How To Get Best Insurance Premium For TVS Bikes

Best Insurance Premium For TVS Bikes

When it comes to bikes in India, TVS is surely one of the most popular names in the market. The bikes from TVS are known for their power, style, and innovation. So, if you have decided to buy a new bike, a TVS bike should serve you right. With the bike, you must also purchase a two-wheeler insurance policy, as it is mandatory as the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Riding a bike without insurance is illegal in India.

However, you cannot just buy any insurance policy for your bike. You need the cover that is perfect for your requirements. You can choose between third-party and comprehensive plans from a reliable insurer.

Among all the important aspects of an insurance policy for a two-wheeler, the premium is one of the most critical aspects. Understandably, you do not want to pay a price that is too much for the benefits you will receive. You must find out the ideal premium payable to avoid overpaying for your two-wheeler insurance. Explained ahead are a few ways to do that.

Using the two-wheeler insurance calculator

The TVS insurance cover that you are offered from an insurance company depends on the premium you pay. To know the premium of different policies, you can use an online premium calculator. It requires you to enter some basic information regarding your bike and requirements. Once you do so, the calculator presents you with the premium values of different insurance companies. You can then compare these values to know which insurer is offering the most competitive numbers.

Apart from the premium, the calculator also shows you information about different policies and their benefits.

The benefits of a two-wheeler insurance calculator

Bike insurance calculators have different features that help you find premium and other information regarding different two-wheeler policies. Listed below are some of its benefits:

  • A two-wheeler insurance calculator saves a lot of time by automating all the mathematical calculations
  • The calculator does not favor any insurer; hence, you find the most authentic data
  • The tool is available for free
  • The calculator uses all the available information given by you to provide data about all the best insurance companies so that an accurate choice can be made
  • The tool helps you to determine the specific aspects of an insurance plan, which are responsible for the cost of premium

Decide on your two-wheeler insurance add-on covers

To get the best insurance premium for your TVS bike, you need to decide which add-on cover you need. The add-on covers offer you extra protection; however, they increase the premium. Some of the add-on covers that should be considered are zero depreciation cover, personal accident covers for co-passenger, and roadside assistance.

When comparing the premiums, be careful about comparing the cost with the benefits of a policy to determine which insurance plan will serve you the best.



What Is The Property Damage Insurance Claim Process?

People holding home insurance policies would like to know about the claim process. In case you have a disaster around the place, or lose things as a result of robbery, you would like to make the claim and get the process settled in quick time. The insurer generally checks out the loss multiple times and goes through the formalities, before finally covering the loss. However, you should have a clear idea about how to proceed in case your home is damaged. This article will provide you with a complete knowledge about what to do in case you want to file a claim.

The initial payment process may not be final

When a policyholder files a claim, the damage in your property will inspect the damage and settle the claim. The amount of damage will determine the amount of money you will receive for repairs. These days, most of the homeowners buy house insurance policies from reputed companies, so that they need not incur the financial losses in case of damage. The insurance company often carries out an initial check. This is done to provide an advance against the total amount of settlement, and it should be noted that this is not the final payment.

 Some companies offer an on-spot settlement for the damage and the policyholders can accept the same right away. In case you come across other damages in future, the claim can be reopened. In this case, you can file a claim for the remaining amount. In most of the property insurance policies, you need to get the claim filed with the insurance company within a year of the disaster.

The claim process: At a glance

  • You can contact the insurance company by email, fax, phone or contact the agent, in case you want to file a claim
  • The reputed home insurance companies acknowledge the claim in a short time. A surveyor is sent to inspect the site within two working days of filing the claim
  • The company may enquire in writing or call about any important queries about processing the claim after your property is inspected
  • Accordingly, the claim will be settled at the earliest by the company

 What to do during the home insurance claiming process?

According to the contract signed between the insurer and the policyholder, you need to report the damage immediately to claim the money. If the stated time limit expires, the claim may be denied. Even if you evacuate the premises in case of a disaster, it is advisable to get in touch with the insurance company at the earliest. These days, you can file the claim online from your smartphone, through the websites or apps. You should have the contact details of the property insurance company all the time, so that you can reach out to them even after evacuating the house.

