Comprehensive Building Services – The One Stop Way to a Successful Build


Technology has resulted in many changes in business practices, and with digitalisation, things have certainly become much quicker and more convenient. Some industries, such as the construction business, have morphed into a comprehensive service that covers every aspect of a project, and this makes things much easier for the customer, as they only have to deal with a single company. A person who wishes to build their dream home, or a company that is looking to construct a specific workspace would benefit greatly from such an organisation, and sourcing the right builder means they have you covered in every aspect of the project. If you are planning a project in the near future, here are just some of the services the modern builder might offer.

  • Air Conditioning & Heating – This is an essential service for any new property, and if you are thinking of installing a modern energy efficient HVAC system, this will handle your climate control all year round. If your business or home is based in the West Country, the ideal people to contact are Mitchell’s in Gloucester, a family owned business that offers a complete one stop service for all aspects of building and fitting. Every business or home requires climate control, and modern systems are designed around the building, making the very efficient, and with effortless adjustment, the interior will always be at a comfortable temperature.
  • Refrigeration – Many businesses require a level of refrigeration, and this is something the modern building services contractor could undertake. Similar to the climate control system, any refrigeration would be designed and built specifically for that premises, and with the very best quality appliances and professional installation, your cold storage issues can be settled by the same contractor.
  • Electrical Services – The days of calling in an electrician are numbered, with comprehensive firms that have you covered in every respect. If it is a commercial premises, the electrical system needs to be designed from the ground up, whatever the size of the project, and with designing and installation services, all your electrical needs can be handled by a single company.
  • IT Data and Communications – This is an essential component to any modern business, and there are building service companies that have a separate IT team who have the experience to handle even the largest of projects. UPS systems can be installed to guarantee you stay online, even in times of a power outage, so your business never has to be offline. The company would also be able to install and configure LAN and VoIP systems that many businesses rely on for all their communications.
  • Project Management – If your project is sizeable, the building services company can take the helm and arrange every stage of the project, and this means you only have to deal with the project manager, who would liaise with all the relevant professions to ensure the project is completed on time.

Modern building service contractors now offer a one stop service for every aspect of a construction project, which has to be good news for the client, who no longer has to communicate with half a dozen contractors.