Arnon Dror LinkedIn – 2 Key Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Consider Issuing Sweat Equity Shares


Entrepreneurs face a common dilemma after expanding their commercial operations up to a certain point. They have a very difficult time deciding whether to offer sweat equity shares to their top executives. At the end of the day, these are individuals who assist these proprietors in the decision-making process. They’ll obviously do whatever they can to make them happy and content with their jobs. This implies adequately rewarding these employees for all the effort and time they devote. However, these businessmen are reluctant to take such a step for one important reason. It means forgoing full ownership and control of their establishments. They may not be acceptable to them.

Arnon Dror LinkedIn – Why should entrepreneurs offer sweat equity shares to their top executives?

Very few financial executives can boast of achieving the same accolades as Arnon Dror. This master graduate in business administration is cut above the rest in the business world. His illustrious career expands 20 years. During this time, he has a distinction of occupying the office of Vice President in many companies. Xerox, Creo Inc., Scitex, Kodak, Creo Americas and Presstek are just a few of them. In each of these establishments, the officials say he is the architect of their concern’s transformation. They acknowledge his exceptional track-record in the area of internal reconstruction. Many of them even regard him as specialists in many diverse fields. These include internal control, international taxation, cash flow management, ERP integration, corporate mergers, and strategic management. Entrepreneurs just need to browse through the Arnon Dror LinkedIn profile to know more about him.

This financial expert says entrepreneurs go out of their way to hire the right professionals. They are aware that these are individuals who can help them achieve their organizational goals. Losing them can be detrimental to their businesses over time. However, these employees also expect the owners to reward them for their loyalty and contribution. This is where offering them sweat equity shares comes into the picture. This professional state the following 2 important reasons why the proprietors should consider taking this step:

  1. Retaining the best brains and talent

Entrepreneurs formulate and implement a retention strategy for their workforce for a purpose. They want the important members of their staff to think twice before handing in their notices. The owners are aware that these individuals are very difficult to replace. They have knowledge, skills, and talents which make them stand out in the job market. Offering them sweat equity shares at reasonable prices enables the proprietors to achieve this objective. It gives the top executives a feeling that employers recognize their contribution.

  1. The employees assume greater responsibilities

After receiving sweat equity shares from their owners, the employees take up more responsibilities. They strive towards assisting the proprietors in achieving their organizational objectives. They focus all their efforts at enhancing the bottom-line profits of the businesses which hire them. To outsiders, they behave more like owners than staff members. This is a fact which entrepreneurs can afford to overlook.

Issuing sweat equity shares to important employees can work wonders for entrepreneurs. The above 2 important reasons to take this step proves this fact beyond any doubt. The owners just need to look at the Arnon Dror Video on the internet. With time, he comes to know it’s the right decision to take.