Selecting the Finest Executive Protection Service in UK


A wide array of security measures and precautions that are taken to ensure the safety of the personnel the guards are hired for. Such measures are called Executive Protection (EP) services or Close Personal Protection services. The guards have the executives covered both domestically and when they travel overseas regardless of how challenging the situation could prove to be.

Choosing and hiring the right protection services in UK might sound like an easy deal but it is actually one of the most critical decisions executives make for the sake of their personal safety.

The real question is how an executive may ascertain they are hiring the best, most reliable protection services. Here’s the answer!

Things to Be Sure About When Hiring a Protection Service Provider

When hiring a protection service, one must ensure they are certain that the security company contacted has licensed security guards that deliver their 100% in ensuring the protection of individuals they are assigned to and get regular training to further hone the existing skills/techniques while learning about new ones. Westminster Security is such a London security company who is in business for many years and they are always a good decision for London close protection services.

The best thing that you can do is to run Westminster Security through the following criteria’s, and see how they match. If they all match, you’ll know that you will be making the right decision without trusting our word for it.

1. Quality

Remember, the sole criterion for hiring a protection service is not only to check if the guards have a gun and a car. Likewise, untrained and unqualified guards or those who only have former military training qualities can’t always qualify for such jobs.  What a protection service must be checked for is formal licenses and other necessary accreditations. They should be tested for their ability to perform the job they are meant to do, the overall quality of performance, and experience in the field.

2. Responsiveness

Responsiveness is important to be considered regardless of what type of service providers you are looking for, this includes the protection services in UK as well. Top-notch businesses do understand the importance of their customers and will not leave them unattended for a period of time that causes them to slip away. A protection service should be able to likewise attend to all domestic and international needs of the clients instantly.

3. Existing and Potential Clients

Analyzing the existing and potential customers of a service provider is the best way their authenticity and reputation can be gauged. Don’t forget to ask or find out who the EP service providers have served and who they intend to serve to get an idea of how reliable they are.

4. Costs

A good protection service will have standardized costs regardless of what level of career their client is. They shouldn’t be charging the executives excessively high just because of their titles, except when there is a difference in the range of duties of the guards assigned. Nonetheless, the price can never be the sole determinant for such a selection and the final decision should consider all other factors instead of just the price. Sometimes low price implies low quality but so can high prices; so choose wisely!