5 Awesome Facts About the Water Bottle Industry


The amount of water the average individual consumes a year is about 58 gallons. Water is essential to all life, making the water bottle industry a big part of the economy and our everyday. And it’s only getting bigger.

Our brain is 75% water and our blood is 92% water. For something we consume every day, the water bottle industry may seem very unknown. As supply and demand grow, bottled water should be an area given proper attention.

1. It’s Growing

While there has been an increase in people using reusable bottles for tap water, the bottled water industry is growing each year. And with the bottles recyclable, and have been made to be even more so and the industry changes, it has gotten better for the environment.

2. Good for You and the Earth

Bottled water uses less plastic and is less harmful to the planet than other plastic soda bottles and drinks. It’s also better for you. The average amount of water a person drinks has increased as more people switch from soda to water, and improve their health while lowering their sugar and chemical consumption.

3. Crucial in Emergencies

The water bottle industry works to provide millions of bottles to people in need all over the world. They have contributed to events like natural disasters as well as acts of terror such as 9/11. Bottled water can be readily handed out and used in many situations when tap water or other drinking methods would be impossible or even dangerous.

4. Purified or Distilled

Most bottled water is advertised as filtered or purified. This leaves the water clean and safe to drink, but water can also be distilled, which the water bottle industry doesn’t often employ.

Distillation simply means the water is turned into a vapor and then back into the water, so it leaves the water free of any minerals or chemicals that are not part of the pure water molecules. You can find water distillation for your home or for industrial use to produce clean water.

5. Required Labeling

The FDA requires that water bottle labels include the type of water it is, be it distilled, mineral water, purified water, etc. Knowing how to read that label is important if you regularly drink bottled water and have a preference. There are differences between these types of water, so be sure you know what you’re drinking.

The Water Bottle Industry For All

Water is not only needed to live but it helps keep us healthy and feeling good. It can help with our joints, regulate body temperature, allows our bodies to better absorb nutrients, and so much more. Without water, we couldn’t survive.

The water bottle industry is more than just bottles in recycling centers and landfills. It helps support people in crisis, provides numerous options for what kind of water you want to drink, and more.

Whether you prefer distilled water in your home or have a package of bottled water to keep on hand for guests or on the run, drink some water today and enjoy the easy benefits to your life. And if you found this article informative, check us out for more interesting facts and figures.