How Can Packaging Attract New Customers To Your Business


As a business, you want to boost sales whilst keeping the customer happy, but with products that lacklustre and packaging that is nothing new, you are unlikely to capture their attention. However, with interesting packaging, you can not on improve customer acquisition, but improve customer retention al whilst boosting sales in the long term.

Customers Look For Uniqueness

Though several contributing factors can affect a customer shopping experience with you, it is important to look at the packaging you have. The more unique the packaging is, the more likely people are to shop with you on a regular basis. This is because custom packaging such as printed paper bags and printed craft paper can make the customer feel valued as it shows you have put time into the packaging and value the user experience that your customers have.

The Unboxing Experience

With many people valuing the experience of opening an item, you want to make this as enjoyable as possible for customers. Therefore, making every element as customised and exciting as possible will help to provide a premium experience for your customers. This is evident in makeup brands as well as brands such as Nike that use branded tissue paper and unusual packaging for individual products to capture the attention of the customer and drive sales. This is a clever marketing tool that can be adapted by any business to grow their brand and increase sales over time.

Personalised Elements Can Lead To Brand Loyalty

By creating custom packaging, you are associating the brand with a premium quality product. This is beneficial for a small business in particular as a great product with amazing packaging can help to improve brand loyalty. This is crucial for those emerging into a crowded market as this has the potential to put you up there with some of the leading brands. As popularity surrounding the brand continues to grow, this will enable you to spend more on the packaging and make a fully enjoyable experience for your customers with every product that you make.

The More Creative The Better

Though it is important to be creative during this process it is also important that your packaging is practical. This is because it can cost more to manufacture and ship to stores. Therefore, keeping the shape simple but adding little details to the design is the perfect way to make a completely customised experience for your customers. Whether it is a container for a lipstick or a perfume bottle, being creative the shape and allowing your customers to enjoy opening and using the product. Also, customising the delivery process with a handwritten note or printed card can also help to make the packaging more personalised and make the customer feel valued every time they shop with you.

 Whether you ar start-up looking to stand out against competitors or you are a large company looking to redesign your packaging for a new release, we are sure that each of these will help you to ensure your packaging stands out.