What Does a Conveyancing Solicitor Do and Why You Just Might Be in Need of One


Someone who is a professional conveyancing solicitor, is somebody whose niche speciality is in the world of real estate law.


  • They assist buyers and sellers with all types of legal aspects of property transference of real estate transactions, which also includes the placing or removing of liens.
  • Sellers can also use the services of a conveyancing solicitor to help in resolving title claim disputes as well. Purchasers will also usually appoint one to help with settling any obstacles on the property, prior to completing a sale.
  • Commercial enterprises also make good use of a skilled commercial solicitor in London to make certain that any plans for construction comply with all local zoning rules and regulations.

The transference of a lawful title can be a complex process, and if not undergone properly, the buyer may lose not only the rights, but also the title. For example:

A buyer may not end up with an unmarketable title because they did not do a total search to establish a clear chain of title.

The trained solicitor is professionally able to deal with all of the legal challenges and pitfalls which comes with transferring ownership of real estate, and will protect his or her client’s interests.

Having the Know How

Solicitors are aware of exactly how the law works, and can thus ensure that a title is correctly researched, and that the property can be transferred free of liens or any other such related setbacks. Business owners may and do face challenges with regard to the acquisition of permits or permission to build a new real estate, or to change the use of existing property in accordance by law.

Property might also be transferred by dishonest means, and a solicitor may be asked to legally undo a transfer or assist in suing for damages. Acts of fraudulence can include:

  • The transference of property to a spouse to evade creditors
  • The making of delays in debt collections

Creditors may hire conveyancing solicitors to help litigate such dim matters in a court of law, and to petition the court to invalidate the transfer.

A Highly Active Job!

  • Contract preparation and negotiating are two of the major tasks of a solicitor
  • They are professionally trained to spot any issues within the contract as well as any omissions that must be inserted to help their clients and satisfy all local laws
  • They have to put together all of the paperwork required to finalise the conveyance, or should the opposing counsel do so, they will be at hand to make sure they have all of the necessary paperwork
  • Clients quite often consult with them and ask for expert advice about the selling or buying process and assist them with any queries when they are in the dark regarding proper legal processes

Know that should you be in need of one that you are dealing with a highly trained and skilled expert.