How to Protect your Valuable Computer Data from Cyber Attacks


Whatever business you are in, you must have a strong online presence, and in these times of complex viruses, the risk of a cyber-attack is a reality for everyone. It isn’t just malicious code that is a problem, with a daily delivery of spam, or unsolicited emails that only clutter up your inbox, and fortunately, there are affordable solutions that will not only protect your business against malicious code that comes with attachments, it will also filter out spam emails before they even arrive at your inbox.

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Cloud Based Solutions

In former times, protecting your critical data meant installing complex software onto each of your workstation computers, and aside from using up valuable resources, it is also slow and relatively unpredictable. Cloud based anti-spam software offers many benefits, and can be accessed from any location, and all you need is a device that can connect to the Internet. The user friendly interface is easily accessed once you login, and from there you can monitor all incoming emails and make any adjustments to the filtering configuration. One of the best software applications, Mailcleaner offers a range of cloud based packages, and with round the clock technical support, all of your employees’ inboxes will be protected at all times.

Anti-Spam Benefits

Having a cloud based system that filters all email accounts allows the user to decide what happens to suspicious emails, and we must always remember that viruses use emails to travel, and if an unexpected email arrives and it has an attachment, you should never double click it. This would automatically set the virus into attack mode, and once it is on your hard drive, it can do whatever it was programmed to do, which could be anything from deleting files to stealing confidential data. With a cloud based software applications, all your workers’ email accounts can easily be protected, and there are no complex hardware additions required, as the software is installed on the provider’s servers. Once the client’s DNS settings have been changed, all incoming email will automatically be directed to the cloud server, where they are screened before being forwarded on to the destination email address.

Online Providers

If you would like to know more about cloud based anti-virus solutions, there are online providers, and with their special skills, they monitor the system round the clock, adding updates whenever necessary. An online search would certainly land you on the website of such a provider, and once you have made contact, they can advise you every aspect of data protection, and the actual installation takes less than 15 minutes. Prices depend on how many email accounts you want to protect, and whether you have a handful or hundreds of employees, there is a package that will suit your needs.

The user can easily access the easy to understand interface from any location, as the software is cloud based, and once you have logged in, you can monitor and make filtration adjustments as necessary. This type of protection is very affordable and does not require your valuable computing resources in order to perform efficiently.