In stock market, time and strategy are the two crucial facts than money


Answering the question how much money you need to invest in the stock market is fundamental. And, it is one of those answers that pleasantly surprises you. Many people think that to start investing in the stock market it is necessary to have a lot of money, and that it is only something available to the rich. To invest in real estate it is necessary to have enough money. On the other hand, for stock market it is not necessary to have much money.

It is best to start investing as soon as possible, since as you have seen before, time is the most important without any doubt. You must understand the market well so that you do not lose money instead of earning it. You cannot invest without knowing what you are doing, since that is the fastest way to lose money.

How much money do you need?

To start investing in the stock market you don’t need to have much money. The most important thing is time, not money. Imagine you are 30 years old right now. Maybe you already have a mortgage and a child on the way, and saving is difficult. Perhaps with effort you could save $ 200 per month, but that seems so little that you are delaying it. Those $ 200 per month, saved and invested in the stock market with a 7% annual return, do you know how much they transform when you are 65 years old? Therefore, the most important thing to invest in the stock market is not how much money you have or how much money you save, but when you start. The sooner you start, the more you will let compound interest act and more money you will have in the future.

It depends on the strategy

First strategy is Buy and Hold. If you buy single shares, each purchase will involve commissions. The second and third strategies are based on investment funds. Investment funds are another world. They have no purchase or custody fees, and in many of them you can invest even $ 50 per month. Some funds have a minimum investment of 1,000, some do not. Therefore, depending on your strategy, the minimum necessary to start investing in the stock market is €$50. In this case, you may also be interested in some automated manager who invests you without you having to do anything at all. As you can see, it is totally unnecessary to be rich to invest in the stock market.

The money you need to invest in the stock market will depend a lot on the investment strategy you choose. You have Upstox margin calculator to understand the typical calculation of stock market which will help you to understand the odds before investing in stock market. You do not need large amounts of money to start investing in the stock market since the most important thing is time and perseverance. All you need is to save something every month to be able to invest, and train before you start.