What is Brand Awareness and how is it put to Use on the Market


BrandAwarenessIn the very large world of marketing, brand awareness is a means of finding out how many people in a target demographic market are aware that such a brand exists. In the majority of cases, it is normally expressed as a percentage of the demographic of interest.

  • A Company will work diligently to help the promotion of a brand’s awareness, especially when it’s a case of them making any kind of products that have to compete with numerous other similar product types.

By having an unforgettable brand design and a name that stands out from the rest, a company can help to further increase the chances that consumers will then go on to purchase its products when they are presented with a choice between the more known brand and the lesser known or unknown brands.

Brand Recall

There are two techniques of brand awareness, with the first one being brand recall, which applies to seeing whether or not people can put a name to a brand or are slightly with it. Brand recall can be determined by two different methods.

People may be asked to name any brands they associate with a specific product or idea or they can be prompted with particular brands and then asked if they are familiar with them.

  • A marketing researcher might ask, for instance, for a list of fizzy drinks, or ask a subject if the brand “Dr Peppers” is familiar.

Brand Recognition

The second technique is known as brand recognition, and is the other factor to understanding brand awareness. Recognition concerns how well people link a certain brand with certain products, ideas, taglines, and other attributes.

Consumers out there may be aware of a brand name, but that’s it and nothing else, which means that the product does indeed have poor brand recognition. Whereas on the other side of the coin, those folks who associate a characteristic such as “shoes,” “lingerie,” “watches,” or a company tagline with a product are clearly displaying brand recognition. They have become familiar with both the brand itself and its associated products with it.

Viewing Both Sides

When a company studies brand awareness, they examine both the positive and the negative awareness of the brand.

  • In such a case, even bad publicity is still publicity, and should people still have a negative opinion about a brand, they remain aware of it.

Comprehending any negative perceptions of a product can also then allow for a company to address those same perceptions with cleverly organised and targeted marketing campaigns and other processes.

  • These types of campaigns can eventually change people’s opinions and thus end up promoting a positive brand recognition.

Ramping it up

Companies try to ramp up brand awareness with many marketing practices, including everything from the sponsorship of sports teams to running print related campaigns in various publications which are then read by the target demographic.