Sending out Heavy Items: Making a Transport Decision


If you want to reduce liability and safeguard your employees, sometimes it is better to contact a third party for lifting and shipping heavy materials. Therefore, moving heavy stock is easier when you rely on a freight company – a business that has the labour personnel and equipment needed to manage heavy packages or loads.

Transport Decision

If you want to make a wise move as a business, you should turn over the lifting and transporting of heavy products to a professional freight company. Freight companies in Perth are dedicated to serving the logistical needs of commercial, industrial, and residential customers.

Leave the Heavy Lifting to the Professionals

If you choose to have your employees lift loads or use forklift equipment, you may face some problems that you were not expecting. For example, an employee may lift a load and sustain a back injury. Another employee may suffer an injury from the incorrect use of a forklift.

When you work with a company that regularly handles heavy loads, you do not have to face these kinds of concerns. Usually, an equipped company features a tail lift that can manage as much as two tonnes of products. Total carrying capacities can also reach as much as eight tonnes.

Third party freight companies are also equipped with equipment, such as skates, pallet jacks, fridge trolleys, and blankets. Therefore, any heavy shipping is simplified. When you opt for a third party provider, your items can be transported from floor to truck without using any methods that are hazardous or unnecessary.

In the field of logistics, road freight is one of the most frequently used modes of transportation. This form of transportation is used to ship such heavy items as machinery, computers, fridges and freezers, garden equipment, and dishwashers.

Normally, if machinery is transported, a system of winches is used for the job. Machines are packed into crates so that they do not slide and become damaged. If you use a heavy-transport provider, you can ship out all types of equipment, as the trucks are made to carry various weights.

Do You Need to Ship Fridges and Freezers?

One of the primary types of heavy products that are shipped regularly are computers. Fridges and freezers are also routinely transported through a third-party provider. Because the appliances contain chemicals, they must be delivered securely in one piece. Therefore, trucks are not overloaded, and the products are secured so they do not fall during transport.

As noted, heavy items may take the form of garden equipment, such as hedge trimmers, leaf vacuums, or lawn mowers. Because lawn mowers feature a large number of detachable components, they must be loaded with great care. Work with a logistics provider that understands your requirements in this respect.