What Training Should Managers Have In A Business Relating To Health And Safety?

Business Relating To Health And Safety

It is important for managers in the workplace to be fully equipped with the right health and safety training in order for them to help ensure the employees that work for them are as safe as possible.   Even in environments such as modern offices, there are always hazards that people need to be aware of and more that employees and the company can do in order to reduce the risks.  Some of this involves purchasing of equipment such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other methods are more around communication and awareness of hazards around people.   Here are some suggestions on how managers can be better equipped.

Managers Safety Courses

Depending on the industry that people work in, there may be specific health and safety requirements that they need to be aware of (or laws) but there is a lot of generic rules, regulations and principles that are consistent.  Managers and supervisor need to be aware of their responsibilities to IOSH requirements and as such, it will help for them to go on IOSH managing safely courses. These courses range from one day courses to ones even up to a week.  Depending on the details and the content that people are looking to go through will determine which course suits best. Some companies immediately mandate that any manager that is accountable for managing people must go on these types of courses.

Workplace Assessments

If the company does not put the managers / supervisors through the managing safety course then they should still consider putting them through separate risk assessment training so that they can either complete these sorts of assessments or be aware of the ones that are active at the moment and ensure compliance / risk reduction.  The workplace risk assessments are completed around the area or environment that is applicable and ensures that each hazard that people will come into are discussed, assessed and risk mitigation factors put in place.  It is not always possible to eliminate the risk in totality and in these instances more preventative accident measures would be considered (such as additional PPE).

Company Policy

Despite the ISOH and regulatory requirements, managers should be fully aware of their companies own policy on Health and Safety. This is sometimes trained out to new managers are part of any induction or local courses or there may be literature to read.  When managers are aware of these policies it is very important that they cast the leadership shadow and if a policy says that in certain zones, PPE is to be worn (as an example), not only do they comply to this but the educate and coach individuals in the area who could be non-compliant.


Managers have a very important responsibility to ensure that their employees are safe and well within the workplace. The training they receive should be followed through on and risk assessments seen more as a working document to ensure preventative measures are put in place.