Split System Air Conditioning vs Ducted Air Conditioning

One of the most useful and probably underrated technological innovations are air-conditioning systems. Most homes, offices, and public spaces usually have one form of air conditioning or the other. However not many people appreciate them until the sun is shining and the weather it is hitting the mid to high 30s.

Over the years, there have been different kinds of cooling systems used for different purposes. It is, therefore, important to understand your individual needs and preferences to make sure you choose the right system for you. So, let’s take a closer look at two major air conditioner types – split system and ducted air.

Split System Air Conditioning

Just as the name suggests, the split system air conditioner has two different parts, which are the condenser and the head unit. With this system, the head unit is installed indoors and is usually affixed to a wall or, it is a standing unit. The condenser is then located outside on the other side of the wall. Essentially “splitting” the system in two.

Why You Want a Split System

Split system air conditioning is great for a lot of people because it’s a lot more affordable than the ducted air option. Apart from their affordability, they are also perfect for single rooms or apartments providing both heating and cooling options. For smaller areas they are not very large and are also very easy and cheap to install. Trying to install duct air conditioners in some buildings can be next to impossible, but it is usually easy to install a split system in most living spaces.


A split system can limit the aesthetic appeal of any building as both the outdoor and indoor units are visible. Also, each split unit can only really cool the specific room it’s installed in and will have a very limited effect on other areas.

Ducted Air Conditioning

A ducted air conditioning system uses air ducts to cool the entire building where it is installed. It’s an effective method of cooling because, usually, the system is installed and hidden away in the ceilings and it cools each room from above. You can use the ducted air system with as many vents as you have – only the vents are visible.

Why You Want a Ducted Air System

This type of air conditioning is a lot more effective than the split system as it can be installed to cool an entire building. It is also centrally controlled, which helps you keep an optimum and uniform temperature around all the rooms where the vents are used.

Also, as it is centrally controlled, you could install a ducted system in such a way that you have the option to turn the system on or off from different rooms, whenever you would like. Furthermore, some of them can be installed to be heating systems during the winter.


A ducted system is very expensive when you consider the cost of purchase and installation. It could also be difficult to install because there needs to be enough space for the ducting. This already means that it may not even be an option at all for some buildings. Also, with a ducted system most controllers are usually installed into a wall allowing a lot less flexibility with controller choice.

The Best Option

Choosing the right one really depends on the building and what rooms you are looking to heat/cool. Keep all this information in mind when examining the advantages and disadvantages of each to make sure you pick the right system to fit your home, your preferences and your budget.


Beginner’s Guide to a PBX Phone System

Every business owner, especially those who are just starting up, needs to make sure that everything they need to effectively run their business is setup. While some of these areas are negotiable and don’t have to be acquired immediately, other areas are compulsory from day one. Some examples of compulsory areas are general office equipment (furniture, stationary etc.) as well as the business’s required technology setups.

Technology can encompass a variety of different entities, ranging from computer systems to more complex CRM systems. But one of the most important items for any business is a proper telephone system. Which is why the majority opt for the best option of acquiring a PBX phone system.

If you’re unfamiliar about the PBX phone system, here are a few points to get you started:

What is a PBX Phone System?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. This type of phone service has quite a few functions that make it suitable for businesses. PBX phone systems have a network that lets you handle a large number of phones simultaneously. You can easily switch between calls from different phones within the network, regardless of whether the phones are within a particular location or if they are external phone lines connected to the system. Apart from regular phone calls, a PBX system can also accommodate other types of phone services, including internet calling using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Components of a PBX Phone System

The main components of this type of system are the phones that are connected, a telephone trunk for the connection and a computer (or group of computers) that seamlessly handle all the switching between the phone lines in the system. In some cases, based on personal preference, you can choose to add a manual switchboard. However, this is optional, as your system can run properly with or without it.

Ways a PBX System Can Help your Business

The level of ease, accessibility, and functionality offered by a PBX phone system can be an important advantage for your business. Not only does this system allow for smooth communication, but it will also easily allow everyone on the network to communicate with one another, which can be very handy especially when an emergency situation that needs urgent attention arises.

The PBX system also allows users to stay connected, whether they are using their mobile phones or laptops, meaning that employees who are on the road can still stay plugged in to all calls coming in. This can be highly beneficial for businesses with employees who are constantly on the move in and out of the office, as they can still be connected to the PBX system and enjoy the seamless communication process offered by this system.

