Cameras Installed for Security Reduce the Threat of Crime


The use of a closed circuit TV (CCTV) camera system is valuable in deterring criminal activities. The system is designed with a closed circuit that is transmitted to a display monitor, recording device, and camera. CCTV installations are normally used for video surveillance in banks, governmental agencies, and large retail shops. Because of a reduction in cost for their manufacture, these surveillance systems are now commonly used in private residences and smaller companies as well.

This type of camera system is also often seen in large metropolitan areas, or at large hosted events. CCTV surveillance has also become integrated in traffic law enforcement. In this instance, the system is used to track traffic, permit emergency access, and plan construction.

CCTV – Used in Both Train Stations and Airports

Most of the train stations and airports around the world now use CCTV security systems as well. The cameras have been added to prevent incidences of terrorism. Video feeds are regularly monitored by law enforcement to make travel safer too.

A Wired or Wireless Connection

Any camera that can broadcast a signal can be affixed to CCTV security camera systems in Perth. The surveillance system can be either wired or wireless. Nevertheless, this form of security is often associated with high-end surveillance cameras. For instance, PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras are often used in CCTV systems. These cameras enable a user to control the camera from a remote location. Therefore, the type of lens that is used depends on the area of the camera installation and the camera’s application.

Fixed Lenses

Fixed aperture lenses, as their name suggests, are fixed and therefore cannot be adapted for lighting or distance. Because they are lower in price than other types of lenses, these lenses are used on CCTV cameras in indoor venues where the lighting is constant.

Adjustable Lenses

Adjustable lenses come in both manual and automatic models. Manual lenses can be adapted to various lighting conditions by hand, whilst auto iris lenses automatically make the adjustments to capture the best possible picture. Usually adjustable lenses are employed in outdoor surveillance camera installations.

Zoom Lenses

You can also use zoom lenses for surveillance purposes. Whilst manual zoom lenses permit you to adjust the camera’s focus manually, motorised zoom lenses eliminate the need for a manual adjustment. Automatic zoom lenses are designed to automatically focus on people or objects within view.

Hidden Cameras

You can also integrate a hidden camera for CCTV viewing and surveillance. As a result, a user can record the criminal activities of another party. Therefore, hidden cameras are often successful in capturing the evidence needed to charge a criminal. However, because they are hidden, these cameras do not deter crime like cameras that can be seen in full view. Nonetheless, you can still install a dummy camera with a hidden camera for extra protection, if necessary.