Getting a New Self Defense Ring: A Buying Guide

Self Defense Ring

If you are planning to buy a self defense ring, it’s better for you to read a buying guide. This is particularly helpful for first-time buyers. Not for long, it’s more likely that you will notice an undersaturated market for self-defense rings. This means that there’s a huge market for defense rings, but only a few products are available. Ideas and innovations are even fewer. The following factors must be considered when you are out for a new defense ring:

The Practical Side of the Defense Ring

It’s significant to look into the practicality and usefulness of the ring. Try to check if the ring you want to have has maintenance requirements. For example, stun gun rings require charging while pepper spray rings will need a liquid replenishment.

The Ring’s Legality in Your Locality

Some countries and cities don’t allow the use of a self defense ring knife with a blade of a certain length. Others prohibit the use of stun gun rings and pepper spray rings. Before you buy one for yourself, check your local laws so you can wear your defense ring without any legal issues.

Everyday Use

Make sure that you can use the self defense ring daily. If it’s not something that you can use daily, it’s better not to buy it at all.

Effectiveness in Defense

It’s best to check on the self defense ring and to look at its capacity to deter or disable a predator. You have to remember though that the defense ring has its limitations due to its size. In general, these rings are also less-lethal if not non-lethal. Any self-defense ring is often paired with a knife, pepper spray, or a stun gun. It will also make a good combo with technology.

The Appearance

The appearance of the self defense ring is highly significant especially those that are for women. This will enable them to wear it as a daily jewelry. In the first place, they don’t know when they will find themselves in a dangerous situation.

Ease of Use

You would benefit a lot from a defense ring that is easy to use. Try to find out if it requires some practice or training for you to enjoy its maximum benefits.

Access and Quick Response

It’s useless to buy a self defense ring that is not accessible or available in your area. One other thing is to ensure the response time involved in arming the weapon once the attacker starts to assault you. The ring must also be useful for your particular level of strength and speed of work. Using a baseball bat for defense is fine with just about everyone, but not for the elderly.

Cost and Your Financial Capacity

Modern protective jewelry in general is costly. For a defense ring, you have to set aside around $30 to $200 for a brand-new piece. Buy it from companies that offer flexible payment terms with no interest.

Expected Usage

Bear in mind that traditional defense rings are different from daily self defense rings. A defense ring that is designed as a weapon can be worn during certain situations such as jogging alone in the park. The daily self defense ring is daily jewelry which makes it a great investment.