Beginner’s Guide to a PBX Phone System


Every business owner, especially those who are just starting up, needs to make sure that everything they need to effectively run their business is setup. While some of these areas are negotiable and don’t have to be acquired immediately, other areas are compulsory from day one. Some examples of compulsory areas are general office equipment (furniture, stationary etc.) as well as the business’s required technology setups.

Technology can encompass a variety of different entities, ranging from computer systems to more complex CRM systems. But one of the most important items for any business is a proper telephone system. Which is why the majority opt for the best option of acquiring a PBX phone system.

If you’re unfamiliar about the PBX phone system, here are a few points to get you started:

What is a PBX Phone System?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. This type of phone service has quite a few functions that make it suitable for businesses. PBX phone systems have a network that lets you handle a large number of phones simultaneously. You can easily switch between calls from different phones within the network, regardless of whether the phones are within a particular location or if they are external phone lines connected to the system. Apart from regular phone calls, a PBX system can also accommodate other types of phone services, including internet calling using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Components of a PBX Phone System

The main components of this type of system are the phones that are connected, a telephone trunk for the connection and a computer (or group of computers) that seamlessly handle all the switching between the phone lines in the system. In some cases, based on personal preference, you can choose to add a manual switchboard. However, this is optional, as your system can run properly with or without it.

Ways a PBX System Can Help your Business

The level of ease, accessibility, and functionality offered by a PBX phone system can be an important advantage for your business. Not only does this system allow for smooth communication, but it will also easily allow everyone on the network to communicate with one another, which can be very handy especially when an emergency situation that needs urgent attention arises.

The PBX system also allows users to stay connected, whether they are using their mobile phones or laptops, meaning that employees who are on the road can still stay plugged in to all calls coming in. This can be highly beneficial for businesses with employees who are constantly on the move in and out of the office, as they can still be connected to the PBX system and enjoy the seamless communication process offered by this system.

What is most advantageous about the PBX phone system is that even with its vast capabilities, it is still the most reasonable and cost-effective option for businesses. If your business is heavily reliant on telephone calls, don’t settle for unreliable, find out more about how you can acquire a PBX system today.