Why are more and More Employers in Favour of a CRB Check


Companies that are looking to hire new workers are now increasingly opting to perform background checks on people for various reasons that often relate to company protection. Some businesses and individuals are more concerned about criminal records bureau checks than others.


  • The CRB check itself, concentrates on any past criminal activities of a person or persons and lets the inquiring customer be fully knowledgeable of any sorts of criminal offences in the past that the subject of the CRB check has been convicted of.
  • Any company wishing to take on new employees would surely wish to be aware if any of its potential new employees have anything dark or sinister in their past, due to the possibility of the same offence being committed again.

Employers Are the Biggest Clients

  • Anyone can carry out a criminal records bureau check on anybody they wish, but in most cases, they are carried out by management with regards to new employees or a landlord wanting to check if a potential tenant has a good past record.
  • Certain employers with regard to particular areas of employment are legally required by strict laws to check every single employee who is seeking employment working with children, the elderly and disabled people.
  • Employers must check criminal records for child abuse and child abduction and over the past few years, it has also become necessary to look for any type of crimes involved with suspected terrorist types of activities.

Not Always Necessary

If a CRB check is not required by law, many employers select to conduct one anyway for their very own interests. When a business has gone on and hired an employee, they may be deemed liable for that employee’s actions, so if any company has made a bad choice in hiring, it can eventually work out costly in many ways. Not only will a poor decision create financial woes with the requirement of a payout in lawsuits or losing funds to deceitful activities, but the business can also receive damage to their good name.


For individuals or employers who wish to conduct a CRB check on somebody they will have a number of options.

  • In the past, there have always been people such as private detectives or investigators out there who were and still are traditionally employed to run a background check on people and persons for usually the smaller sized businesses.
  • For companies that required multiple CRB investigations, there are companies who specialise in employment screening.

Plus, anyone who wishes to carry out a CRB check on somebody can simply do so nowadays via an online data broker. However:

  • Employers must be cautious whilst CRB enquiries on the internet are made, especially data that can accessed by the general public as it might not be so much in depth as is desired.
  • This is where a professional company with high tech data mining comes into play.

So, make sure that you have access to real information from a professional, experienced and reliable service.