Get The Most Out Of Investing In Pink Australian Diamonds!


Often it is said that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, and surprisingly it is true when it comes to pink diamonds. Pink is such a hue that resonates with the personality of women and loved by all. And, when it is said about diamonds, women would love to try them. Besides women, it is the investors who know the real deal of these high-end assets. If you are planning to invest in these diamonds, here’s what you are going to achieve.

You bring an extremely rare jewel in your house

Though pink is quite a regular colour for people and is used in plenty of precious stones, for diamonds, this is not common. You may see women out there displaying their white diamonds on their rings, whereas pink is still considered an extremely uncommon piece of gemstone. Collectors or investors love to possess unique pieces of jewellery and these diamonds are one of them. Invest in them and see how you become the talk of the town.

They are not found all over the world

This unusual jewel is mostly found in Argyle Mine, located in the western part of Australia. This is a globally popular mine which produces more than ninety per cent of pink diamonds. After they are extracted out of the mine, they are cut, polished and sold in the market. Besides Western Australia, Russia, Brazil, Canada and South Africa are some of the countries where you can find these gems.

You invest in one of the most valuable pieces

The colour pink itself makes these gems a rare piece to find on the Earth. Moreover, the mines are located in some of the places, which makes availability odd. The cut, clarity, intensity and shape further add to its price. If you want a secondary hue, you need to pay more than the regular ones.

The origination of pink colour is still unknown

These pink gemstones come with a secondary colour, which makes them more exclusive to own one. There are orange-pink and purple-pink, and collecting any one of them from an auction house is worthy of your investment. However, it is still unknown how these precious stones get the pink hue; it is safe to say that the colour is caused due to the deformation of the rock’s structure.

You invest in the most famous diamond available in the world

Due to its rarity, the value of pink diamonds has automatically increased in the world. It is found in Daria-i-Noor and weighs around 182 carats. Additionally, it has also found its place in Noor-ul-Ain. The gem is used in the centre of the wedding tiara of Farah Pahlavi, an Iranian Empress.

Amongst all the colours, pink is ruling the market because of its exceptional beauty and rare availability. After knowing how much value it holds in the market and how it will be worthy of your investment, you must be tempted to buy one and flaunt your status in front of all. Get in touch with the most reliable diamond company to purchase one.