Security Rated Doors Explained


Security Rated Doors

If you were to ask the question, “Just how secure is a door?” There might be varying opinions on its protective qualities, and for this reason, there is a security rating system in place, which gives a benchmark across a range of industries to establish the level of security a door possesses. The levels range from 1-6, and here is a brief overview of each level and its practical uses.

  1. Security Level 1 Steel security rated doors at this level are suitable for general commercial properties, communal areas, retail outlets and leisure centres. There are options for single or double locking, and with a choice of a glazed upper window, or a complete steel panel, the doors are made from electro zinc-coated steel, which is incredibly durable.
  1. Security Level 2 – This is very similar to the level one unit, and comes with or without the vision panel. Ideal for retail outlets and commercial applications, this rating will give added protection against fire and the steel panels are slightly thicker.
  1. Security Level 3 – With more locking options and reinforced steel construction, this type of door might be used for emergency exits. Government buildings would typically use level 3 doors for their exterior access points, as do banks and warehouses, and the solid construction gives protection against every eventuality.
  1. Security Level 4 – Complete with vision and ventilation panels, a level 4 door would typically be used for emergency exits and being rather heavy, would probably use an overhead closer and have reinforced hinges, as well as a thicker steel panel and more robust framework.
  1. Security Level 5 – Double layered steel panels provide a higher level of security, and of course, there is a wide range of locking options, depending on what you are trying to protect. Police stations and banks would typically use this type of door, as it offers high security, and with many government buildings, this level is above average, in terms of security.
  1. Security Level 6 – Typically used for very high value merchandise or custodial situations, this is the top notch of doors regarding security, with excellent fire resistance and a choice of quality locking systems, and if you want to be absolutely sure this door will be secure, this one is for you.

There are not many companies in the UK that can design, manufacture and install high security steel doors, and with their design capabilities, it is easy to find something that is not only secure, but also attractive. If you need to protect a commercial premises, but are unsure what level you require, talk to the supplier, who will be happy to advise you on all aspects of security. Whatever your business, security is always a prime concern, and while you might already have CCTV in place, high security doors will give you total protection. An online search would put you in touch with an established supplier, who can design, build and install the perfect security doors.