What Are The Benefits Of Setting Up A Business In Dubai Free Zone?


A business that is looking for Dubai free zone company setup can get many benefits offered by the Dubai government. The Free Trade Zones (FTZs) are economic zones that offer tax-free and free customs duty to its expatriate investors. You also do not need a local partner when you establish a business venture in Dubai free zone. Read to find out the benefits of setting up a business in free zones.

A Dubai free zone company setup for a start-up or even an established company can clearly reap a lot of benefits. First of all it is important to understand that the free zones are different from the main business district of Dubai and fall under a completely different jurisdiction. Free zones are governed by a different set of rules and regulations and have a different framework in which they operate.

There are close to 40 free zones in the UAE and most of them are in located Dubai. These zones have been declared to be the best option for FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). Free zones usually have liberal trade policies and do not put too many restrictions on investors. However, not all businesses can be established in free zones. Some types of businesses cannot be established in Dubai, like political concerns, adult services and a few others. A detailed list can be found on Dubai government website or a business consultancy can assist you with it.

Here are some of the direct benefits that companies can look at from Dubai free zone company setup:

  1. You gain 100% ownership even without a sponsor for your business. Usually, the Dubai government requires a citizen to sponsor you to set up a business in the UAE; however, in free zones this is not mandatory.
  2. You can avail tax exemption in several ways. Tax-free zones are a boon for set-ups and new businesses that are just starting out. They can free themselves from the heavy taxes that are otherwise imposed on regular businesses.
  3. In free zones, you are allowed to own properties or long lease up to 25 years. You can also get warehouse facilities for production and assembling units.
  4. The renewal fees for licenses are very fair and cheap.
  5. You can get complete confidentiality for your business and only you and the government bodies have access to it.
  6. You will be allowed to open a bank account in Dubai on your name or your business name.
  7. There are no restrictions imposed on how many number of activities you can carry through your business. The nature of business can be expanded to more than one functionality.
  8. If you feel that your business is making losses and is not running too well, you can wind up at any time at your discretion. You can exit whenever you want without paying any penalty.


Opening a business using Dubai free zone company setup is very easy if you have the right consultant who is taking care of your business needs. So go ahead and find a consultant who can help you expand in Dubai and GCC countries through your free zone company setup.