What is most advantageous about the PBX phone system is that even with its vast capabilities, it is still the most reasonable and cost-effective option for businesses. If your business is heavily reliant on telephone calls, don’t settle for unreliable, find out more about how you can acquire a PBX system today.


Reasons to Hire Professional and Expert Copywriter

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  • Content Variation: Writing the content is not an easy task. The good copywriter will know how important the content variation is good for incredible and unique content articles. The professional copywriter knows that the content they are given to the clients must be in the different lengths which help them to submit the content according to their choice. Content marketing is taking over many other marketing activities. It helps the business to grow and also attract the target audience towards the business.


Internet Marketing 2019

Internet Marketing 2019

Have you heard about people discussing internet marketing before? Have you tried to find out the right information but could not make any sense of it? Let’s go in-depth a little bit further and see what it’s all about. If you’ve never heard of internet marketing before, there are a lot of interesting facts for you to learn.


It is simply a way to advertise products and services on the internet. Though the area generally focuses on selling and advertising products, it also means opportunities arise for companies to deliver their message to the world, for example, what they do, what their drives and passions are and what exactly they can do to make the world a better place.


The internet is nearly 30 years old, and over time, with advancing technology, it has gradually propelled the world into making day to day life that much easier for anyone who uses it. Some people like to browse and learn, where others want to try and invest in it via internet marketing.

With the right attitude, work ethic, and determination any entrepreneur can use internet marketing strategies to their advantage.

Millennials have the most significant advantage in this respect; they have it all laid out in front of them, everything they need possible to make a living and a lot of people turn to things like social media to run a business.

Instagram is a hot internet marketing strategy. Let’s face it, these days nearly every millennial has access to a smartphone and the internet. With the right knowledge, network and connections, you can earn a living by taking a picture of yourself, upload it to Instagram and then use the right hashtags to encourage a successful business. Before you know it, you’re getting communications from companies wanting to send freebies, followers and then eventually money. It can be a slow process for some but do your research, be consistent and maybe even see if there are any online courses which would be beneficial to you.

Though it may sound sci-fi, you should realize that artificial intelligence, or AI, is on the rise this year. Not only does it analyze data and then help the end user experience, but it also gives companies an idea of why people search for things, what they see and essentially guide all of its customers in the right direction.

2018 has been the year where customers have a unique experience on the internet, especially in marketing terms. It is known as personalization, and its purpose is to tailor everyone’s needs individually. Customers believe that it does encourage the right engagement with companies and so it does become a win-win scenario for both sides.

Many people don’t like to delve too much into internet marketing or even the internet at all but if you want the best experience from those things it is advisable to keep on top of current trends and work out what’s best for you company.


Augusta Media Marketing Strategy: The Truths Behind Social Media Marketing

You might hear about the potential of social media as a way to help multiply your business’ revenues, far more than what you have spent throughout your digital marketing campaign. A few years ago, you might hear about businesses seeing big returns, 100,200 or even a thousand percent.

Even today, a lot of digital marketers will tell you it is one of the highest Return on Investment digital marketing methods available in the market because of the non-existent and low-cost barriers to entry. The social media marketing world has become more commercial-saturated and competitive.

Organic search is declining hastily. It means that some truths need to accept when it comes to digital and social media marketing.

Based on studies, social media is not just for techy influencers, but it is also for businesses that are looking for a way to boost their sales and digital presence. Read more about it at

Not all digital marketers see a positive Return on Investment

Even though at least 77% of digital and social media marketers are using one or more social media channel to market and promote their business, only 49% of business owners claim to see a Return on Investment. There are reasons for the discrepancy – a lot of it is accounted for in the next points.

It takes a lot of effort and time to have a successful business

Social media marketing is not something you can turn on and expect to see an increase in your business’ revenue and conversions. It takes a lot of effort and time to build a successful and effective social media marketing campaign.

You need to have an in-depth understanding of your consumers or your target market, you need to be more active, as well as carefully craft your time and messaging of your contents adeptly, for days, months, sometimes for years, before you can experience the return of your investment.

There’s a big chance that you will not break even your first few months, because it will take a lot of time to generate a notable following and you will make a lot of errors when you are starting with your social media and digital campaign.

The meaning of ROI or Return on Investment may differ

Let’s say one of your friends who owns a business tells you they see a 200% Return on Investment in their business. That is very impressive, but you need to ask, “Where is the ROI coming from?” “Are they measuring their returns based on the number of traffic they are getting from social media sites?” “Based on their sales increase that may or may not come from social media channels directly?”

