A Technical Review of Eicher 1110


In India, Eicher Trucks are quite prominent on the roads since almost every business has taken it up to grow their commercial business. This range of trucks provides sturdy parts, great mileage with low maintenance, a robust body and strong performance.

The Eicher Pro 1110 is amongst the vital range of trucks that provide some great features such as best in class payload, quick pick up with full load capacity. On the other hand, it also has great comfortable interiors and the resale value is also high. This truck is favoured by those who ain’t to transport construction materials, industrial components, grocery items, beverages etc. This truck also has few variants and which include 4 cargo body types and two wheelbase options.

Under the guidance of Volvo under VE Commercial Vehicle Limited, the company Eicher also started aligning their range of trucks in the market from 2008. However, the company’s Pro series earned its name more than the rest in the market because of the facilities that it offered.

The Eicher Pro 1110 has E483 3298cc 4-Cylinder with Turbocharged Intercooler Diesel. The trucks GVW is 11,950 kg with a wheelbase of 3,800 mm and 4,300 mm. The power steering offered here is optional, which means it is set according to the choice of the customer.

The truck produces 110 hp power @ 2,800 rpm and 330 Nm torque @ 1,400-1,600 rpm. We can see that the power is on the low side but then the torque covers up for it. This, in turn, helps to run the truck smoothly, including its load capacity.

The gradeability of this truck is 24%, which is decent enough after pairing it up with a 5-speed hybrid GSL gear transmission box. To add on, the 310 mm diameter Single Dry Plate Type clutch initiates smooth gear shift whereas the BS-III emission fits perfectly with nature. It has a fuel tank capacity of 190 litres, a decent one to travel moderate distances easily.

This vehicle is also available in 3 different body length options with 4 cargo body type options. The 3,800 mm wheelbase option has 5230 mm load body length and is available in Fixed Side Deck, Drop Side Deck, High Side Deck and CAB. Along with that, the 4,300 mm wheelbase option has 2 different cargo body length of 5815 mm and 6085 mm, also available in all the body types that are FSD, DSD, HSD and CAB. 2125 mm and 220 mm is the width and the ground clearance of load body for all the variants. The kerb weight of this vehicle is 3848 kg with a payload capacity of 8102 kg. Also, the Eicher Trucks Price is always lucrative for all their Indian truck models.

In terms of handling and suspension, the power steering has the option of 6-degree tilting and 30 mm telescopic movement steering to make it extremely comfortable for the driver to drive. Pro 1110 also has semi elliptical leaf springs with shock absorbers at both front and rear. This also ensures a bump free and smooth ride irrespective of bad roads and the load carried.

The truck has Dual Circuit Full Air S Cam service brakes with VOSS fitment and exhaust brakes and parking brakes of the same range. The truck also has 8.25×20 – 14 PR types and high strength material body structure to keep accidents at bay.