketing is very much the flavour of the day. There is a wealth of options for businesses to choose from when it comes to investing in an online marketing strategy, and the most important aspect of all is that they actually commit funds to boost their visibility and increase their customers through the use of online advertising, and here is why it is going to make the difference.


The average person at the moment is spending around 6 hours per day online, they do this via their phone, their tablet, their laptop and their home computer. Given that there are 3.9 billion people around the world who have access to the internet, that is a mighty big audience which you have available to pitch to. Even once you have removed those who don’t fall into your target demographic or location, it still leaves plenty of opportunities.


To continue in that stream of thought about demographics, we now have the power to target directly to the people who we think will love our business most. Through social media, email marketing and PPC advertising we can take our message straight to those who we have identified as target customers.

Organic Search

There may be some of you out there who have a high street store or an out-of-town office which doesn’t even exist online, wondering why you should be investing with an internet marketing agency. A simple answer to that query is organic search, which is customers who are using the internet to find local businesses, whether they are online or not. Mobile phone search, in particular, is growing year on year and it has long been the number 1 way in which consumers are finding local restaurants, stores and services. If your business has no presence, those customers will be lost.

Brand Growth

Digital marketing is not solely for the purpose of bringing instant leads and sales to your business, it is also about creating a brand around your business. We live in the most competitive business environment that we have ever seen and customer loyalty can be hard to come by. A trustworthy and solid brand image however will gain the trust of the customer and help businesses to reach the levels of success they have been looking for.

It Works

For a number of years now businesses have been investing in digital marketing to launch new products, to take on the competition, to increase sales and to grow their brand image. Whilst much of this was met with varied results in the very beginning, the kinks have well and truly been worked out and we now know how to deliver on these strategies. The fact of the matter is that digital marketing works, it offers incredible ROI and no matter the size or type of business which is trying to market itself online, the results are always high when the strategy is well thought out.

If you haven’t invented yet, there is no more time to waste.


Digital marketing mistakes to avoid

In a constantly evolving technological age, the quality of digital marketing can be the difference to whether consumer engagement reaches a high or low. It’s important to regularly reassess your approach to see whether your company is making some of the most common digital marketing mistakes.

To grasp an understanding of exactly what to avoid, the Adoni Media team has listed some of the most frequent mistakes business owners can make.

Not knowing your audience:

The first steps in any successful online marketing plan is gaining a deeper understanding of your audience. To boost brand profitability, engaging target audiences and developing an audience loyal to your company can significantly impact company success. Failing to post engaging content that resonates emotionally with audiences or appeal to their interests or preferences can also prove a major mistake and must be first on the table to address when fixing any marketing issues.

Brand inconsistency:

With so many marketing channels on offer, there’s an endless choice for advertising your brand. However, when failing to consider the interconnectivity of channels your marketing efforts may be rendered less effective. Nowadays, prior to making a purchase, consumers will be likely to investigate your website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. Therefore, brand consistency can be the difference between increasing and decreasing sales revenue as customers may lose trust when messages from various channels differ.

Failing to track your data:

Even if you manage to avoid the previously mentioned mistakes, one of the greatest pitfalls is failing to track the data your digital marketing strategies produce. Without installing or utilising software such as Google Analytics, your company may fail to understand which campaigns are gaining traction and are successful. Ultimately without effectively interpreting this data, the way you shape and customise future campaigns could be hindered.


A Good Look at How Line Marking Services Benefit Factories and Storage Facilities

Are you looking to employ a line marking expert but not entirely sure if they are well worth the cost? What are the merits of line marking in the first place if you own a factory or run a storage facility? These are good questions, especially when the benefits of line marking are not readily apparent for most businesses.

The fact is that many factories, storage facilities, and parking areas in Australia still suffer from pricey maintenance issues. A sizeable part of it has to do with the use of regular paint and epoxy line markings. These old-school line marking elements are inadequate as they do not adhere to the flooring surface area as effectively as modern line marking systems.

Simply put, it is essential that line markings last a long time when used in a business setting as they help maintain security and order in and around work areas.

Why should storage facilities be line-marked appropriately?

If you run and manage any business, then you probably know all too well that safety needs to be at the top of your priority list. Making sure the general security and security of your labour force can be accomplished with the aid of a reputable line marking companies. Purchasing new and better line marking services for storage facilities likewise ensures that there’ll be no interruptions at work. This, in turn, helps boost productivity, which would help grow your business and attain higher levels of success.

How should line markings be installed inside a business and commercial establishments?

Line markings are specifically essential in unsafe spaces such as high-risk workspace. It is necessary to utilise line markings and signs in numerous colours to highlight areas where workers need to approach with greater caution. Doing so will help minimise the risk of accidents in the workplace, which can result in severe injuries and even death. For this reason, line markings are an essential investment that many businesses cannot afford to overlook.

Other advantages of line marking services for business and commercial establishments

Line markings help keep everything organised

If you are running a facility that keeps items such as food products, health supplements, cosmetics and other commercial products, then you will need to implement measures to ensure that they are appropriately handled. One thing that you can to accomplish the latter is to set up line markings for locations with various hygiene levels. Doing so will help with quality assurance checks and ensure that all business operations go on smoothly.

Helps increase business performance

By plainly determining areas within the storage facility with line markings, the workflow becomes faster and much easier for workers to carry out. Understanding where to opt for specific job-related activities increases productivity inside an organised facility.

So there you have it — an overview on the benefits of proper line marking for warehouses, factories and other commercial establishments. As you may have already realised, such services are essential although its merits are not readily evident to business owners.