Mexican Auto Insurance Quotes: Things You Should Know


If you are thinking of taking your car south of the border through Mexico, then review these tips to avoid doing the Mexican hat dance.

Mexican Auto Insurance Quotes

  1. Driving conditions in Mexico

To put it politely, driving in Mexico can be an adventure! Minor shots and fender benders are quite common, especially at intersections and highlights. It is a fairly common practice for Mexican drivers to deactivate their taillights for the sole purpose of causing someone to bump into their rear to claim their insurance. So, stay well back!

If you can, avoid driving at night. Nearly 90% of deaths on Mexican roads occur during the hours of darkness.

  1. Mexican auto insurance

Having an auto insurance in Mexico is an obligation, since auto insurance in the United States and Canada is not recognized in Mexico. Not having car insurance in Mexico can lead to jail and confiscate your vehicle. Mexican auto insurance reviews can be a valuable aid to make a correct purchase before entering Mexico, but Mexican authorities will allow you to drive up to 25 miles from the border to buy it in Mexico.

  1. Check your health insurance

As indicated above, driving in Mexico can be dangerous, so you should consider contracting emergency assistance coverage since most of the health insurance providers in the States do not cover Mexico.

  1. Legal and bonus expenses.

Make sure that your auto insurance policy in Mexico includes a provision for Legal Assistance and Bonus Expenses because you believe it or not, according to Mexican law, which is based on the Napoleonic Code, is considered guilty until proven the opposite and having an accident is a serious crime. The Mexican police have the right to impound your car and stop you while investigating the case and, if found guilty, until you have paid the damages that were considered caused by you.

Buying your Mexican auto insurance online is now the easiest and most convenient way to purchase your auto insurance for Mexico.

For more than 50 years, people used to buy their Mexican auto insurance at the border just before entering Mexico. This technique made sense when customers had no other options, but with the advent of the Internet, more and more people find that the Internet is the easiest and most convenient place to buy their insurance in Mexico.

Before buying Mexican insurance online, you should always check if a valid insurance license has been issued, and it is also recommended to see if they are members of the Better Business Bureau or another third-party business quality organization. If you cannot find insurance licenses, you should not use that website!

As an additional security measure, try calling the contact phone number of the website. Most reputable Mexican auto insurance websites have live support during normal business hours. Therefore, if you are afraid, call the website office to verify them. You may find the phone’s customer service very useful, and you may be able to issue your policy over the phone and then send it by email in a matter of minutes.