New phone user in the house Get an add-on connection


Instead of buying a brand new postpaid plan for a family member, why not get an Airtel postpaid family plan and include them with an add-on connection?

Families are endless source of joy and laughter all our lives. The morning rush in the house as each person readies to go to college or work, the swapping of anecdotes about what happened during each person’s day, watching TV together or arguing over something – these are moments that delight and bind you to your loved ones.

Another factor that binds you to your loved ones? Paying each person’s phone bill. Not only do you track each person’s bill payment dates, you have to stay on top of every family member’s billing cycle so that they don’t get penalised for late payment. But paying all the bills and keeping track of the bill dates can become quite a hassle.

Simplify your life – get the Airtel postpaid family plan.

Why take the Airtel family plan?

There are no postpaid family plans being offered by any other mobile service providers apart from Airtel. The Airtel postpaid family plan is the definite plan that makes the entire family part of one postpaid plan – this makes account management a breeze. Bill payment for multiple Airtel subscribers within the same family has never been easier!

Consider how the Airtel postpaid family plan works:

In a nutshell, consider the simplicity of this postpaid family plan:

* You can add a family member or more for just Rs 199 per month. You can even take an add-on connection on your new Airtel postpaid individual plan (except the Rs 399 and Rs 499 plans).

* This is one of the most economical postpaid family plans – you can share the Internet with the entire family, the add-on cost is just Rs 199 per family member and all participating family members can enjoy unlimited calling facility. What’s more, it has the potential to save up to 20% on the overall bill, as compared to paying individual bills for each family member.

* Even prepaid Airtel users can be added to the Airtel postpaid family plan.

* This postpaid family plan helps you track the data consumption of each individual member, and also set limits on data usage of each member basis their requirements.

* The best feature of the Airtel family plan is that it generates a single bill per month, and you have to make a single payment against it – instead of separate payments for each member.

This sounds great! How can I get it?

Enrolling for the Airtel postpaid family plan is really easy. Just follow the steps outlined in the illustration below:

Step 1: Start by downloading the myAirtel app on your smartphone. Once the app is installed, open it and look for the ‘Family Banner’ on the screen.

Step 2: After clicking the Family Banner, you can start adding the respective family members and their 10-digit Airtel phone numbers to the plan.

Step 3: Each listed family member (that you included in the previous step) will now receive an SMS from Airtel. Ask them to verify themselves for the postpaid family plan via SMS, as directed. Once verified, they are included in the Airtel family plan.