What is a Webinar And How To Host And Schedule A Webinar


webinarWebinars are known as the online events that syndicates HD video, live polls, integrated audio, etc. in order to connect with the audience. They make communication and interaction with the employees, customers, partners, and prospects easy. One can easily give demonstrations and presentations, and deliver important messages world-wide in a single go. There are many webinar software free and easy to use. Their description lead to webinar software comparison that makes easy to decide which software to use. Following are some of the steps to set up and host a great webinar.

  • Choosing time and date.

Scheduling a webinar is important and must be scheduled at a time that suits well for the audience belonging to different time zones.

  • Selecting topic for the webinar.

A webinar must have a topic that motivates and informs the attendees. Addition of the guest speakers turn out great for the webinar if the subject content calls for it.

  • Customizing the brand.

There must be a relevant theme and an image for the landing page. Everything including the logo must mirror the brand under consideration.

  • Creating a hashtag for the webinar.

Webinars need to be promoted for which creation of the hashtags is a good start. Hashtags give the audience an easy and a trendy way to discuss and talk regarding it on the social media.

  • Inviting the people.

This is the step where the webinar or event needs more publicity, and it’s done by sending out the invitations to all the contacts in the email list, posting about it on the blog or website, and using hashtags on the social media. Creativity leads to more people attending the webinar.

  • Building the material for the webinar.

The content of the webinar needs to be taken care of since this is what really matters. Engaging and interesting slides, handouts, and polls make a great difference.

  • Practicing the webinar.

Setting the speakers according to the webinar controls and doing a test run beforehand is vital in assuring that everything go smooth.

  • Hosting the webinar.

All of the preparation pays off at this stage when one has to finally host the webinar. One must not forget recording it.

  • Following up.

It’s good to check up on the attendees after the webinar, and asking them whether they have any question regarding it.

  • Making the recorded webinar available.

After the hosting period, the recorded webinar helps to generate leads. Making it accessible on different platforms helps to attract more audience and in widening the reach.

Following the above mentioned steps lead to a successful webinar using the free webinar tools and software. Each of these steps are important to follow in order to create, publicize, and publish a webinar which in turn paves the way for effective results in business or other purposes.