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Luxury is always like a dream come true. When we talk about moving, most of the timesour main aim is to go through cost effectivemoving and so we refer to assess your budget properly and plan it accordingly.

But there are certain occasional times, when you can prefer to go for luxury moving brand for your shift. Good set of reasons can be drawn to reach out for luxury moving and some of them are listed for you, so that you get sure to make your process luxury is a must.

Fine art and antiques

A traditional company will be “careful” with your art and antiques, but the best national moving companies specialised in luxury moves will offer custom crating and packing, and will appreciate the value of irreplaceable pieces. They know that a “one-size-fits-all” packing approaching does not work with these items. Trained experts will offer one-of-a-kind crating procedures to ensure a safe transport, regardless if they are dealing with robust marble sculptures, renowned paintings, or age-old documents.

Wine collection

The average mover has no idea how delicate a wine collection is. Obviously, if you are just moving a handful of bottles you may be able to handle them yourself. However, if you have a full collection then you likely are dealing with varied temperatures. Aged selections should not undergo excessive shaking, and need to remain at a consistent temperature. This is a service a luxury company will offer.

Grandfather clock

If you have a grandfather clock that you won’t leave behind no matter what, then you should know that attempting to move it by yourself is rather risky, one move however can damage the forever high valued article.

A grandfather clock must be disassembled properly and so here we would suggest you to do the right thing and trust a full service luxury moving company to take care of your precious grandfather clock.

Musical instrument 

If you own a compact musical instrument such as a guitar, a saxophone or a flute or something similar, then you should consider transporting them in your own vehicle. However if you are planning on moving a piano, an organ, or number of large instruments, thenyou will like to trust a top rated company. Hiring a luxury moving service is a great option when you are moving a piano. As you know piano are complex.

  1. Pool table

Pool tableis considered luxury item for many, not because of its high price but because it requires a larger  space to install it.

Don’t risk moving a pool table by yourself, they are massive and will cost you a good amount if damaged.. There are excellent luxury moving companies that will gladly give you a hand during the complicated period of moving between two homes.

While hiring a luxury moving company is important, do not forget to ask for moving quotes to assess the finances.