Why Repair Experts are Investing in the iPhone X Back Glass Repair with Laser Machine

Laser Machine

iPhone users admittedly live in a different world than Android users. However, the luxury of using an iPhone (especially the latest models) comes at a cost. We’re not talking about the high prices of these phones – we mean the additional repair costs. The latest iPhone models (X, XS, XS MAX), all feature back glasses. These back glasses are meant to act as shields but are extremely fragile. What’s worse than having a brand-new iPhone with a broken back glass cover? Apple stores charging users $349–$600 to repair them! Yes, there are no affordable screen replacement options for iPhone users. These users depend on low-cost mobile phone spare parts wholesale China. Thankfully, the mobile repair industry finally has a solution for these users.

Laser Machines

Laser machines are devices that shoot laser beams at the adhesive layers that hold the phone and the back glass together. This adhesive is so strong, removing it without lasers means causing irreparable damage to your phone. With the help of these laser tools, cell phone repair experts are able to provide their clients with wholesale iPhone X screen replacement at low costs! Since there’s little labor involved, the repair charges are minimal. Plus, repair experts are able to fix multiple phones in a day. So, their profit margins, too, are off the charts thanks to these laser tools.

Time-Effective Repairs

In the past, iPhone users used to contemplate spending heavy amounts on back glass repairs. They spent days without repairing their broken back glasses. The cracks in the glasses got clogged with moisture and other dust particles during this wait. This accumulation of dirt made the repair process more challenging and hence expensive. However, with iPhone x back glass repair with laser machine, users no longer have to wait. They can take their broken iPhone X back glass and have it fixed with the laser machine in no time.

How Long Does It Take?

Experts prefer to spend as much time as possible with the machines. Don’t expect to wait for more than three hours. Compared to Apple Store charges, individual laser machine experts charge peanuts. Users also have the option to get custom-engraved back glasses with the repair. After removing the broken glass layer, the repair experts add new adhesive on the phone and place it into clamps so that it dries faster. Within a few hours, your back glass is as good as new!