Top 3 News Stories This Week In Business


The top news of the week used to be delivered in the Sunday newspaper.

In certain areas, it still is, but most of us get our news by checking our favorite news site or following them on social media. We can hear about an event within minutes of it happening and track any new developments.

How does the news affect business? What new tech will catch your eye this week? Where are the biggest changes in business happening?

Keep reading to learn more about the top news stories this week in business:

Slow Vaccine Rollout

While the vaccines designed to combat coronavirus were designed quickly, their distribution has been the opposite. In many countries of the world, there have not been the doses administered that they had planned for by now.

This is important because a large number of the general population getting vaccinated will allow countries to open back up and lockdowns to be lifted. The longer this takes, the more businesses could lose money or shut down completely. Unemployment levels are unlikely to improve if businesses can’t reopen or function at a normal capacity in the near future.

New Strain, New Rules

With the new strain of the coronavirus quickly spreading across the UK, new measures have been put in place in an attempt to contain the spread.

Reports of hospitals returning to March levels of Covid-19 patients is concerning to businesses that were in the process of reopening in early 2021. The variant has appeared to be more contagious and spread quickly as a result.

Hospital employees are working around the clock to provide care for those affected but are also suffering from exhaustion as more and more people continue to contract the virus.

Top News Stories: Boeing Reaches Settlement

Boeing has faced extreme scrutiny recently over the safety risks associated with its 737 Max aircraft. This week they reached a $2.7 billion settlement with the justice department to resolve the criminal charge brought against them.

Settlements can occur in many areas of the business world as a way to come to an agreement during a dispute. Read this article about a settlement that was reached this past year in Florida.

The settlement with Boeing allows them to move forward in their reintroduction of the 737 Max back to flight. The many issues and concerns that have occurred over the last few years with the aircraft are said to have been addressed, although it is expected that the demand for the aircraft will not be the same.

Airline travel increased over the holidays but is not likely to continue at that same level with new restrictions being put in place in several areas of the world.

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