Tips for Classroom Design


0ff1571fbf2b67d99f5e05508c014380A classroom should be a space which is visually appealing to students, it is best to create an environment which helps children to learn, especially during key developmental stages of their life. Kids want to be surrounded by colourful, entertaining pictures and images, it is vital that you build an atmosphere which they can be fully immersed in. There are various ways to design your classroom, we will take a look at some of the key points to consider during interior design.

Consult a Refurbishment Expert

There are several companies who conduct commercial refurbishments who can help you design an excellent new classroom for your students. It is important to speak to a business who specialise in educational renovations or at the least have experience in this industry. If you are considering classroom building refurbishments in Coventry, make sure you contact an organisation with experience in classroom design. Search some companies online and try to find out whether they deal in the education sector, also ask out previous projects they have been involved in to find out what type of classroom environments they can create. They should have images of past projects on their website, so you can get an idea of how they operate and what kind of design concepts they can build.

Once you have found a professional refurbishment company, work closely with their design team to ensure you create a concept which you and your students will truly enjoy.

Colours & Classroom Layout

Research suggests that the type of colours and classroom layout are vitally important when designing a suitable learning environment for students to flourish. Environments can dictate the way to act, for example, most people act differently when visiting a fine dining restaurant in comparison to a fast food venue. Children will be far more respectful when they enter a clean, visually appealing classroom environment, they tend to act more responsible and take better care of the equipment and facilities. As a teacher, you want to be able to conduct classes in a setting where kids feel comfortable, safe and engaged.

Here are some great design elements to include in your classroom, which will keep kids interested and eager to learn.

If you are covering a particular book, make sure to frame a copy of it on the wall, create a colourful, inspiring border to surround it so students take note of it on a daily basis.

  • Use interactive boards, this keeps students engaged and ensures they take part in events.
  • Aim to create a homely atmosphere where children feel safe and relaxed.
  • Include as many plants as possible, aim to bring nature into the classroom.
  • Your design concept should stick with a consistent colour scheme.
  • Create a space which provides children with enough room to learn, and don’t pack your classroom with too many objects.
  • Set up different stations for specific learning drills (projects, presentations etc.)

A classroom is an important learning environment for kids so take time to carefully consider your new design.