Quick Guide to Maximising Office Renovation on a Budget


As your business expands, change is inevitable. This change includes renovating office space. You can always put off renovation but you have listen to your employees. If they say they need more room in order to be more efficient, a renovation is in order.

Your goal here is to create a conducive environment but on a budget. To help you get started, here’s a quick guide to maximising office renovation on a budget:

Choose the right roof

If your facility needs a new roof, the standard roof is asphalt but you have to do your research. You must know that a metal roof can last for up to seventy years – in the right conditions. While this might be more expensive, it is important to remember that it can benefit your office long-term.

Pick the right flooring

Just like the roof, you have to use durable flooring that can last for many years. The good news is that there are many flooring options that you can consider. The key here is to pick floors that look great and durable. You can, for instance, consider bamboo floors. It is also wise to pick composite materials with “life proof”.

Think about office fit-out

Fit-out refers to creating an office space suitable for efficiency and productivity. Think of it as a customised interior space where things are developed according to the needs of your employees.

If you ask office fit out companies Melbourne, there are many types of fit-outs – it can be shell and core (this means work involving the mainframe of the building), Category A (this means work involving tenant’s own space which includes all processes from electrical to mechanical installations) and Category B (this means work involving internal space like common rooms, kitchen/pantry, reception area, conference and many more).

Apply paint

If you are not yet ready for office fit out companies Melbourne, you can always choose to apply paint to cabinets and walls instead of replacing. Painting cabinets and walls are the easiest and the cheapest renovation tasks. In fact, you can paint things on your own or ask employees to do it.

Purchase appliances wisely

It is important that you purchase energy-efficient appliances from the HVAC to printers, monitors and other things. By choosing appliances wisely, you will reduce your energy bills plus you are helping the environment.

Plan the operations

When the renovation is there, it is critical not to totally halt the operations because it will cost you money. It is better to plan the operations at the onset to ensure that there are minimum disruptions and slowdowns in business. If you can plan renovations, at least choose slack business days or holidays so you minimise profit loss.

Bottom Line

Any office renovation is a major undertaking but you have to remember that this will yield satisfaction in the long run not only for the employees but also for the customers and other partners. Renovations are exciting and with proper planning and prioritising, you can possibly add savings on your books.