Buy Backing Tracks of Music to Play in Your Business


Many businesses use instrumental music in the background to provide a soothing atmosphere for their customers. Department stores, some medical offices, and restaurants will often have background music playing. The source of the background music may come from a streaming service or a radio station or you can download music online.


Why Do Businesses Play Music?

Along with providing a more relaxing environment for customers, it also provides a soothing atmosphere for the staff working in retail or office spaces. When companies provide music, it also helps to boost productivity.

Statistics show that business owners, workers, and customers enjoy it when they hear music in gyms, restaurants, shops, or offices. Approximately 84% of shoppers like hearing music while shopping, 88% of managers agree that music provides a better work environment, and 77% of business owners say that music increases their employees’ output.

Regulations Regarding Music

If recorded music is played for public consumption in a business, then it requires obtaining a PRS (Performing Rights Society) licence for your business. Recorded music is considered music from CDs, vinyl records, tapes, the radio, and streaming services.

This licence is issued by companies who make sure that composers, songwriters, producers, and publishers are paid when their works are played in public in commercial environments. Even though a business owner may not be playing music to gain commercially from it, it can help enhance the business and draw more customers to the establishment.

A PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) licence will probably be required as well. Companies selling these licences make sure that singers, bands, orchestras, and record companies are also paid for the works that they have produced and distributed. However, instead of paying for licences to use recorded music in your business, you can get around the regulations by purchasing backing tracks.

What Is a Backing Track?

Backing tracks are recorded musical tracks that don’t include the lead vocal or instrumental tracks. They only include the vocals from the backup singers and instrumentals from the backup musicians. These tracks are made from popular songs so many of them will be recognisable to whomever is listening to the tracks. When using backing tracks, purchasing PRS and PPL licences is not necessary.

Music Variety

You’re not stuck having to choose from second-rate music in genres that no one ever listens to when you purchase backing tracks. Instead, you can choose from any genre you wish such as rock, gospel, jazz, or country. The songs will be the same ones recorded by popular singers and musicians, only without the lead vocals and instruments.

If there is a certain song that you want, you can discover where to find a backing track online for it. There are many companies that offer backing tracks for businesses and for DJs who want to create unique mixes from the tracks. You can either download the backing tracks that you want to play over your company’s stereo system or many services will provide you with custom tracks to play for your restaurant clientele if you don’t like the selection online.