Working in the Food and Hospitality Industry


As part of our career discussions today we are going to take a look into the food and hospitality industry. Naturally, this enormous industry features a large number of job positions and experiences which we will take a look at, as well as focusing on what food and hospitality courses there are available for anyone out there who wishes to embark on a career within this industry. Let’s take a look then at what types of people work in this sector, what jobs positions are available and what training or qualifications you can get which will help you to succeed.

What Categories Fall Into This Industry

Within the food and hospitality industry there are the following sectors:

  • Accommodation
  • Food and beverage
  • Travel
  • Tourism
  • Events
  • Sports and Recreation

This industry makes up 1 in every 10 jobs within the global economy.

What Kind of People Work In The Industry

Naturally, the various positions throughout this industry require different characteristics and personalities but the key theme which runs throughout every job role is service. The reason why the food and hospitality industry exists in the first place is to serve people, so anyone working within the sector should have a great understanding when it comes to those. Those who study for a food and hospitality diploma, for example, should be those who are empathetic and keen to give people a wonderful experience.

Career Opportunities

As you can imagine with so many specific sectors, there are a plethora of potential careers for you within these industries, and here are some examples of what you may be able to do within the food and hospitality industry.

  • Hotel operations
  • Luxury
  • Entertainment
  • Cooking
  • Hospitality management
  • PR
  • Project management
  • R and D

When it comes to studying your course such as a food TAFE, this will be dictated heavily by which career it is that you wish to go into.

Benefits of this Industry

This is an industry which offers those who are working in it a fun and exciting career which will include working alongside and for many people of all walks of life. There are many pathways for climbing up the career ladder in all sectors and this is a growing sector which offers a great amount of job satisfaction and security.


As aforementioned the type of qualification which you take on will be heavily inspired by the area of the industry in which you wish to work. Many of the skills which you learn will be transferable but the qualification itself will depend on your entry-level. For example, a free food TAFE is a great qualification for anyone who wishes to work within kitchens in this sector or perhaps even in the food and beverage industry. Alternatively, you may wish to look at gaining your diploma or Bachelor’s degree in areas like travel and tourism or management if you prefer to look into the hotel or airline sector.

If you enjoy working with people from all different backgrounds and you believe that you have what it takes to offer excellence when it comes to service and hospitality then this could very well be the perfect career choice for you.