To make this more complicated, “Are your friends computing the cost accurately, including the time of your full-time employees working on your digital marketing campaign?” In most cases, Return on Investment is a self-reported measurement, so it is hard to know you are getting an accurate reading.

Social media Return on Investment or ROI depends on other digital marketing channels

In most cases, the influence of the social media campaign will largely depend on the strength of the effort in other social media channels. For example, let us say you have more than one company that is doing the same thing, let’s say Company A, and Company B.

Company A launches a campaign in social media and starts paying $100 per week for traditional advertising, and starts establishing a client base. After two or three months, Company A made a little progress and beginning to break even on its social media campaign spending. In the meantime, Company B is thriving in its customer base, so they decided that they need to start a social media campaign and establish their digital presence.

By the end of the month, both Company A and Company B have more than 1,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. At this point, Company A has spent more than a thousand dollars on advertising, but Company B has only invested less than $200, yet their posts are getting the same amount of social media reach.

This example shows how digital numbers can become an essential part of brands with considerable advertising money to spend on marketing efforts or companies with an already-existing social media audience.

A positive Return on Investment is getting harder to earn

An excellent and useful social media marketing campaign Return on Investment is much harder to earn in today than a few years ago, because of the overall decline in the organic search reach of the brands achieved on social media platforms.

Social media applications have decreased the amount of visibility a company or an organization page can get without spending a lot of money, it also ensures the mainstream visitors less commercial experience when surfing or browsing the news feed of their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, and drive more necessity for paid ads.

At some point in the future, the advertisement may be necessary for businesses to be seen on all social media platforms. These ads can yield a good Return on Investment in their own right, but they are inherently expensive compared to organic marketing campaigns.

Some businesses are naturally better at using social media marketing than others

I think it is a little bit foolish to say that some businesses or industries can’t do a successful social media campaign. A lot of companies have the potential to see a positive Return on Investment using digital marketing. But some sectors will have an easier time doing marketing than others.

Companies with strong, interesting and visual content, topics or those that are marketed to a demographic that uses social media will always outperform industries or businesses with scanty demographics.To know more about social media advertising, click here.

Growth will require some luck

One quality, viral content can scale your social media reputation from amateur to professional, but the science behind viral contents are reasonably limited. Even if you have the right methods, you still need the element of luck to your success.

Your competitor’s contents or post might see, more shares than yours because it was timed differently, or maybe their posts or contents happened to hit the right target market. If you want your business to be successful, you need to set an achievable goal and realistic expectations. It means you need to have a better understanding of the potential and nature of your methods before you decide to jump in.

Business Marketing

How to trade the market like a senior trader

Everyone wants to earn money by trading the live assets. But in reality, very few people can lead their life as a full-time trader. The majority of traders lose money since they don’t have enough experience and proper training about this retail trading industry. Some of you might be thinking trading is the job for millionaires but in reality, many people in the United Kingdom have changed their life based on this profession. A high-class broker like ETX Capital is now offering quality service to the retail traders and the ease of access of high leverage trading account has made trading extremely easier. Today, we will learn how we can trade like the senior traders and secure decent profit at the end of the month.

Learn the fundamentals

Having a clear knowledge of the basic stuff of the retail trading industry is crucial. Those who are relatively new to this profession might not have enough patience to learn more about this market but if you look at the experienced traders, you will understand patience is the key to become a successful trader. Learn about the structure of the market and know the active participants. You have to understand why the price of a certain asset is changing its level and how a high impact news can change the overall course of a trend. Once you have got the basic idea, you are ready to demo trade the market.

Some of you might say, why demo accounts? Demo accounts are the only way by which you can trade the market without risking any real money. You might have a huge amount of money but this doesn’t mean you will risking your investment without having a strong confidence. And the only way you can develop confidence is by practicing hard in the demo accounts.

Learn to trade the key support and resistance level

You don’t need a complex trading structure to trade the key support and resistance level. The new traders don’t even know how to identify the key support and resistance level. They always stick to the lower time frame data and loses a huge amount of money in spread trading. You need to use the daily or weekly time frame to filter out the best trades from this market. In higher time frame trading you can easily filter out the false trading signals and most importantly it will help you to trade along with the trend. The daily or weekly time frame will always give you an overall picture of the market which will significantly reduce the margin of error in real-time trading.

