An Insight into Vidmate and GB whatsapp 2018


GB WhatsApp has found a lot of takers and people have gone on to abandon the conventional app. For most of us we want to undertake numerous things with an app as this is going to limit us. With this app, you can not only send but even write as well. By this app you can send out 600 broadcast messages at a single time and rather than 30 images you can send out 90 images with a single click.

Not only in terms of increased file size limits, is it possible to write up a status of 255 characters that is more than the normal version of the app. In the group names there are a lot of characters you can store. All the features of GB whatsapp 2018 are available to the users you are planning to use them. These are some of the popular features mentioning about this app that have made people use them.

Another app that has also attracted a lot of users is Vidmate. Make it a point that you download Vidmate 2019 as it is incorporated with all essential features. The features are as follows

  • You can download videos in any format of your choice
  • The personal data is possible to be secured with passcodes
  • From all downloaded videos you can set default media player
  • From this video downloading app feature of live steaming
  • There is no need for a Google account for downloading this app as APK file would suffice
  • You can download from various sources
  • The possibility of pausing and resuming downloads at your own will
  • For faster downloads set your own default video steaming service

Though YouTube might allow you to download videos, but there are some limitations of this app. This is not the only app as there are numerous other apps in the market. With YouTube you have to view and download videos on this platform as you cannot access files in a different way.

It is possible to download and steam videos from social sites. Some of them are going to allow you to online whereas in case of others this is not going to be the case. Suppose there is no internet connection as you are still looking to watch your favourite videos. At this juncture Vidmate app is going to be of immense help.

One more reason for downloading this app is that you can share videos from one platform to another. There is a strong possibility that you might come across a video on Facebook and you might be looking to upload it on social platforms. In such cases you might not even want to share the direct link and still want to share the video. Then it would call for a situation where you first download the video and save it on to your mobile phone. From there you can upload it on to the social media site.

Even your favourite video app is not going to support all formats. But with Vidmate 2019 this is hardly a problem