The Communication Process


Communication Process

Dr. john Song Potomac MD is a polymath with expertise in marketing, negotiations and communications, an undergrad in finance and international banking, and a long time interest in North American literature. In his free time, he enjoys spending his time scouting out his local library as well as surfing the Internet.

When he is on the Internet, the insightful man likes to understand and get familiar with the newest social media platforms and the various ways companies communicate their messages and adverts to clients. Dr. John Song Potomac MD has found very quickly that on different communication channels, companies will not have a coordinated message. On a company’s app it’ll say one thing where as employees are told to tell consumers another. Often times, Dr. John Song Potomac MD believes, is companies are operating different communication channels from different departments in which neither departments effectively communicate.

Integrated marketing communications involves identifying a company’s target market and creating a marketing campaign folded for them to obtain their business at the end of the day. Frequently, companies such as the ones Dr. John Song has run into on the Internet, companies will focus on the bigger picture and try to get immediate awareness of their brand or initiative to consumers. However, that approach is not one that shapes a long-term relationship with consumers. Instead, companies and marketing teams are beginning to understand that the communication process is essential to manage long-term relationships with consumers.

Even more importantly, consumers can be very different especially for larger companies addressing many markets. It is important to customize communication channels for consumers in each niche. Otherwise, their business can be lost in other channels of communication.

Dr. John Song Potomac MD wishes marketers to understand that consumers will only keep coming back if they feel valued. This means that they surely won’t be your customer is they do not feel that way from the beginning. Customizing communication channels, products, and services will make consumers of each niche understand that they are worth the time and effort for the company.