Tips on do’s and don’ts of packing for college


What you need to pack is the hardest part of any packing but remember that it is equally important to know how to pack especially for students because they have to fit a lot of their things in a very small and shared space. That is where the tips from the best interstate moving companies on do’s and don’ts of packing for students come into play.


Make a list of what to bring

The first task you have to do is make a list of the items that you have to bring in your college dorm. If you don’t make the one, you will forget a lot of things that you need. Whenever you remember an item, just add it on the list. This will help you to bring all the items that you will need there.

Have a conversation with your roommate before packing

It is recommended you to have a conversation with your roommate before the start of your packing. There are a lot of items that both of you need only one so both of you can divide such items. It will make packing and storing of items easier for both of you.

Bring a business worth outfit

It is recommended you to bring a business worthy outfit even when you are considering that you are not in the need. But remember that colleges will make you to visit several industries as well as makes you meet with professionals. In such cases having a business worthy attire will create a difference.

Use your towels and clothes to move fragile items

It does not only help you to move your fragile items safely but as well as helps you to reduce the cost of the storage supplies. Use your socks, towels and other clothes to pack items instead of using packing paper.


Don’t bring items of other seasons

If you are planning to visit your home before winters then it is not recommended you to take shoes and clothes for that season. At that time, you can swap those items with the sundresses and shorts. Therefore, you would not need extra space to keep those.

Don’t pack anything that is prohibited

Almost all colleges have certain rules on what you can bring and what you can’t. Things such as toaster, candles could in forbidden list. Check the list twice before packing and don’t bring anything that is prohibited.

Don’t pack clothes that you have not worn in last year

You will not go to wear the garments that you have not worn in the last year or even before. Don’t pack clothes that you are not going to wear. Only pack which ones you love to wear.

Don’t ever neglect to the label of your boxes

Certain students consider that labeling would not help them as they have to open all the items they pack. But it is not true. Labeling your boxes will offer you an overview that what it contains inside it. And after knowing this, there will be tons of boxes that you don’t need to open immediately. Also, it helps you to keep your packing process organized.

Donot forget to discuss the moving requirements with the house movers before you start the process.