Learn to accept the loss

Do you know why most traders blow their account? The only reason is they don’t know how to accept the loss. Trading is all about dealing with the probability factors. You can’t be certain about winning or losing trades. Even after doing all the research and hard work, you will always have to face losing trades. So if you don’t train your mind to embrace this losing trades you will always become frustrated and trade with big lot recover the loss. This is one of the key reasons why trading is extremely hard for novice traders. You should not trade to earn money rather you should trade to protect your investment. If you can stay in this game you can easily ensure a decent profit at the end of the month.

Assess your performance

You need to regularly asses your performance to become a successful trader. You might have winning trades for three consecutive months but this doesn’t mean you have the Holy Grail in the Forex market. So what should you do? Make sure you continuously assess your performance and bring positive changes to your strategy to keep pace with the changes in this market.


The Key to Label Design for Food and Drink Products

There is no doubt that you will have put lots of blood, sweat and tears into your food or drink product, so you will want to make sure that you do everything you can to get it flying of the shelves. The product labels that you use are an important factor when it comes to this, so we thought we would give you some key advice when it comes to how to design an effective label for your food or drink product.

Think about What you Want your Product to Say

When creating the label for your food or drink product, you need to think about what you want it to say about your product. You won’t be the physical salesperson all the time, so you need the label to do that for you. You need to think about the type of product it is, and who your target market is. You also need to take into account the product itself. What does it taste like? What’s in it? All of this info should be on your label.

Is the Style In-keeping with the Product Message?

You need to make sure that the font, imagery and illustrations you choose are also in-keeping with your demographic. If you have a kids’ food product, you may want to think carefully about how the design will appeal to children as well as adults. If it’s an alcohol product – then you need to make sure that the design appeals to an adult market. This is key in getting your product picked up and understood.

Take Great Care when Creating the Content for the Label

Content can be severely underestimated, but it is key in creating a great product label. It’s your way of communicating what your USP is and selling it the way you want to. What’s essential when creating the content is that you need to bear the word count in mind. You need to make sure that your message is clear and concise. You might want to hire an experienced copywriter to help you with this task to make sure that you get it just right.

Choosing High Quality Printing Options

When arranging for your product labels to be printed, you need to make sure that you choose the correct options. You might want to do some research into label printing companies to ensure they have the highest standard of labelling machinery to produce the best product. All of this goes a long way to creating a good first impression of your food or drink product which you of course want to be a lasting one.

If you are in the world of selling food or drink products, there is a lot more to product labels than you may have first thought. If you read our handy tips – this could go a long way in improving the overall sales of your product once they hit the stores.

Image: Pixabay


What to Consider Before Hiring a Video Production Team

Before you decide to work with a video content production team, it is vital that you ask yourself some important questions. Creating a business video is an excellent way of advertising your brand and it should be one of your main projects when designing a marketing strategy. There are numerous things to discuss with your production team before you begin a project, here are some questions to ask yourself.

Who is your target audience?

One of the first things you should consider is your target audience, who will be looking at your video? What is your target demographic? How old is the audience? All of these things must be considered before you begin any project. Once you know the answer to these questions, you’ll find it a lot easier to communicate with a production team, they’ll understand your goals and objectives which helps them to create content which perfectly suits your needs.

For example, if you are working with a film production company in the UAE and you’d like them to produce a video based around men’s sportswear, this helps them to choose music, visual effects and other features that appeal to your target audience. Knowing your target audience is imperative to the success of your video, it acts as a starting point, allowing you to create content based on this specific theme.

How do you want your audience to react?

A marketing video should connect with its audience, they should be touched or moved to some degree when they’ve finished watching the film. Do you want the production to strike an emotional chord, or would you prefer if it had them opening their email accounts trying to get in touch with your business? If the film is being used as viral content, you may want your target audience to view the video and immediately click on the buy now button when it finishes. Appealing to your audience in a specific way makes it easier to predict the outcome, this means you can produce a film that does what it is intended to do.

Do you know your budget?

Before you run off to hire a production team, you must know your budget. There is no point agreeing to all sorts of fanciful visual effects and film locations if you don’t have enough money to cover all the costs. You may want a tropical island setting followed by incredible underwater shots, but if you can’t afford it you’ll have to settle for something else. On the other hand, you can make more of your budget by producing a short, on-site film, which gets your message across to your customers without breaking the bank.

There are numerous questions you must consider before communicating with a film production team, once you’ve an idea in your head and you’ve established your main goals, you’ll find it a lot easier to create something to be proud of. Taking important steps prior to hiring a production company will save your valuable time and money, it will also limit misunderstandings.


