Ten valuable statistics on sales enablement ROI

valuable statistics

If you are planning to incorporate sales enablement in your business, then you’re probably looking for some stats and figures that can help you make the decision. You’ve come to the right place, and below we have compiled some of the best valuable statistics.

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The costs of ignoring sales enablement:

1 – The misalignment of sales and marketing can cost businesses $1 Trillion per year by reducing sales productivity. And your marketing efforts get wasted too.

2 – As observed by Sirius Decisions, 2015 – The opportunity costs of wasted or under-used marketing content comes around $2.3 million for enterprise organizations.

3 – The failure of aligning sales and marketing teams around the right process and technology can cost B2B companies with a loss of 10% or more of their revenue in a year.

4 – According to Aberdeen, sales representatives spend up to 43 hours each month searching for the information.

5 – C5 Insight, 2015 – shows that 30% to 60% of CRM projects fail.

The results of incorporating sales enablement:

1 – More sales: Aberdeen, 2013 – Companies who employ high-quality sales enablement strategies experience 13.7% of annual growth in deal size or contract value.

2 – Better growth: Sirius Decisions, 2015 – Alignment of sales and marketing can deliver you with 19% more growth.

3 – Increased leads: Aberdeen, 2015 – Marketing teams that have high visibility into content utilization experience 33% more leads getting accepted by sales.

4 – More Quotas completed: Aberdeen, 2013 – Companies with top-notch sales enablement strategy has 84% of their sales representative achieving the quota.

5 – Increased revenue: Businesses that have aligned sales and marketing teams can obtain 208% higher marketing revenue as compared to misaligned teams.

In essence

The above statistics show the negative effects of ignoring sales enablement. And it also shows that using a sales enablement strategy can improve your sales and revenue significantly.