4 Great Benefits Of Using A CNC Machine In Manufacturing.


We have been using traditional milling and shaping machines for a long time now, but CNC milling machines are becoming more prevalent. The letters CNC stands for computer numerical control and it permits the operator of the machine to be able to enter certain dimensions and angles into a computer, and then let the machine do all the work. This is a real game changer and saves a lot of time and money. Increasingly, most manufacturers are turning to the new automated machines, in order to complete their projects effectively and with more precision.


Milling machining in Perth, has recently become more popular and these turning and milling machines are changing the industry there. As you know, the mining industry is big business in Australia and provides a great number of jobs and inward investments. In order to remain competitive, these companies who are specialising in the mining industry, are using these turning and milling machines to manufacture custom made stainless steel bolts. CNC machines are now being used to create even bigger machining projects, and there are a number of good reasons why these Australian  manufacturing companies are now using computer numerical control machines. Here are a few of them listed here.

  1. Great precision – The CNC machines themselves are made from the highest quality of materials for the purposes of providing the maximum precision and accuracy at all times. Because of the high quality materials used in their manufacture, they are incredibly resistant to wear and tear, that we would typically find in older milling and turning apparatus.
  2. Continuous Use – Computer numerical control machines can be used twenty four seven, and this provides great advantages to particular sections of the industry, that are operating a repair facility. These facilities need to be able to manufacture a machine part at very short notice and at great speed, so that any project is not held back unnecessarily long. This allows manufacturing plants to operate more efficiently and with very little down time.  The machine will only need to be turned off, if it is time for a service or it has broken down.
  3. Reliable – Because of the precision capabilities of the CNC machine, it allows products ordered to be made precisely to the specifications stated. These same CNC machines can therefore manufacture hundreds of the same part, again and again, with correct precision engineering and the machine can be programmed to create something as small as 0.01 millimetres or even less.
  4. Less Maintenance – The CNC machine requires the minimum of regular maintenance due to the quality of their manufacture. When the need to monitor the machines occurs, a single person can keep an eye on numerous machines all at once. Due to the fact that these machines are all pre-programmed, they just get on with the job with the minimum of fuss, and the only thing that has to be done, is a software upgrade when new software is made available.

These CNC machines are more expensive than their traditional counterparts, but the precision and reliability they provide, outweighs this increase in price. Remember, if your budget is a little tight, second hand machines are available that perform like new ones.