How to Get a Job in a Cannabis Dispensary in 2018?


Getting a job in a cannabis dispensary in 2018 can be a difficult undertaking. There are plenty of cannabis jobs advertised, but competition tends to be immense. To increase your chances of landing a job, here are some tips to take note of.


It is important that before you commence your search, that you review the laws in your state for medicinal and recreational cannabis. Some states within the USA will require you to apply for a licence to work in the cannabis industry in your chosen state, and you must have a valid licence before you begin your job applications, otherwise you will be turned away.

We would recommend searching for cannabis jobs on specialist cannabis job websites such as Very few generalized jobs sites advertise cannabis jobs. Before you apply for any positions, it is important to get a “feel of the market” and see what each dispensary is looking for in a candidate.

Demonstrate a Confident Knowledge of All Things Cannabis

If you are looking to work within a cannabis dispensary, it is vitally important that you have a secure knowledge about everything to do with cannabis. If you are someone who uses cannabis each day but can’t describe the differences between some of the most common strains, you will not be successful in your application. Sure, they won’t expect you to know about every strain they stock, but if you can demonstrate a generalized knowledge, the dispensary owner will realize that you have a knowledge that can be built on.

Get Experience in the Cannabis Industry

It is important that you have some level of experience when applying for a job in a dispensary. The owners of the dispensary don’t want to spend days and days training you up. You need to be proactive and get the required experience to bring you up to speed. If you are a recent entrant to the cannabis industry, you could try and volunteer with a local dispensary to get experience and in return you could say that you’d like a reference for doing so. Sometimes, the place that you volunteer for may employee you on a full-time basis.

To aid you in your search for jobs in your local area, why not make use of the cannabis jobs near me tool on Good luck in your job search!