Download NCERT Books of Hindi for Class 6

NCERT Books of Hindi for Class 6

Three Hindi books for students in class six are published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). Their names are Vasant, Durva, and Bala Ram Katha. There are 17 chapters in the Vasant book for Class 6. This collection comprises, among other things, fiction, poetry, and theatre.

Durva, the second Hindi book in the series for sixth graders, has 28 chapters in total. The first few chapters of this book cover a variety of topics, including Hindi grammar, dialect, pronunciation, and spelling.

The third volume, Bala Ram Katha, comprises 12 chapters. It includes portions of the Ramayana. There are textual questions at the end of each chapter in the NCERT Hindi books for class 6. These questions are supposed to be answered by students to gain a better understanding of the topic.

NCERT Books for Class 6 Hindi

Going through the NCERT book is the first step towards better preparation. You can go through NCERT Books for Class 6 Hindi PDF too, as it will help you to get access to any book of Hindi at any time.

There are three Books in Hindi class 6: –

  1. Vasant
  2. Durva
  3. Bala Ram Katha

Chapters in Vasant book

  • Chapter 1 – Vah Chidiya jo
  • Chapter 2 – Bachapan
  • Chapter 3 – Naadaan Dost
  • Chapter 4 – Chaand se Thodee see Gappen
  • Chapter 5 – Aksharon ka Mahatv
  • Chapter 6 – Paar Nazar ke
  • Chapter 7 – Saathee Haath Badhaana
  • Chapter 8 – Aise – Aise
  • Chapter 9 – Tikat Elbaum
  • Chapter 10 – Jhaansee kee Raanee
  • Chapter 11 – Jo Dekhakar Bhee Nahin Dekhate
  • Chapter 12 – Sansaar Pustak hai
  • Chapter 13 – Main Seabase Chhotee Hoon
  • Chapter 14 – Lokageet
  • Chapter 15 – Naukar
  • Chapter 16 – Van ke Maarg Mein
  • Chapter 17 – Saans – Saans Mein Baans

Chapters in Durva book

  • Chapter 1 – Kalam
  • Chapter 2 – Kitaab
  • Chapter 3 – Ghar
  • Chapter 4 – Patang
  • Chapter 5 – Bhaaloo
  • Chapter 6 – Jharana
  • Chapter 7 – Dhanush
  • Chapter 8 – Rumaal
  • Chapter 9 – Kaksha
  • Chapter 10 – Gubbaara
  • Chapter 11 – Parvat
  • Chapter 12 – Hamaara Ghar
  • Chapter 13 – Kapade kee Dookaan
  • Chapter 14 – Phool
  • Chapter 15 – Baatacheet
  • Chapter 16 – Shilong se Fon
  • Chapter 17 – Titalee
  • Chapter 18 – Eeshvarachandr Vidyaasaagar
  • Chapter 19 – Pradarshanee
  • Chapter 20 – Chitthee
  • Chapter 21 – Angulimaal
  • Chapter 22 – Yaatra kee Taiyaaree
  • Chapter 23 – Haathee
  • Chapter 24 – Doktar
  • Chapter 25 – Jayapur se Patr
  • Chapter 26 – Badhe Chalo
  • Chapter 27 – Byarth kee Shanka
  • Chapter 28 – Gadha aur Siyaar

Chapters in Bala Ram Katha book

  • Chapter 1 – Avadhapuree mein Raam
  • Chapter 2 – Jangal aur Janakapur
  • Chapter 3 – Do Varadaan
  • Chapter 4 – Raam ka Van Gaman
  • Chapter 5 – Chitrakoot mein Bharat
  • Chapter 6 – Dandak Van mein Das Varsh
  • Chapter 7 – Sone ka Hiran
  • Chapter 8 – Seeta kee Khoj
  • Chapter 9 – Raam aur Sugreev
  • Chapter 10 – Lanka mein Hanumaan
  • Chapter 11 – Lanka Vijay
  • Chapter 12 – Raam ka Raajyaabhishek

Hindi is a magnificent language that is ingrained in the minds of millions of Indians. If a person can read and write in Hindi, he or she will be able to read hundreds of exquisite works of literature published in this language. Furthermore, students can gain access to a variety of high-paying occupations.

These are only a few of the reasons why students should study Hindi seriously as a subject. All pupils are encouraged to develop their reading and writing skills in this language as much as possible. Solving NCERT questions is one approach to accomplish this.

Why you should study from the NCERT book of Hindi only?

The chapters in the NCERT books are covered in great detail. As a result, pupils do not need to consult many reference books to comprehend a single chapter. Students will be able to absorb the lessons more easily if each topic is thoroughly discussed. The text used to create the NCERT books is simple to comprehend. When students read from their NCERT books, they find it easy to comprehend the chapters in one sitting. Because of the lucid and straightforward language, the lessons also stick with students for a longer period.

NCERT Hindi books for Class 6 and other textbooks have a highly distinct and appealing appearance. They include pictographic presentations, colourful highlights, and other elements to keep pupils interested in the chapters. Because of their non-monotonous appearance, children are eager to read their chapters from NCERT books. Students rely on NCERT books to guide them through their curriculum. These textbooks are accurate. They do, however, explain the lessons to students in a systematic manner.

The Benefits of NCERT Hindi Textbooks for Class 6

There are numerous benefits to using NCERT textbooks, some of which are listed below:

  1. Because the NCERT books are written in clear and straightforward language, students may quickly understand the topics.
  2. The NCERT textbooks cover all of the topics and theories that a student should study
  3. The NCERT textbooks provide an in-depth explanation of the themes using real-life examples.
  4. With the help of NCERT textbooks, students can have a full understanding of each topic and chapter.
  5. Many lecturers recommend NCERT textbooks for various government exams, NTSE, and Olympiads.

Class 6 Exam Preparation Tips

  • Examine the NCERT curriculum for Class 6 2020-21 and make sure you cover all of the topics to get good grades.
  • Clear up any doubts with the teachers of the respective subjects.
  • To cover the necessary syllabus, consult NCERT Books.
  • Make a list of major subjects and underline key passages in the text.