What McDonald’s Golden Arches Tell Us About Branding?


Having a perfect logo design can set your branding on the right path to success. But there are certain aspects that make your ordinary custom logo design approach an ideal one for your business.

A great logo design connects with your customers on various levels!

And McDonald’s golden arches has proven it with versatile features that this simple yet effective design contains. We’ve chosen McDonald’s golden arches to study and extract the top branding lessons for crafting the best custom logo design for any business. And we’re sure you’ll find the lessons, mentioned-below, useful when investing in a custom logo design for your new business, too.

Golden Arches – A Quick Overview

First, let us take you back where the legendary golden arches idea was perceived for this fast-food giant several decades ago.

It was the early 50s when one of the McDonald’s brothers approached artist Stanley Meston to give their newly revamped logo a new face, a new custom logo design. Meston thought about their business, their work model and came up with the Golden Arches idea that was striking, appealing and can be spotted during the daylight.

Later, when Ray Kroc took over the franchise after the million-dollar deal with McDonald’s brothers (watch The Founder for a detailed story), the golden arches sustained their importance in the franchise.

Key Branding Lessons

The point is that why McDonald’s didn’t drop the idea of using golden arches after 5 decades of being in the business? Here are your answers that will surely increase your knowledge about branding and how to utilize your professional logo design to its maximum potential.

Lesson # 1

McDonald’s was in fast-food business and takes full advantage of the color yellow to instill the hunger in passersby. Color selection in a custom logo design holds a special place that McDonald’s has shown with its golden arches that have the color yellow in it. You, too, need to consider different colors to better relate them with your products, USPs or even your business mission in order to maximize the impact of your business face, your logo design.

Lesson # 2

One of the golden rules to design a great logo is to keep it simple!

Despite all speculations about McDonald’s golden arches, it’s an M that represents the company but adds fascination to it in a beautiful way. This is another wise rule, that you must keep in mind, when discussing about your custom logo design with your logo design company. Because our mind is trained to remember simple things more easily than an artistic one that confuses a human brain to make a connection with it.

Lesson # 3

After color selection, the fonts play a vital role in making your logo a success. McDonald’s uses McLawsuit font in its golden arches that’s simple yet attractive and strangely soothing to our eyes (especially when feeling hungry). The font played its part to add elegance into the golden arches and McDonald’s marketing team very strategically associated with hunger, taste, and a relaxed place to eat via their marketing messages.

Lesson # 4

One of the qualities that all famous logo designs share is being timeless. McDonald’s golden arches are being used for more than 5 decades which makes it a timeless yet relevant custom logo design. Founders were replaced, menu was changed, marketing objectives were changed but what remained the same is the golden arches that are attached to company’s roots so strongly that you instantly remind their great burger and fries upon seeing the arches. That’s the kind of professional logo design your company needs (regardless of your business industry).

Comment below and let us know what did you observed in McDonald’s golden arches as a case study for logo design.