Points consider before buying Gemstone


Gemstone is the rare stone or crystal found on the earth surface that holds religious and astrological beliefs. Gemstones include extremely rare and beautiful stones used as jewelry. There are lots of expensive stone to cheaper ones. The stone should be worn in accordance to the birth month, zodiac sign and the position of stars. The stone, if worn properly affects the astrology of the wearer and brings the luck, fortune, and opportunities. The wearer would start earning more, benefit his/her health.

 In nutshell gemstones have the immense positive energy to transfer to the wearer. These gemstones can be bought online as well as visiting the nearest dealers. Nowadays, online purchase has been handier and trendier. similarly, the risk is also more, so you must be extremely cautious about the purchase of gemstones online. Consider the following points while buying the stone online:

  1. Color of the Gemstone: color is the most important and first decisions you have to make before buy Gemstone Online. Before choosing your favorite color, choose the one that fits your astrology. Consult to a professional astrologer to decide what color gemstone has the greatest impact on you. Then, you surf the online site about the color. Make sure that the site you are using has the large number of pictures along with the good quality resolution.
  2.  Compare the sites; comparison is the best way to get the good deals. So, always compare the online sites before making any purchase. The best way to compare the site is to read the reviews and comments. Make sure you make an order from the site that is trusted by a large number of people and has the appreciation from the buyers. Check for the customers’ satisfaction in all the websites. 
  3. Versatile payment options; seek for the site that offers with the large number of payment options. It makes you easy transaction of your purchase. For the websites that only accept the PayPal then the transaction would be difficult but if they have the service of PayPal, MasterCard, Ime then the transaction would be very easy. 
  4. Return policy; it’s is the most important point you need to have a good study on.  Always read about the return policies of the online sites and choose the one with the easiest return policy because if you are delivered the different material gemstone that you saw the pictures, you immediately wants to return it. So, better know about the policy earlier.
  5. GIA certificate: Before buying, the stone, make sure you are provided with the gemstone certificate by the seller. Ask for the GIA certificate before making any purchase. Most of the trusted websites put the photo of the GIA certificate alongside the gemstone. GIA is a certification process of the gemstone. It is to verify that the description of the stone listed is true. 

In Indian mythology, the gemstone is purchased for the sole purpose of benefiting the owner. People do not buy for the fashion but they are more concerned about the astrological benefits. For this, you must be aware to buy the product that is natural and original. The fake and synthetic ones do not benefit the owner in any ways. Be Always cautious about the following questions:

Check whether the stone is synthetic and heat treated.

  1. Is the stone involved in any radiation process?
  2. The weight of the stone.
  3. The natural sparkle, transparency and color combination.
  4. Is the stone clear and inclusion free?
  5. Study thoroughly about the cuts and physical appearance of the stone.

So, the purchase of the stone nowadays has been easy and a bit risky too. Be cautious about the above-mentioned things and you will never be frauded with the fake stones. According to the customers review there are many websites that sell the trusted original gemstones like amazon. 

Nowadays, the reselling of the gemstone is also possible. You can sell the old used stone and get the money that is worth for the stone. You can simply put the photo and description about the stone in the respective websites. People will approach you in the listed contact. You can simply negotiate and sell the stone.