The claim process begins once you inform the damage to the insurance company. This is a detailed and extensive process, that calls for a good amount of attention and time. The process involves contacting the insurance company initially, assessment of the damage, negotiations and resolution. Usually, the insurance company needs the following details from the policyholder when they file a claim:

  • Name of the policyholder
  • Policy details (number)
  • Address
  • Type of damage (Fire, flood, earthquake, vandalism)
  • Information about damage caused to your home

Keep your premise and property secure after the damage

If you have a home insurance policy, make sure to keep the premise secure after the disaster, so that no additional damage is caused. On securing the site, you can ensure that no third party suffers an injury. The policyholder shoulders a contractual responsibility of minimize the additional damages after a disaster. Remember, the insurer may not cover the damage that has been caused due to your reluctance to keep the premise secure. For instance, if your house is on fire, do not let your family members of others get inside to recover valuables, even after the fire has been doused off. The person may suffer injuries due to collapse of walls or ceilings.

Don’t commence with the repairs immediately

Unless any approval comes from the home insurance company, you should not start any repairing process. The surveyor needs to examine the extent of damage. It is advisable to keep the property as it is, until the company approves the claim. After the negotiation takes place and you get the agreement documented, you should proceed with the repairs.

One of the common mistakes people tend to make after a damage to their home is that, they throw away things. These may include the damaged items, receipts and personal belongings. These items are important, as you need to prove the damage when you file the claim. Until the damage is documented properly and you get the claim processed, do not throw the items away.

A few other guidelines

While filing the claim, do not assume that you need to use the vendors of the insurance company. You are free to hire experts like public adjusters, contractors and engineers on your own. It is in your interest to hire a professional who can provide an accurate estimate of the losses you have incurred.

Initially, the insurance company will calculate the cash value of the belongings. You need to make a list of all the belongings that have been damaged and submit the same to the house insurance company. You might be having the policy of replacement value. However, the first check is generally based on the cash value and this is the depreciated amount, calculated on the basis of duration you are using them. In case you decide not to get them replaced, the company will pay the depreciated amount to you in cash.

It is wise to have a property insurance policy in place, so that you need not suffer a financial crunch in case of disasters. The future is unpredictable and you should keep your finances secure against the damage caused by the possible perils. Get across to a reputed home insurance company and buy a policy that can keep your property and belongings covered.

Mexican Auto Insurance Quotes: Things You Should Know

If you are thinking of taking your car south of the border through Mexico, then review these tips to avoid doing the Mexican hat dance.

  1. Driving conditions in Mexico

To put it politely, driving in Mexico can be an adventure! Minor shots and fender benders are quite common, especially at intersections and highlights. It is a fairly common practice for Mexican drivers to deactivate their taillights for the sole purpose of causing someone to bump into their rear to claim their insurance. So, stay well back!

If you can, avoid driving at night. Nearly 90% of deaths on Mexican roads occur during the hours of darkness.

  1. Mexican auto insurance

Having an auto insurance in Mexico is an obligation, since auto insurance in the United States and Canada is not recognized in Mexico. Not having car insurance in Mexico can lead to jail and confiscate your vehicle. Mexican auto insurance reviews can be a valuable aid to make a correct purchase before entering Mexico, but Mexican authorities will allow you to drive up to 25 miles from the border to buy it in Mexico.

  1. Check your health insurance

As indicated above, driving in Mexico can be dangerous, so you should consider contracting emergency assistance coverage since most of the health insurance providers in the States do not cover Mexico.

  1. Legal and bonus expenses.

Make sure that your auto insurance policy in Mexico includes a provision for Legal Assistance and Bonus Expenses because you believe it or not, according to Mexican law, which is based on the Napoleonic Code, is considered guilty until proven the opposite and having an accident is a serious crime. The Mexican police have the right to impound your car and stop you while investigating the case and, if found guilty, until you have paid the damages that were considered caused by you.

Buying your Mexican auto insurance online is now the easiest and most convenient way to purchase your auto insurance for Mexico.

For more than 50 years, people used to buy their Mexican auto insurance at the border just before entering Mexico. This technique made sense when customers had no other options, but with the advent of the Internet, more and more people find that the Internet is the easiest and most convenient place to buy their insurance in Mexico.

