How Can A Law Firm Assist With Commercial Litigation


4 Important Parts of Commercial Litigation SgarlatoA business may decide that it needs legal assistance for commercial litigation. There are lots of qualified lawyers who will be able to offer legal guidance. This guidance could be the difference between the company staying open and going under.

How can a law firm assist with commercial litigation?

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can come in many forms, so it is important that you have hired a firm such as MIR Solicitors for some kind of legal representation.

This could be a business-to-business dispute, where another party has failed to oblige by the contract that was signed.

It could also be a dispute between an employer and the company that they are working for, so lawyers can be hired to act as mediators in the case.

Property Lease Disputes

Your business might own properties that are leased to tenants. There may be a dispute over the lease that has been signed. Alternatively, you may be having a dispute with the manager of your own building.

A lawyer that has a large amount of experience with commercial property lease disputes is going to be able to help you to solve the issue once and for all. The same lawyer can be used anytime that you have a property lease dispute.

Professional Negligence

You might need to deal with accusations of professional negligence, or you may be an employee that wants to make this claim. This claim can be handled by a lawyer who has an innate understanding of the law that surrounds professional negligence.

Debt Recovery

Your business may have carried out work for a client that has not been paid for, which means that they are going to be in debt to your business. The client may be a fellow business that has ceased operating since the work was carried out by your firm.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholders are people who invest in your company in the hope that they are going to receive a return on the investment. You need to make sure that transparency is maintained with shareholders so they are aware of how well the company is performing.

Occasionally, you might have disputes with your shareholders. These disputes need to be handled with a large amount of tact, so make sure that you research several different lawyers until you find one that is going to be able to handle the case that you have presented to them.


Commercial disputes need to be resolved in an efficient manner so that you can carry on running your business or working. Contracts, debt, leasing and business disagreements can all be mediated by a lawyer with a large amount of experience. This is going to make the whole process seem much more manageable for you.

Retain the services of a quality lawyer so that they are going to be able to use them again in the future. They can be hired on a consultation basis, or you may want them to represent you legally.