Importance of Career Development & Training in organizations


Career development plays a vital role in the enhancement of employee’s skills and ensuring that employee’s aspirations take the shape of reality. Irrespective of the experience that a person possesses, he/she will still have aspirations to reach certain heights in the career. These can also be termed as personal career objectives. Career development and training emphasize on polishing employee’s skills so that can the employee can meet personal career objectives.

Career development and training not only helps in employee’s realizing their career objectives but also help in retaining the employees. However, there can be a big difference between a company’s objectives and what employee’s aspire from the organization. There is a possibility that an employee who is working in the technical team has an interest in marketing. The employee might be performing exceptionally well in the organization but the employee needs to voice out his/her career interests.

Career development provides that platform to the employees of the organization as they get an opportunity to work on something that aligns with their career goals. Coming up with effective career development training is beyond the scope of the HR team as it requires close coordination between HR, managers, and employees in the organization. Career management consultancy firm like ManpowerGroup has a number of years in human resources consulting and such firms can help organizations to come up with effective career development training programs that will bring more value for all the stakeholders within the organization.

Many organizations also look for outside recruits when they have to fill key leadership and management positions. With the data available from the career development programs, organizations can instead look inwards when they have to recruit talent for such positions. There is a possibility that an experienced manager with exceptional leadership traits can fill up that position. ManpowerGroup is a human resource company that can help organizations come up with tailor-made programs that bring organizational effectiveness and aids in leadership development within the organization.

Organizations are now becoming increasingly selective in recruiting freshmen as they expect freshmen to contribute to the goodwill of the organization within the first 90 days of joining the organization. ManpowerGroup can support organizations in training fresh recruits in areas of self-management, leadership, communication skills, and other important skills that are important for their career growth.

Career development training is important as it ensures that old employees do not become complacent with their jobs else they would take their jobs & positions for granted. It is instrumental in promoting an environment of competition and cooperation as employees strive to perform better within the organization and their careers. Such programs also help in fixing the skill gap issues in an industry that is transforming at a rapid pace. Hence coming up with an ideal career development plan is a key to the company’s and employee’s growth.

Prospective people would also be willing to join such organizations where there is a relentless focus on people. Companies like ManpowerGroup can act as a catalyst in the development of Career development and training programs that drive long-term value for the organization and its employees.