Before buying Mexican insurance online, you should always check if a valid insurance license has been issued, and it is also recommended to see if they are members of the Better Business Bureau or another third-party business quality organization. If you cannot find insurance licenses, you should not use that website!

As an additional security measure, try calling the contact phone number of the website. Most reputable Mexican auto insurance websites have live support during normal business hours. Therefore, if you are afraid, call the website office to verify them. You may find the phone’s customer service very useful, and you may be able to issue your policy over the phone and then send it by email in a matter of minutes.

Some Points Your Travel Insurance Policy Will Not Cover

There would be hardly any person who would not like to travel and explore amazing places during their vacations. People spend enough time in planning a perfect and hassle-free vacation with their dear ones. In the entire process, they often overlook or ignore the importance of having travel insurance. If you are a professional traveller, then travel insurance is even more important for you. No one is sure about the bad incidents that could occur in the course of travelling. Be it illness or accidents, or cancellation of the trip due to some reasons, insurance policies cover all the basic aspects.

Mostly, people do not anticipate the losses that might occur in a particular trip. Thus, they often overlook the importance of such policies. Although it would not avoid the misfortune that might come your way, it would at least cover your financial losses. The travel insurance policies might differ from one another, and therefore it is up to you which policy is preferred by you. No matter which one you choose, it is important to know about the things that are not covered by most of them.

Points that are not covered in the insurance policy

  • Cancellation for everything is not covered in any insurance policy

One of the major concerns taken by almost every traveller is the cancellation of the air ticket. There are can be a ton of reasons behind the trip cancellation and entire points are not covered in the policy. Hence, it is crucial to go through the list of reasons that would be covered through a particular policy. If the reason behind the cancellation is not mentioned in the policy, you would not get any compensating amount in return. Proper documents should be presented if the cancellation is due to any medical reasons.

  • Any kind of pre-existing conditions

A pre-existing condition is referred to anything that happens before you purchase the insurance policy. Special attention should be given in such cases. If you claim on the basis of medical grounds, it is important to present essential documents and proof of the medical treatment. They would particularly determine when the condition started showing up lately. If it is a pre-existing condition, no compensation can be claimed through a travel insurance policy.

  • Leaving the belongings without attending it

Some policies genuinely cover the losses of the belongings due to theft or robbery. But if you leave it at unsecured spots or doesn’t attend it at any cost, such claims would not be covered. In order to avoid such a scenario, take special care of your belongings especially when you are at a public place. In order to claim the loss, police report or FIR is required to ensure your demands or claims are genuine.

  • Self-inflicted injury

During the trip, if you end up causing harm to yourself intentionally, the treatment of such injuries will not be covered by the insurer. So, even if you get seriously injured during a suicide attempt, you will have to pay for the treatment from your pocket.

  • Adventure sports

It feels certainly exciting to experience the thrill of adventure sports. River rafting, paragliding, snorkelling, sea surfing, rock climbing, etc. are some of the most popular adventure sports that tourists often take part in. If you get injured during the action, remember that your travel policy will not cover the expenses of medical treatment.

Why taking travel insurance policy so important?

There are several instances that you might come across in the course of a trip. Whether you are travelling solo or with your family members on vacation; what sorts of risk would occur can’t be predicted. Check out the benefits here.

  • There are several interruptions that might occur during trips and can become the foremost reason for its cancellation. In case of any emergency situations before or during the trip, you are bound to cancel the trip. As the payments for your air tickets and accommodations are already done, therefore you have to bear the cancellation charge to some extent. Such expenses are covered through insurance policies.
  • Travel insurance acts as the source of monetary compensation in case of any misfortune striking your trip. Apart from financial recovery, there are lots of other options through which one can be benefitted.
  • As a matter of fact, travel insurance policies even include medical evacuation. It means that travellers don’t need to pay any transportation expenses in case of a medical emergency. Such expenses would be covered through the insurance policy.

Travelling is, undoubtedly, a fun-filled experience but can turn into a nightmare if proper planning is not done. Before you are trodden with the heavy losses, some planning should be done so that you can deal with the losses.