What You Need to Learn Before Starting a Dropshipping Company


Due to explosive growth in the ecommerce industry, starting a dropshipping company is becoming one of the easiest ways of making money. Numerous online platforms have made it easy for almost anyone to start an online store. The capital investment is also low, with the possibility of starting an online store with as little as $20. Although starting a dropshipping business is continuously becoming easier, there are several things you need to learn as you pursue this journey.

Dropshipping Involves Selling Merchandise without Inventory

The dropshipping business model allows you to sell merchandise to customers without having to hold any inventory. Normally, the customer will purchase an item from your online store at a retail price. Once you receive the order, you forward it to the supplier and pay the wholesale price. The supplier will then ship the item directly to the customer, but under the name of your business. You generate your revenues based on this profit margin.

Dropshipping is a Viable Business Model

 Most people are still cautious about dropshipping business, especially because of the hype around it. However, it is a viable business model that is fetching businesspeople six-figure digits. Information about this business model is still limited, but statistics give a clear picture of its performance. For instance, 22-33% of online retailers have already adopted this as their primary business model. As more people enter this growing field, it is expected that the global ecommerce sales related to dropshipping will rise to $4.48 trillion by 2021.

The Hardest Part is Finding a Good Supplier

The hardest part of running a dropshipping company is finding a good supplier. You want a supplier who will always have the products in store, sustain their quality, and fulfill orders in record time. Finding such a reliable business partner can be hard. Some pointers include low minimum order fees, experience with the dropshipping business model, fast shipping, and high-quality products.

Niche Store is More Profitable than a General Store

Drop shipping companies that focus on a narrow range of products have a higher chance of success than general range products. The reason behind this is clear as customers are more attracted to a business that specializes in a single product. For instance, a customer will be more compelled to shop at a Nike store than a general store. They believe that such stores know what they are doing and are likely to offer better customer services. Managing a niche store is also easier because you already know your target audience and can create a marketing strategy that works with them.

Some Products are Not Meant for Dropshipping

Although dropshipping simplifies the process of storing and shipping products, there are some products that do not work well with this model. The products that you choose for your company will determine the success or failure of your company. You want to sell products in high demand that are readily accepted in the market. Some of the products that you should avoid selling in your dropshipping business include copyrighted products, heavy products, fragile products, and technically complex products.

As you plan on starting a dropshipping company, make sure you understand the details of this business model. While this article does not cover everything, it gives you a brief explanation of what to expect.