What is Brand Awareness and how is it put to Use on the Market

In the very large world of marketing, brand awareness is a means of finding out how many people in a target demographic market are aware that such a brand exists. In the majority of cases, it is normally expressed as a percentage of the demographic of interest.

  • A Company will work diligently to help the promotion of a brand’s awareness, especially when it’s a case of them making any kind of products that have to compete with numerous other similar product types.

By having an unforgettable brand design and a name that stands out from the rest, a company can help to further increase the chances that consumers will then go on to purchase its products when they are presented with a choice between the more known brand and the lesser known or unknown brands.

Brand Recall

There are two techniques of brand awareness, with the first one being brand recall, which applies to seeing whether or not people can put a name to a brand or are slightly with it. Brand recall can be determined by two different methods.

People may be asked to name any brands they associate with a specific product or idea or they can be prompted with particular brands and then asked if they are familiar with them.

  • A marketing researcher might ask, for instance, for a list of fizzy drinks, or ask a subject if the brand “Dr Peppers” is familiar.

Brand Recognition

The second technique is known as brand recognition, and is the other factor to understanding brand awareness. Recognition concerns how well people link a certain brand with certain products, ideas, taglines, and other attributes.

Consumers out there may be aware of a brand name, but that’s it and nothing else, which means that the product does indeed have poor brand recognition. Whereas on the other side of the coin, those folks who associate a characteristic such as “shoes,” “lingerie,” “watches,” or a company tagline with a product are clearly displaying brand recognition. They have become familiar with both the brand itself and its associated products with it.

Viewing Both Sides

When a company studies brand awareness, they examine both the positive and the negative awareness of the brand.

  • In such a case, even bad publicity is still publicity, and should people still have a negative opinion about a brand, they remain aware of it.

Comprehending any negative perceptions of a product can also then allow for a company to address those same perceptions with cleverly organised and targeted marketing campaigns and other processes.

  • These types of campaigns can eventually change people’s opinions and thus end up promoting a positive brand recognition.

Ramping it up

Companies try to ramp up brand awareness with many marketing practices, including everything from the sponsorship of sports teams to running print related campaigns in various publications which are then read by the target demographic.


5 Advantages of Slat Fencing

Slat fencing is becoming more and more popular with both commercial and residential property owners. They are available in various materials such as wood, metal and plastic. Although there are many different types of fencing styles on the market, slat fencing offers a number of benefits. Below we will discuss this topic in further detail.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Slat fencing looks great when placed around your premises, it can make a business look highly professional and visually appealing. When this fence is installed around a building, it creates a uniform look because of the way the slats are set. They are placed in a vertical position which makes them enhance the look of any structure they surround.

  • Safe for Kids & Animals

If you run an animal shelter or children’s playschool, slat fencing is excellent for setting up around your premises. It can be installed as an infill on a partially bricked wall so the bottom of your perimeter is fully enclosed, but the top has gaps for added visibility. The slats are close enough together so that small children and animals can’t get their heads caught in between the fence, other products don’t offer the same assurances.

  • Customised Design

High-quality fence making experts can customise slat fencing designs to suit your needs, so if you require infill fencing in Perth or any other city in WA, contact a fencing specialist who can create a feature which meets your required specifications. When you choose to buy a slat fence you can order and install a design which is highly flexible, it offers far more options than other products. For example, you can change the width from a thick slat to a thin slat, and it comes in a variety of materials ranging from wood to steel.

  • Privacy

Erecting a slat fence increases the privacy around your home, the slat features are positioned close enough to each other that pedestrians and drivers can’t see inside your premises. They are excellent for stopping people from gazing into your home, they also act as a deterrent against burglars. It makes it difficult for a criminal to see what you have stored on your property if their view is obstructed by a secure fence. Slat fencing is also great for securing your backyard, especially if you have young children. You don’t have to worry about them wandering off and you can let them play in your backyard without constantly ordering them around.

  • Cheap to Replace

Another advantage of installing a slat fence is that when you damage a section of the fence it is easy to replace and won’t cost you too much money. The reason for this is, the entire fence won’t have to be removed, only the slat which has been damaged. You’ll only require a single portion to be removed as opposed to an entire section.

There are several different types of fences you can install around your property, but one of the best options to consider is a slat fence. It comes in a range of colours and designs, and can also be used as an infill between brick work. It is easily maintained and cheap to repair.